All alumni

NIDA alumni include graduates of NIDA's undergraduate, graduate and vocational courses as well as students of NIDA's Playwrights Studio. This listing is arranged by final year of study and discipline. For confirmation of qualifications obtained or to request an official transcript please contact Student Services on 02 9697 7600.

Note to names: In some cases alumni have indicated a preferred name or stage name and this list reflects those requests. For queries about this please contact


Graduates from 2020 to present


Olivia Allen 2020 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Cara Becker2020 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Rebecca Coronel2020 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Stephanie Cox2020 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Merindah Donnelly2020 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Alice Farley2020Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Maeve MacGregor2020 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Joel McGuinness 2020 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Craig Rogers 2020 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Carl Sciberras 2020 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Kate Beere2020 Design for Performance (MFA)
Luke D'Alessandro 2020 Design for Performance (MFA)
Grace Deacon 2020 Design for Performance (MFA)
Aislinn King 2020 Design for Performance (MFA)
Aron Murray 2020 Design for Performance (MFA)
Camille Ostrowsky2020Design for Performance (MFA)
Phoebe Pilcher2020Design for Performance (MFA)
Jake Pitcher2020Design for Performance (MFA)
Olivia Rowlands2020Design for Performance (MFA)
Justice Jones 2020 Directing (MFA)
Miranda Middleton 2020 Directing (MFA)
Hayden Tonazzi 2020 Directing (MFA)
Samuel Trotman 2020 Directing (MFA)
Lara Bouris 2020 Voice (MFA)
Sarah Chalmers2020Voice (MFA)
Laura Farrell2020Voice (MFA)
Patrick Klavins2020Voice (MFA)
Angela Sullen2020Voice (MFA)
Yuanle (Nikki) Zhao2020Voice (MFA)
Bryce Bofinger2020Writing for Performance (MFA)
Grace Chapple 2020Writing for Performance (MFA)
Nicholas Duddy 2020Writing for Performance (MFA)
Isaac Forsyth 2020 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Kate McDowell 2020 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Thomas Owen 2020 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Samira Spring 2020 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Kasia Vickery 2020 Writing for Performance (MFA)
JoJo Zhou2020 Writing for Performance (MFA)


Graduates from 2010-2019


Bronte Sparrow 2019 Acting (BFA)
Charlotte Friels 2019 Acting (BFA)
Declan Kelly 2019 Acting (BFA)
Elyse Evans 2019 Acting (BFA)
Ethan Browne 2019 Acting (BFA)
Fabian McCallum 2019 Acting (BFA)
Jazz Laker 2019 Acting (BFA)
Kira-Che Heelan 2019 Acting (BFA)
Laura Cameron 2019 Acting (BFA)
Lewis McLeod 2019 Acting (BFA)
Mabel Li 2019 Acting (BFA)
Matthew Alexander 2019 Acting (BFA)
Matthew McDonald 2019 Acting (BFA)
Melissa Kahraman 2019 Acting (BFA)
Nicholas Cartwright 2019 Acting (BFA)
Nick Drummond 2019 Acting (BFA)
Olivia Mortimer-Eade 2019 Acting (BFA)
Pollyanna Nowicki 2019 Acting (BFA)
Roman Delo 2019 Acting (BFA)
Sophie Wilde 2019 Acting (BFA)
Tadhg Lawrence 2019 Acting (BFA)
Thomas Russell 2019 Acting (BFA)
Victoria Perry 2019 Costume (BFA)
Harriet Ayers 2019 Costume (BFA)
Evelyn Everaerts-Donaldson 2019 Costume (BFA)
Zoe Rolfe 2019 Costume (BFA)
Stephany Eland 2019 Costume (BFA)
Mel George 2019 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Jordan Gibbs 2019 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Benjamin Greaves 2019 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Helen Healy 2019 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Ben Hughes 2019 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Libby Lincoln 2019 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Bernadette Killin 2019 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Samuel Moynihan 2019 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Louisa Norman 2019 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Viviana Sacchero 2019 Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Angela Doherty 2019 Design for Performance (BFA)
Angus Konsti 2019Design for Performance (BFA)
Hamish Elliot 2019Design for Performance (BFA)
Hannah Sitters 2019Design for Performance (BFA)
Keerthi Subramanyam2019Design for Performance (BFA)
Meiko Wong2019Design for Performance (BFA)
Stephanie Dunlop2019Design for Performance (BFA)
Madeleine Barlow 2019 Design for Performance (MFA)
Veronique Benett 2019 Design for Performance (MFA)
Rose Montgomery 2019 Design for Performance (MFA)
Gabrielle Rowe 2019 Design for Performance (MFA)
Emma White 2019 Design for Performance (MFA)
Samuel Lucas Allen 2019 Directing (MFA)
Tait de Lorenzo 2019 Directing (MFA)
Darcy Green 2019 Directing (MFA)
Claudia Osborne 2019 Directing (MFA)
Riley Spadaro 2019 Directing (MFA)
Christopher Thomson 2019 Directing (MFA)
Mikala Westall 2019 Directing (MFA)
Ellen Wiltshire 2019 Directing (MFA)
Daniel MacKenzie2019Properties and Objects (BFA)
Henry Wilkinson2019Properties and Objects (BFA)
Meg Hamilton2019Properties and Objects (BFA)
Ruby Marchese2019Properties and Objects (BFA)
Sophie Howard2019Properties and Objects (BFA)
Eileen Ortiona2019Staging (BFA)
Grace Llanwarne2019Staging (BFA)
Ayah Tayeh2019Technical Theatre and Stage Management (BFA)
Finn Appleton2019Technical Theatre and Stage Management (BFA)
Jessie Byrne2019Technical Theatre and Stage Management (BFA)
Justin Ellis2019Technical Theatre and Stage Management (BFA)
Kate Baldwin2019Technical Theatre and Stage Management (BFA)
Mitchell Marinac2019Technical Theatre and Stage Management (BFA)
Ryan McDonald2019Technical Theatre and Stage Management (BFA)
Susie Henderson2019Technical Theatre and Stage Management (BFA)
Valerie Lim2019Technical Theatre and Stage Management (BFA)
Wun Zee2019Technical Theatre and Stage Management (BFA)
Nick Curnow 2019 Voice (MFA)
Sally Alrich-Smythe 2019 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Alexandra Bayer 2019 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Chris Edwards 2019 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Veronica Flynn 2019 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Anneke Harrison 2019 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Becca Hurd 2019 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Adam Moulds 2019 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Oliver Shaw 2019 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Jackson Used 2019 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Elliot Vella 2019 Writing for Performance (MFA)
Alexandra Moon2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
Alistair Moon2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
George Brooks2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
Harry Tanswell2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
Israel Leslie2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
James Durham2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
Lillian Lee2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
Logan Hacking2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
Nathan Bull2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
Philippa Morey2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
River Heart2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
Sienna Sergi2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
Thomas Mugridge2019Live Production and Technical Services (Diploma)
Abigail Smith2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Briohny Walker2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Claudia Skelton2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Emilee Pedder2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Holly Ball2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Isabelle Coote2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Julianne De Matos2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Maddison Arena2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Maddison Pepping2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Monique Muskens2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Montana Mozeley2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Rebecca Crismale2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Rebecca Smith2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Tasia Linardos2019Specialist Make-up Services (Diploma)
Ashley Thompson2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Caitlin Weld2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Charlie Dunbar2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Chelsea Hawke2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Edward Burgess2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Harmony Breen2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Jenna Woolley2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Jeremy Christie2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Krystal Meyer2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Megan Mooney2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Melanie O'Brien2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Mitchell France2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Samuel Harmon2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Sophie Gulloch2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Sophie Highmore2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Thomas Rodgers2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Timothy Mason2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
William Rogut2019Musical Theatre (Diploma)
Alcira Carpio2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Alexander Barling2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Alexander Fabien2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Ananya Dixit2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Bill Jun Long Zeng2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Freya Kenay2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Georgia Weston-Allen2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Hadley Lindsay2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Imogen Ziras2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Jack Curry2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Jessica Pearson2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Joshua Hammond2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Lachlan Brodie2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Lewis Defina2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Maisie Owens2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Naveen Varghese 2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Quinton Rofail Rich2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Rhiannon Cary2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Ruby Williams2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Timothy Breadmore2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
William Hannan2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)
Zara Sofie McCann2019Stage and Screen Performance (Diploma)


