Alumni & Industry

For 60 years, NIDA has selected only the most talented individuals from the thousands of aspiring actors, designers and technicians who audition for a place every year.

NIDA’s graduates have had national and international impact and have made significant contributions to Australia’s theatre, screen and creative industries. Our graduates are recognised, not only for their success on stage and behind the scenes, but also for their dedication to Australia’s cultural fabric. They have played a major role in telling Australian stories from the 1960s to the present day.

For more alumni news see NIDA News.

NIDA has a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and harassment of any kind.

NIDA’s policy on bullying and harassment

The organisation has the following policies in place to provide a safe and supportive environment:

1. Bullying and Harassment Policy
2. Grievance Resolution Policy
3. Problem Solving Policy
4. Code of Conduct and Policy

These policies have been reviewed by an independent professional body, the Australian Federation of Employers and Industries (AFEI).

All allegations of bullying and harassment at NIDA are investigated immediately and in accordance with the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness. Those being investigated for bullying and/or harassment are advised of the potential consequences of the investigative action and the matter remains confidential to the group of people directly affected during the course of the investigation.

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