Written and directed by Sean Stewart

The Festival closed on 9 August, but the Roundabout performances are now available for online viewing until 20 September, at no charge.

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Each Roundabout performance was unique, with a different outcome. The live audience were active co-creators on the Twitch channel, determining the course of action. Even over six performances, not all possibilities were exhausted. We encourage you to have a look at several performances to get a fuller understanding of how the project played out.

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6 characters. 3 bodies. 1 meddlesome audience. So many things could go wrong.

An interactive farce for the digital age.

Science fiction meets comedy as three young school leavers in an awkward love triangle meet on the video platform Twitch. In the chat channel are three skylarking digital humans who yearn to be made flesh for the first time in 13,000 years. With the help of the audience they possess the actors.

The characters play musical chairs, hopping from body to body while interacting with the audience in real time. Will the audience keep up with the speed of change? Will the actors be consumed by the personalities of the digital characters?

Roundabout was live streamed on Twitch. It’s a collaborative piece of storytelling and a brand-new way of doing theatre, a trapeze act that courts chaos.

Roundabout was written and directed by Primetime Emmy Award-winning storyteller and science fiction writer Sean Stewart.

Continue your journey into Roundabout on the show's Twitch, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Content warning – M15+ (adult themes, flashing lights)


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