Joseph Althouse2018Acting
Vivienne Awosoga2018Acting
Laurence Boxhall2018Acting
Nicholas Burton2018Acting
Nyx Dorian Calder2018Acting
Joshua Crane2018Acting
Daya Czepanski2018Acting
Danen Engelenberg2018Acting
Andrew Fraser2018Acting
Yerin Ha2018Acting
Chika Ikogwe2018Acting
Laura Jackson2018Acting
Emma Kew2018Acting
Deborah Sue Faye Lee2018Acting
Heidi May2018Acting
Bridie McKim2018Acting
Ned Napier2018Acting
Tuuli Narkle2018Acting
Mark Paguio2018Acting
Jack Richardson2018Acting
Timothy Walker2018Acting
Alexander White2018Acting
Lauren Ballinger2018Costume
Natalie Beeson2018Costume
Marnie Perkins2018Costume
Evangeline Samoilov2018Costume
Sasha Wisniowski2018Costume
Adam Deusien2018Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Daniel Dunlop2018Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Yasmin Masri2018Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Mathew Millay2018Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Teik-Kim Pok2018Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Katherine Quigley2018Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Jo Thomas2018Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Andrew Westle2018Cultural Leadership (MFA)
Kate Beere2018Design for Performance
Grace Deacon2018Design for Performance
Aislinn King2018Design for Performance
Kelsey Lee2018Design for Performance
Lucy McCullough2018Design for Performance
Camille Ostrowsky2018Design for Performance
Olivia Rowlands2018Design for Performance
Brianna Russell2018Design for Performance
Nicholas Fry2018Design for Performance (MFA)
Genevieve Graham2018Design for Performance (MFA)
Nagham Helou2018Design for Performance (MFA)
Patrick Howe2018Design for Performance (MFA)
Maya Keys Cranny2018Design for Performance (MFA)
Martin Kinnane2018Design for Performance (MFA)
Charlotte Mungomery2018Design for Performance (MFA)
Mathilda Robba2018Design for Performance (MFA)
Christopher Bond2018Directing (MFA)
Shannan Ely2018Directing (MFA)
Alanah Guiry2018Directing (MFA)
Sarah Hadley2018Directing (MFA)
Rachel Kerry2018Directing (MFA)
Andrew McInnes2018Directing (MFA)
Matthew Taylor2018Directing (MFA)
Bella Bowman2018Properties and Objects
Luke D'Alessandro2018Properties and Objects
Lewis Dean2018Properties and Objects
Siobhan Earley2018Properties and Objects
Nicholas Gregson2018Properties and Objects
Jack Pope2018Properties and Objects
Brittany Worboys2018Properties and Objects
Kallan Crosbie2018Staging
Imogen Bouchier2018Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Ellen Castles2018Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Josephine Clucas2018Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Ella Griffin2018Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Felix Hauge2018Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Harrison Lowrencev2018Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Jared McCulla2018Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Aron Murray2018Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Peem Poolpol2018Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Corey Potter2018Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Ethan Shepherd2018Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Mattison Tabone2018Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Nina Allinson2018Voice (MFA)
Syaiful Ariffin2018Voice (MFA)
Samantha Dowdeswell2018Voice (MFA)
Odile Leclezio2018Voice (MFA)
Robert Maxwell2018Voice (MFA)
Simon Masterson2018Voice (MFA)
Bosilka May2018Voice (MFA)
Georgina Adamson2018Writing for Performance (MFA)
Ang Collins2018Writing for Performance (MFA)
Michael Costi2018Writing for Performance (MFA)
Suvi Derkenne2018Writing for Performance (MFA)
Sarah Odillo Maher2018Writing for Performance (MFA)
Katherine Sullivan2018Writing for Performance (MFA)
Hannah Tonks2018Writing for Performance (MFA)
Jordan Anderson2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Ash Armitt2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Courtney-Jane Bell2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Natalie Condliffe2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Mackenzie Cullimore2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Harrison Dow2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Jack Dutson2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Sabrina Flower2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Peter Howie2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Lachlan McCorquodale2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Matthew Milne2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Adrienne Patterson2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Abraham Ramsden2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Elly Rickwood2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Zachary White2018Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Aisha Aidara2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Luke Arthur2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Abbey Blackmore2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Isaac Broadbent2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Grace Driscoll2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Alexandra Duncan2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Charles Hollands2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Jonah Keown-Halley2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Blake Lovely2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Charlotte Lucas2018Diploma Musical Theatre
James Macalpine2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Rachel Mayrick2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Callum McGlinchey2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Jade Naidu2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Calista Nelmes2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Emily Ritchie2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Daniel Ross2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Talia Sigsworth2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Tonny Shim2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Andrew Waldin2018Diploma Musical Theatre
Breh Abric2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Jessica Andrews-Devine2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Jenna Berger2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Annabel Cameron2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Shea Dosiak-Mills2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Indigo Fisher2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Georgina Gigg2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Emma Hooley2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Ciara McCarthy2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Melinda Naylor2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Polina Pais2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Emily Selwood2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Elizabeth Smith 2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Eilidh Strachan2018Diploma Specialist Make Up Servi
Madison Ayton2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Oliver Durbidge2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Kaitlyn Elliot2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Alicia Fox2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Regan Grgurovic2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Elizabeth Hancock2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Ilkay Kemahli2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Jack Langford2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
James Lowther2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Even Madden2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Tahlia Merlino2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Drew Parker2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
William Robertson2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Isabella Schroder2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Brodie Townsend2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Lucas White-Smith2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Skye Williams2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Jake Woodhead2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Chelsea Yarad2018Diploma Stage and Screen Performance


Violette Ayad2017Acting
Toby Blome2017Acting
Zelman Cressey-Gladwin2017Acting
Enya Daly2017Acting
Toby Derrick2017 Acting
Emily Edwards2017Acting
Nic English2017Acting
Maryanne Fonceca2017Acting
Ethan Gibson2017Acting
Helia Lalanne Sulak2017Acting
Lucas Linehan2017Acting
Mandela Mathia2017Acting
Wendy Mocke2017Acting
Kurt Ramjan2017Acting
Christopher Ratcliffe2017Acting
Laila Rind2017Acting
Ariadne Sgouros2017Acting
Jasmin Simmons2017Acting
Alexander Stylianou2017Acting
Vaishnavi Suryaprakash2017Acting
Nikita Waldron2017Acting
Dalara Williams2017Acting
Jeremiah Wray2017Acting
Isabella Cannavo2017Costume
Rachel Cherry2017Costume
Ella Horsfall2017Costume
Kathleen Szabo2017Costume
Christopher Baldwin2017Design for Performance
Ella Butler2017Design for Performance
Damien Egan2017Design for Performance
Kyle Jonsson2017Design for Performance
Heather Middleton2017Design for Performance
Gabrielle Rowe2017Design for Performance
Clare Staunton2017Design for Performance
Javier Angeles2017Design for Performance (MFA)
Antoinette Barbouttis2017Design for Performance (MFA)
Tyler Hawkins2017Design for Performance (MFA)
Sabina Myers2017Design for Performance (MFA)
Ellen Stanistreet2017Design for Performance (MFA)
Alexander Berlage2017Directing (MFA)
Mark Churchill2017Directing (MFA)
Warwick Doddrell2017Directing (MFA)
Madeleine Humphreys2017Directing (MFA)
Carissa Licciardello2017Directing (MFA)
Anna McGrath2017Directing (MFA)
Adele Kristensen2017Properties and Objects
Savannah Mojidi2017Properties and Objects
Indigo-Rose Redding2017Properties and Objects
Jessie Spencer2017Properties and Objects
Mathew Bruhwiller2017Staging
Taylor Hill2017Staging
Veronique Benett2017Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Brittany Coombs2017Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Lachlan Hogan2017Technical Theatre and Stage Management
William Nelson2017Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Ray Pittman2017Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Emeline Sandt2017Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Millicent Simes2017Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Dana Spence2017Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Julian Starr2017Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Gavin Leahy2017Voice (MFA)
Amanda Stephens-Lee2017Voice (MFA)
Joseph Brown2017Writing for Performance (MFA)
Ahliya Farebrother2017Writing for Performance (MFA)
Liz Hobart2017Writing for Performance (MFA)
Emme Hoy2017Writing for Performance (MFA)
Alexander Lee-Rekers2017Writing for Performance (MFA)
Peter Maple2017Writing for Performance (MFA)
Shae Riches2017Writing for Performance (MFA)
Gretel Vella2017Writing for Performance (MFA)
Jenny Chan2017Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Byron Cleasby2017Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Luke Dang2017Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Mathilda Herberte2017Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Gabriel Jaworski2017Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Jake Mortimer2017Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Joseph Newton2017Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Holden Osborne-Snell2017Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Krystelle Quarterman2017Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Quinton Rich2017Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Ella Van Dam2017Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Rachel Wee2017Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Brianna Altmann-Bishop2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Cara Bessey2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Tiegan Denina2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Ellis Dolan2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Lincoln Elliott2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Aaron Gobby2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Everett Joy2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Jack Keen2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Jessie Layt2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Olivia McLeod2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Billie Miles2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Kaitlin Nihill2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Chaya Ocampo2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Daniel Pryke2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Adam Spain-Mostina2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Grace Stamnas2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Harrison Sweeney2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Chemon Theys2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Rachel Tunaley2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Taylah Wright2017Diploma Musical Theatre
Sarah Abel2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Cailin Christie2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Catherine Coad2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Olivia Cooper2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Emily Dupriez2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Emily Geyer2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Georgia Moroney2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Hayley Naude2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Tegan Sereno2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Naomi Sharp2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Amber Watson2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Olivia Watts2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Ellen Whitfeld2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Emelie Woods2017Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Katerina Dominis2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Danielle Graham2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Lilly Hatwell2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Mia Healey2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Anthony King2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Holly Lambert2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Francisco Lopez2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Joseph Moore2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Courtney Neville2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Peyton Sears2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Emily Shelmerdine2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Harrison Stacey2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Samuel Tye2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance
Edgidio Valastro2017Diploma Stage and Screen Performance


Danny Ball2016Acting
Saxon Blackett2016Acting
Simen Bostad2016Acting
Elysia Boyd2016Acting
Callan Colley2016Acting
Phoebe Grainer2016Acting
Mark Hill2016Acting
Megan Hind2016Acting
Kieren McGrath2016Acting
Thomas Mesker2016Acting
Imogen Morgan2016Acting
Ryan Morgan2016Acting
Joseph Raggatt2016Acting
Wil Ridley2016Acting
Giorgia Scott2016Acting
Louis Seguier2016Acting
Laura Soerja Djanegara2016Acting
Annie Stafford2016Acting
Angela Sullen2016Acting
Nadia Talotta2016Acting
Ebony Vagulans2016Acting
Ross Walker2016Acting
Lauren Hunter2016Costume
Naomi Mcilgorm2016Costume
Katelyn Schallmeiner2016Costume
Nicole Vella2016Costume
Nicholas Fry2016Design for Performance
Genevieve Graham2016Design for Performance
Charlotte Mungomery2016Design for Performance
Mathilda Robba2016Design for Performance
Ara Steel2016Design for Performance
Courtney Westbrook2016Design for Performance
Jessica Dick2016Directing (MFA)
Priscilla Jackman2016Directing (MFA)
Benjamin Sheen2016Directing (MFA)
Timothy Hill2016Directing (MFA)
Clemence Williams2016Directing (MFA)
Charles Sanders2016Directing (MFA)
Courtney Clarke2016Properties and Objects
Alice de Groot2016Properties and Objects
Stephanie Nicholls2016Properties and Objects
Jacob Stevens2016Properties and Objects
Jasper Turner2016Properties and Objects
Kieren Dew2016Staging
Joseph Gleeson2016Staging
Liam Barwick2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Kayla Burrett2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Bridget James2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Brooke Kiss2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Ashley Kurrle2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Cecilia Nelson2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Raine Paul2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Toby Rosengarten2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Erin Shaw2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Michael Soul2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Andrea Theodore2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Lillian U2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Thomas Walsh2016Technical Theatre and Stage Management
Christopher Bryant2016Writing for Performance(MFA)
Mark Orosa Uy2016Writing for Performance(MFA)
Thomas De Angelis2016Writing for Performance(MFA)
Leah Pellinkhof2016Writing for Performance (MFA)
Ally Burnham2016Writing for Performance(MFA)
Jake Stewart2016Writing for Performance(MFA)
Clare Hennessy2016Writing for Performance(MFA)
Sunny Grace2016Writing for Performance(MFA)
Richie Black2016Writing for Performance(MFA)
Christian Ayoub2016Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Ari Baram2016Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Amelia Brudelin2016Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
James Elmore2016Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Orion Jovanovic2016Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Grace Llanwarne2016Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Alexandros Makaronopoulos2016Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Kajol Naicker2016Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Benjamin Nicholson2016Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Sophie Parker2016Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Culhain Wood2016Diploma Live Production and Technical Services
Sally Alrich-Smythe2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Jessica Balzer2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Devon Campbell2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Blake Condon2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Sabrina Durante2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Manon Gunderson-Briggs2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Zoe Ioannou2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Brandyn Kaczmarczyk2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Brittany Lewis2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Savannah Lind2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Alexis O'Donnell2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Eadie Pocock2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Louise Roupas2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Justin Rynne2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Cameron Shields2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Brittanie Shipway2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Nicholas Sinclair2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Charlie Smith2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Rebecca Spicer2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Taylor Troeth2016Diploma Musical Theatre
Lily Appleby2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Caitlin Brown2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Joshua Churchill2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Kiara Doherty2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Casey Elder2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Madeleine Jones2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Camilla Leary2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Mia May-Sullivan2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Theresa McCarthy2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Ezra Miller2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Megan O'Connor2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Caitlin Poynter2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Isabelle Prudhomme2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services
Josie Williams2016Diploma Specialist Make Up Services


Jack Angwin2015Acting
Lily Black2015Acting
Georgia Blizzard2015Acting
Oliver Burton2015Acting
Julia Christensen2015Acting
Maree Cole2015Acting
Shakira Clanton2015Acting
Miranda Daughtry2015Acting
Emily Davison2015Acting
Jessica Falkholt2015Acting
Nicholas Hasemann2015Acting
Kyle Kazmarzik2015Acting
Elliott Mitchell2015Acting
Alexandra Nell2015Acting
Guy O'Grady2015Acting
James Raggatt2015Acting
Josephine Starte2015Acting
Shannon Steele2015Acting
Jenna Sutch2015Acting
Rosalie Boland2015Costume
Edwina James2015Costume
Jacqueline Lucey2015Costume
Donna Phibbs2015Costume
Jeremy Allen2015Design
Jonathan Hindmarsh2015Design
Stephanie Howe2015Design
Madeleine Hoy2015Design
Isabel Hudson2015Design
Laura Anna Lucas2015Design
Anthony Spinaze2015Design
Alastair Clark2015Directing (MFA)
Jessica Arthur2015Directing (MFA)
David Burrowes2015Directing (MFA)
Kate Cawthorne2015Directing (MFA)
Heather Fairbairn2015Directing (MFA)
Zebastian Hunter2015Directing (MFA)
Samantha Young2015Directing (MFA)
Grace Benn2015Production
Aiden Brennan2015Production
Joshua Broadbent2015Production
Gayda Feliza de Mesa2015Production
Romy McKanna2015Production
Ceilidh Newbury2015Production
Jennifer Parsonage2015Production
Virginia Rosse2015Production
Lauren Schwabe2015Production
Katelyn Shaw2015Production
Timothy Spohr2015Production
Catherine Studley2015Production
Jack Thompson2015Production
Sally Withnell2015Production
Ryan Drum2015Staging
Alexander Creecy2015Properties
Joanna Gust2015Properties
Jason Lowe2015Properties
Benjamin Parkins2015Properties
Katie Williams2015Properties
Vivienne Awosoga2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Rachel Breeze2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Carolyn Burke2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Cassandra Colless2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Imraan Daniels2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Jack Dawson2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Jy Etherington2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Madeleine Featherby2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Jarrod Griffiths2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Natasha Guzel2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Madison Hegarty2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Emma Jarman2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Belinda Jenkin2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Sophie Loughran2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Cherita Mogg2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Georgia Nicholls2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Aidan Puglielli2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Megan Stack2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Molly Thompson2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Romy Watson2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Hannah Wood2015Diploma of Musical Theatre
Michael Delpin2015Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Tracy Leong2015Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Jaspar Millner-Cretney2015Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Emma O’Brien2015Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Zanetta Potestas2015Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Claire Rohde2015Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Ethan Shepherd2015Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Finian Simes2015Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Charlotte Smith2015Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Aqilah Tan2015Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Michael Collins2015Writing for Performance (MFA)
Laura Lethlean2015Writing for Performance (MFA)
Julia-Rose Lewis2015Writing for Performance (MFA)
Jessica Marshall2015Writing for Performance (MFA)
Cybele McNeil2015Writing for Performance (MFA)
David Stewart2015Writing for Performance (MFA)
Debra Thomas2015Writing for Performance (MFA)


Name Year Course
Charlotte Cashion 2014 Acting
Brenden Dodds 2014 Acting
Thuso Lekwape 2014 Acting
Xanthe Paige 2014 Acting
Shiv Palekar 2014 Acting
Jack Ellis 2014 Acting
Sophie Kesteven 2014 Acting
Thomas Pidd 2014 Acting
Duncan Ragg 2014 Acting
Govinda Roser 2014 Acting
Georgia Wilkinson-Derums 2014 Acting
Charles Wu 2014 Acting
Skyler Ellis 2014 Acting
Emily Havea 2014 Acting (Music Theatre)
Matthew Predny 2014 Acting (Music Theatre)
Emele Ugavule 2014 Acting (Music Theatre)
Jessica Vickers 2014 Acting (Music Theatre)
Jessica Allison 2014 Costume
Tara Mannell 2014 Costume
Anna Porcaro 2014 Costume
Laura Stewart 2014 Costume
Isabella Andronos 2014 Design
Dann Barber 2014 Design
Emily Rose Maria Barr 2014 Design
Charles Davis 2014 Design
Rachel Giuffre 2014 Design
Charlotte Henery 2014 Design
Michael Hili 2014 Design
Emma Vine 2014 Design
Georgia Boreham 2014 Production
Brittany Jones 2014 Production
Bridget McCluskey 2014 Production
Emily Milne 2014 Production
Ben Redford 2014 Production
Gemma Rowe 2014 Production
Ryan Shuker 2014 Production
Adam Smith 2014 Production
Alexia Thorne 2014 Production
Kirsty Walker 2014 Production
Eva Woodbrook 2014 Production
Andrew Boland 2014 Properties
Hannah Crosby 2014 Properties
Luc Favre 2014 Properties
Eva Taylor 2014 Properties
Rowan Wills 2014 Properties
Michael Collins 2014 Properties


Name Year Course
Vanessa Cole 2013 Acting
Robert Collins 2013 Acting
Devon Currie 2013 Acting
Emily Eskell 2013 Acting
Lucy Goleby 2013 Acting
Nicholas Hiatt 2013 Acting
Troy Honeysett 2013 Acting
Joel Jackson 2013 Acting
Sarah Jane Kelly 2013 Acting
Michael McStay 2013 Acting
Lily Newbury-Freeman 2013 Acting
Matthew Pearce 2013 Acting
Lauren Pegus 2013 Acting
Emma Playfair 2013 Acting
Rupert Raineri 2013 Acting
Eleanor Stankiewicz 2013 Acting
Kate Williams 2013 Acting
Benjamin Winkcle 2013 Acting
Olivia Charalambous 2013 Acting (Music Theatre)
Christian Charisiou 2013 Acting (Music Theatre)
Zoe Jensen 2013 Acting (Music Theatre)
Jason Kos 2013 Acting (Music Theatre)
Rebecca Clark 2013 Costume
Christie Milton 2013 Costume
Robyn Murphy 2013 Costume
Elisabeth Gadsby 2013 Design
Georgia Hopkins 2013 Design
Hugh O’Connor 2013 Design
Christopher Pitcairn 2013 Design
Jacqueline Schofield 2013 Design
Catherine Steele 2013 Design
Becky-Dee Trevenen 2013 Design
Constantine Costi 2013 Directing
Susanna Dowling 2013 Directing
Elsie Edgerton-Till 2013 Directing
Benjamin Schostakowski 2013 Directing
Howard Sumner 2013 Directing
Angus Wilkinson 2013 Directing
Zoe Cooper 2013 Playwriting
Mary-Anne Gifford 2013 Playwriting
Steven McCall 2013 Playwriting
Kate McDowell 2013 Playwriting
Fregmonto Stokes 2013 Playwriting
Krystal Sweedman 2013 Playwriting
Lewis Treston 2013 Playwriting
Jim Tsihlis 2013 Playwriting
Bradley Barrack 2013 Production
Alexander Berlage 2013 Production
Caitlin Chatfield 2013 Production
David Cherrie 2013 Production
Breanna Connor 2013 Production
Wei Ning Ho 2013 Production
Serene Lodhia 2013 Production
Vanessa Martin 2013 Production
Shannyn Miller 2013 Production
Aaron Ng 2013 Production
Isabella Stadler 2013 Production
Thomas Stanton 2013 Production
Joshua Vozzo 2013 Production
Emily Adinolfi 2013 Properties
Luke Brooks 2013 Properties
Ellisha-Paris James 2013 Properties
Ashleigh Kennedy 2013 Properties


Name Year Course
Joshua Anderson 2012 Acting
Hannah Barlow 2012 Acting
Darcy Brown 2012 Acting
Rachael Chisholm 2012 Acting
Gary Clementson 2012 Acting
Thomas Cocquerel 2012 Acting
Shaka Cook 2012 Acting
Liana Cornell  2012 Acting
Honey Debelle 2012 Acting
Phillipa Edwards 2012 Acting
Nicholas Gell 2012 Acting
Gabriel Gilbert-Dey 2012 Acting
Harry Greenwood  2012 Acting
Heath Ivey-Law 2012 Acting
Li (Lily) Ji  2012 Acting
Uli Latukefu 2012 Acting
Brandon McClelland 2012 Acting
Liam Nunan  2012 Acting
Giulia Petrocchi 2012 Acting
Cody Ross 2012 Acting
Jake Speer 2012 Acting
Adam Stafford 2012 Acting
Contessa Treffone 2012 Acting
Sophie Cameron 2012 Costume
Brooke Cooper-Scott 2012 Costume
Clare McCutcheon 2012 Costume
Katrina McFarlane 2012 Costume
Ruth Arnold  2012 Design
Ally Mansell  2012 Design
Lauren O'Flaherty 2012 Design
Jessica O'Neill 2012 Design
Jenny Shepherd 2012 Design
Genevieve Shrayer 2012 Design
Katren Wood 2012 Design
Harriet Gillies  2012 Directing
Lucas Jervies 2012 Directing
Felicity Nicol  2012 Directing
Luke Rogers  2012 Directing
Phillip Rouse 2012 Directing
Derek Walker 2012 Directing
Pierce Wilcox 2012 Directing
Didem Caia 2012 Playwriting
Ellana Costa 2012 Playwriting
Phillip Kavanagh 2012 Playwriting
Julian Larnach 2012 Playwriting
Finn O'Branagain 2012 Playwriting
Christopher Summers 2012 Playwriting
Rachel Barnicoat 2012 Production
Olivia Benson 2012 Production
Elizabeth Bloxsom 2012 Production
Amy Burkett  2012 Production
Madison Burkett 2012 Production
Thomas Davies 2012 Production
Kate Hankin 2012 Production
Tanisha Malkki 2012 Production
Kirsty Rogers 2012 Production
Khym Scott 2012 Production
Natalie Smith 2012 Production
Nathalie Taylor 2012 Production
Nicholas Wagstaff 2012 Production
Phoebe Williams 2012 Production
Sarah Pickup 2012 Properties
Jessica Sutton 2012 Properties
Thomas Taylor 2012 Properties


Name Year Course
Caitlin Adams 2011 Acting
Alexandra Aldrich 2011 Acting
Rebecca Barbera 2011 Acting
Niyat Berhan 2011 Acting
Whitney Boyd 2011 Acting
Gary Brun 2011 Acting
John Harding 2011 Acting
Remy Hii  2011 Acting
Ricardo Hizon 2011 Acting
James Hoare 2011 Acting
Ross Langley 2011 Acting
Edmund Lembke-Hogan 2011 Acting
Tessa Lind  2011 Acting
Andrew Lindqvist 2011 Acting
Bella MacDiarmid 2011 Acting
Maeve MacGregor 2011 Acting
Nicholas Masters 2011 Acting
Amanda McGregor  2011 Acting
Amy Scott-Smith 2011 Acting
Sabryna Te'o 2011 Acting
David Valencia 2011 Acting
Rebecca Jones 2011 Costume
Monica Smith 2011 Costume
Andrea Espinoza  2011 Design
Emma Kingsbury 2011 Design
Gerard Xavier Mansfield 2011 Design
Burju Nuhoglu 2011 Design
Owen Phillips 2011 Design
Dylan Tonkin 2011 Design
Anya Wotton Tasmin 2011 Design
Rachel Baring 2011 Directing
Renato Fabretti 2011 Directing
Daniel Lammin 2011 Directing
Dominic Mercer 2011 Directing
Matthew Mackenzie Steele 2011 Directing
Morgan Dowsett 2011 Directing Master
Jono Burns 2011 Playwriting
Micharne Cloughley  2011 Playwriting
Melissa Lee 2011 Playwriting
Hannah Malarski 2011 Playwriting
Jack Richardson 2011 Playwriting
Lisa Bevitt 2011 Production
Benjamin Brockman 2011 Production
Alexander Duffy 2011 Production
Nathaniel Edmondson 2011 Production
Brenda Hartley 2011 Production
William Jensen 2011 Production
Sonya Jeon 2011 Production
Nicholas Rayment 2011 Production
Lee-Anne Roza 2011 Production
Sarah Stait 2011 Production
Sara Swersky 2011 Production
Remy Woods 2011 Production
Heidi Yuko Lincoln 2011 Properties
Olivia O'Connor 2011 Properties
Shannon Riggs 2011 Properties
Eddy Taylor 2011 Properties
Otis O'Doherty 2011 Scenery Construction
Michael Watkins 2011 Scenery Construction


Name Year Course
Matthew Backer  2010 Acting
Carl Batchelor 2010 Acting
David Berry 2010 Acting
Alan Chambers 2010 Acting
Briallen Clarke  2010 Acting
Gideon Cordover 2010 Acting
Silvina D'Alessandro 2010 Acting
Michele Durman 2010 Acting
Hendrik Elstein  2010 Acting
Gabriel Fancourt 2010 Acting
Nadim Kobeissi 2010 Acting
Morgan Maguire 2010 Acting
Katie McDonald 2010 Acting
Katherine Moss 2010 Acting
Samuel O'Sullivan 2010 Acting
Kurt Phelan 2010 Acting
Robert Preston 2010 Acting
Benedict Samuel 2010 Acting
Michael Sheasby  2010 Acting
Guy Simon 2010 Acting
Andrew Steel  2010 Acting
Harry Tseng 2010 Acting
Jenny Wu  2010 Acting
Meyne Wyatt 2010 Acting
Elisabeth Allen 2010 Costume
Zoe Gymer-Waldron 2010 Costume
Caitlyn Newbury 2010 Costume
Stephanie Wigens 2010 Costume
Jasmine Christie 2010 Design
Jamie Cranney  2010 Design
Charlotte Lane 2010 Design
Pia Leong 2010 Design
Adrienn Lord 2010 Design
Sarah-Jane McAllan 2010 Design
Hanna Sandgren 2010 Design
James Dalton 2010 Directing
Jeffrey Jay Fowler 2010 Directing
Jemma Gurney 2010 Directing
Stephen Nicolazzo 2010 Directing
Kai Raisbeck 2010 Directing
Virginia Savage 2010 Directing
Kip Williams 2010 Directing Master
Jessica Bellamy 2010 Playwriting
Amelia Evans 2010 Playwriting
Maree Freeman 2010 Playwriting
Dan Giovannoni 2010 Playwriting
Peter Lamb  2010 Playwriting
Natalia Savvides 2010 Playwriting
William Cheeseman 2010 Production
Charles Coy 2010 Production
Susannah Daly 2010 Production
Chantelle Foster 2010 Production
Samuel Hagen 2010 Production
Jemima Hogg 2010 Production
Charlotte Howley 2010 Production
Fiona Jia 2010 Production
Samuel Johnson 2010 Production
Tyson Mackenzie 2010 Production
Renee McClenahan 2010 Production
Benjamin Northmore 2010 Production
Bede Schofield 2010 Production
Rachel Smith 2010 Production
Kim Straatemeier 2010 Production
Rhys Chapman 2010 Properties
Libby Asciak 2010 Diploma of Music Theatre
Bianca Baykara 2010 Diploma of Music Theatre
Malory Butters 2010 Diploma of Music Theatre
Felicity Calwell 2010 Diploma of Music Theatre
Daniel Downing 2010 Diploma of Music Theatre
Declan Egan 2010 Diploma of Music Theatre
Anna Freeland 2010 Diploma of Music Theatre
Elizabeth Jackson 2010 Diploma of Music Theatre
Tina Jackson 2010 Diploma of Music Theatre
Jessica Quoy 2010 Diploma of Music Theatre
Christopher Vernon 2010 Diploma of Music Theatre
Alyssa Wilkins 2010 Diploma of Music Theatre


Graduates from 2000-2009


Name Year Course
Jacinta Acevski 2009 Acting
Cooper Amai 2009 Acting
Benjamin Barber 2009 Acting
Laurence Brewer 2009 Acting
Ryan Corr 2009 Acting
Rick Donald 2009 Acting
Kenji Fitzgerald 2009 Acting
Paige Gardiner 2009 Acting
Lisa Gormley  2009 Acting
Martin Harper 2009 Acting
Kimberley Hews 2009 Acting
Rebecca Johnston 2009 Acting
Hugo Johnstone-Burt 2009 Acting
Marko Jovanovic  2009 Acting
Johnny Nicolaidis 2009 Acting
Seton Pollock  2009 Acting
Sophia Roberts 2009 Acting
Brett Rogers 2009 Acting
Darren Sabadina 2009 Acting
Gabrielle Scawthorn 2009 Acting
Shari Sebbens 2009 Acting
Annabelle Stephenson 2009 Acting
Bonnie Sveen 2009 Acting
Anthony Taufa 2009 Acting
Benjamin Vigers 2009 Acting
Aron Dosiak 2009 Design
David Fleischer 2009 Design
Michael Hankin 2009 Design
Gemma-Lark Johnson 2009 Design
Mathew McCall 2009 Design
Teresa Negroponte 2009 Design
Kate Roberts 2009 Design
Lucilla Smith 2009 Design
Nikola Amanovic  2009 Directing
Karla Conway 2009 Directing
Kathryn Henry 2009 Directing
Paige Rattray 2009 Directing
Kip Williams 2009 Directing
Netta Yashchin 2009 Directing
Jack Audas Preston 2009 Production
James Cole 2009 Production
Todd Eichorn 2009 Production
Sarah Kenyon 2009 Production
Caitlin Porter 2009 Production
Rebecca Poulter 2009 Production
Chris Richardson 2009 Production
Sarah Sebastian 2009 Production
Lauren Tulloh 2009 Production
Richard Whitehouse 2009 Production
Luke Woolley 2009 Production
Paul Yarnall 2009 Production
Eliza Clark 2009 Production Crafts Costume
Marianne Close 2009 Production Crafts Costume
Leah Giblin 2009 Production Crafts Costume
Georgiana Russell-Head 2009 Production Crafts Costume
Laura Gibson 2009 Production Crafts Properties
Evelyn Meikle 2009 Production Crafts Properties
Meg Roberts 2009 Production Crafts Properties
Jemima Snars  2009 Production Crafts Properties
Barnaby Gilbert 2009 Scenery Construction
Micah Ashley 2009 Diploma of Music Theatre
Sophie Bennett  2009 Diploma of Music Theatre
Chandel Brandimarti 2009 Diploma of Music Theatre
Alexander Gibson-Giorgio 2009 Diploma of Music Theatre
Michael Hart 2009 Diploma of Music Theatre
Luke Holland  2009 Diploma of Music Theatre
Kassie Martin  2009 Diploma of Music Theatre
Emily Morris 2009 Diploma of Music Theatre
Nadine Sauvage 2009 Diploma of Music Theatre
Chris Scalzo 2009 Diploma of Music Theatre
Georgina Walker 2009 Diploma of Music Theatre


Name Year Course
Julia Billington 2008 Acting
Kit Brookman  2008 Acting
Travis Cardona 2008 Acting
Katharine Cullen 2008 Acting
Andy Cunningham 2008 Acting
Julian Curtis 2008 Acting
Matthew Hardie 2008 Acting
Aimee Horne 2008 Acting
Graham Hyland  2008 Acting
Bradley Kannegiesser  2008 Acting
Nick Maricic 2008 Acting
Josh McConville 2008 Acting
Stuart McRae 2008 Acting
Augusta Miller 2008 Acting
Libby Munro  2008 Acting
Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood 2008 Acting
Ashley Ricardo 2008 Acting
Alexander Russell 2008 Acting
James Elliott 2008 Acting
Demitrios Sirilas 2008 Acting
Sarah Snook  2008 Acting
Miranda Tapsell  2008 Acting
Nigel Turner-Carroll  2008 Acting
Charli Dugdale 2008 Design
Jessie Giraud  2008 Design
Claire Moloney 2008 Design
Renee Mulder  2008 Design
Justin Nardella  2008 Design
Colleen Reeks 2008 Design
William Stewart 2008 Design
Morgan Dowsett 2008 Directing
Sarah Giles 2008 Directing
Mark Grentell 2008 Directing
Dave Harmon 2008 Directing
Kate Revz  2008 Directing
Imara Savage  2008 Directing
Benjamin Graetz 2008 Movement Studies
Daniella Lacob 2008 Movement Studies
Tony Lung-pun Wong 2008 Movement Studies Master
David Bergman 2008 Production
Thomas Brickhill 2008 Production
Joshua Emanuel 2008 Production
John Horton 2008 Production
Jessica Jellie 2008 Production
Isabella Kerdijk 2008 Production
Teegan Lee 2008 Production
Gracie Low 2008 Production
Eliza Maunsell 2008 Production
Adam McGowan  2008 Production
Holly Woollard 2008 Production
Kathryn Baker 2008 Production Crafts Costume
Anne Kwok 2008 Production Crafts Costume
Shannon O'Malley 2008 Production Crafts Costume
Georgina Buchanan 2008 Production Crafts Properties
Coco Miles 2008 Production Crafts Properties
Jacinta Nomchong  2008 Production Crafts Properties
Vanessa Yeoman 2008 Production Crafts Properties
Joseph Au 2008 Scenery Construction
Sam Mezups 2008 Scenery Construction
Terry Roy 2008 Scenery Construction
Alli Barnard 2008 Playwrights Studio
Emily Calder  2008 Playwrights Studio
Prasan De Silva  2008 Playwrights Studio
Sime Knezevic  2008 Playwrights Studio
Bridget Price  2008 Playwrights Studio
Gina Schien 2008 Playwrights Studio
Danielle Abi-Hanna  2008 Singer Dancer Actor
Hugh Barrington  2008 Singer Dancer Actor
Elena Baum  2008 Singer Dancer Actor
Nicole Casalis  2008 Singer Dancer Actor
Lincoln Hall  2008 Singer Dancer Actor
Mackenzie Harvison  2008 Singer Dancer Actor
Martin Hong  2008 Singer Dancer Actor
Sharon Kirschner  2008 Singer Dancer Actor
Katie Reeve 2008 Singer Dancer Actor
Holly Schultz  2008 Singer Dancer Actor
Temeika Williams 2008 Singer Dancer Actor
Tereza Wilson 2008 Singer Dancer Actor


Name Year Course
Akos Armont  2007 Acting
Laura Brent  2007 Acting
Kylie Coolwell  2007 Acting
Ivan Donato  2007 Acting
Shannon Dooley  2007 Acting
Eamon Farren  2007 Acting
Aidan Gillett  2007 Acting
Anthony Gooley  2007 Acting
Don Christopher 2007 Acting
Andrew Lees  2007 Acting
Jessica Marais  2007 Acting
Paul Mawhinney  2007 Acting
Pacharo Mzembe  2007 Acting
Julia Ohannessian  2007 Acting
Yalin Ozucelik  2007 Acting
Emma Palmer  2007 Acting
Tahki Saul  2007 Acting
Hugh Sheridan  2007 Acting
John Shrimpton  2007 Acting
Amy Usherwood 2007 Acting
Benn Welford  2007 Acting
Samantha Young  2007 Acting
Rita Carmody  2007 Design
Brigid Dighton  2007 Design
Alice Lindstrom  2007 Design
Gabrielle Logan  2007 Design
Paul Matthews  2007 Design
Andrew McDonell  2007 Design
Alice Morgan  2007 Design
Melanie Paul  2007 Design
James Beach  2007 Directing
Michael Dahlstrom  2007 Directing
Nicholas Dorward  2007 Directing
Shannon Murphy  2007 Directing
Georgina Sutton  2007 Directing
Cristabel Sved  2007 Directing
Jessica Tuckwell  2007 Directing
Fiona Malone  2007 Movement Studies
Johanna Puglisi  2007 Movement Studies
Sophie Baker 2007 Production
Belinda Di Lorenzo  2007 Production
Hayley Dobson 2007 Production
Sophie Doubleday  2007 Production
Melanie Dyer  2007 Production
Courtney Hurry 2007 Production
Victoria Marques  2007 Production
Christopher Page  2007 Production
Matthew Schubach  2007 Production
Nicholas Shipway  2007 Production
Michael Smith  2007 Production
Emilie Sysavanh  2007 Production
Chaline Taylor  2007 Production
Todd Wilson  2007 Production
Renata Beslik  2007 Production Crafts Costume
Kelly-Maree Jong  2007 Production Crafts Costume
Judith Loxley  2007 Production Crafts Costume
Erika Schwarz  2007 Production Crafts Costume
Helen Dang  2007 Production Crafts Properties
Cameron Haldane  2007 Production Crafts Properties
Katrina Lynch  2007 Production Crafts Properties
Govinda Webster  2007 Production Crafts Properties
Kit Yan Cecilia Ng 2007 Voice Studies Master
Nick Curnow  2007 Voice Studies
Alexandra Cullen  2007 Playwrights Studio
Freya Dwyer  2007 Playwrights Studio
Joanna Eliza Erskine  2007 Playwrights Studio
Michael Gottsche  2007 Playwrights Studio
Carlos Enrique Lozano  2007 Playwrights Studio
Melanie Jane Tait  2007 Playwrights Studio
Cassandra Betcher 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Nicola Cammell 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Alice Craft 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Belinda Crawley 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Joel Curtis 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Harriet Dyer 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Fabian Hartwell 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Bredan Irving 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Josephine Ison 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Sophia Katos 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Vaingana Matapule 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Lauren Rutherford 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Taryn Ryan 2007 Singer Dancer Actor
Wilson Thomas 2007 Singer Dancer Actor


Name Year Course
Aljin Abella  2006 Acting
Beth Aubrey  2006 Acting
Adam Booth  2006 Acting
Roderic Byrnes  2006 Acting
Baylea Davis  2006 Acting
Andrea Demetriades  2006 Acting
Anthony Gee  2006 Acting
Ben Gerrard  2006 Acting
Shaun Goss  2006 Acting
Sheridan Harbridge  2006 Acting
Tye Harper  2006 Acting
Garth Holcombe  2006 Acting
Eve Morey  2006 Acting
Zindzi Okenyo  2006 Acting
Laura Pike  2006 Acting
Trevor Ryan  2006 Acting
Olivia Simone  2006 Acting
Matias Stevens  2006 Acting
Yael Stone  2006 Acting
Raymond James 2006 Acting
Cain Thompson  2006 Acting
Patricia Toh  2006 Acting
Edwina Trimnell-Ritchard 2006 Acting
Sinisa Vrebac 2006 Acting
Brian Brown  2006 Design
Bradley Clark  2006 Design
Krystal Giddings  2006 Design
Helen Jacobs  2006 Design
Magdalena Przezdziecka  2006 Design
Alexandra Sommer  2006 Design
Megan Venhoek  2006 Design
Sally Blackwood  2006 Directing
Jason Bridgeman  2006 Directing
Shane Jones  2006 Directing
Lara Macgregor  2006 Directing
Kellie Mackereth  2006 Directing
Subramaniam Velayutham  2006 Directing
Joshua Consandine  2006 Movement Studies
Zachary Roach 2006 Scenery Construction
Ashlee Arnold  2006 Technical Production
Jennifer Blake  2006 Technical Production
Alexander Dick  2006 Technical Production
Belinda Guinn  2006 Technical Production
Jake Jarrett  2006 Technical Production
Danielle Miller  2006 Technical Production
Elisabeth Pidgeon  2006 Technical Production
Laura Roumanos  2006 Technical Production
Joshua Sherrin  2006 Technical Production
Liana Slussareff  2006 Technical Production
Stephen Toulmin  2006 Technical Production
Paul Walton  2006 Technical Production
Millie Adams  2006 Production Crafts Costume
Ekaterini Floratos  2006 Production Crafts Costume
Corinne Heskett  2006 Production Crafts Costume
Assaf Carmeli  2006 Production Crafts Properties
Philip Curach  2006 Production Crafts Properties
Margaret Frappell  2006 Production Crafts Properties
Skye McVicar  2006 Production Crafts Properties
Ana Roman  2006 Production Crafts Properties
Anna Edgerton 2006 Voice Studies
Kirstie O'Sullivan  2006 Voice Studies
Gabrielle Rogers  2006 Voice Studies
Guy Birks  2006 Playwrights Studio
Frances Bruce  2006 Playwrights Studio
Nathan Cureton  2006 Playwrights Studio
Laurence Orkin  2006 Playwrights Studio
Alison Rooke  2006 Playwrights Studio
Imara Savage  2006 Playwrights Studio
Stephen Anderson  2006 Singer Dancer Actor
Tyler Burness  2006 Singer Dancer Actor
Emma-June Curik  2006 Singer Dancer Actor
Crystal Hegedis  2006 Singer Dancer Actor
Melissa Ingles  2006 Singer Dancer Actor
Zac Jardine  2006 Singer Dancer Actor
Elysha Manik  2006 Singer Dancer Actor
Laura Manning  2006 Singer Dancer Actor
Tom Morley  2006 Singer Dancer Actor
Steven Nicholson  2006 Singer Dancer Actor
Angela Scundi  2006 Singer Dancer Actor
Nicole Shostak 2006 Singer Dancer Actor


Name Year Course
Sam Anderson  2005 Acting
Ben Borgia  2005 Acting
Emily Brennan  2005 Acting
Leon Burchill  2005 Acting
Nathin Butler  2005 Acting
Anita Erceg  2005 Acting
Jamie Irvine  2005 Acting
Marcus Johnson  2005 Acting
Toby Moore  2005 Acting
Gemma Northover  2005 Acting
Nina Pearce  2005 Acting
Christopher Rickerby  2005 Acting
Kate Sherman  2005 Acting
Michael Smith  2005 Acting
Jennifer Speake  2005 Acting
Andrew Supanz  2005 Acting
Pearl Tan  2005 Acting
Claire Vanderboom 2005 Acting
Michelle Vergara  2005 Acting
Oliver Wenn  2005 Acting
Gareth Yuen  2005 Acting
Michael Agosta  2005 Design
David Benjafield  2005 Design
Luke Ede  2005 Design
Tobhiyah Feller  2005 Design
Danielle Lindqvist  2005 Design
Arnavaz Lindsay  2005 Design
Eliza McLean  2005 Design
Jacob Nash  2005 Design
Lizzie Doyle  2005 Directing
Michal Imielski  2005 Directing
Julian Louis  2005 Directing
Sarah McCusker  2005 Directing
Nicholas Pollock  2005 Directing
Jessica Symes  2005 Directing
Lee Lewis  2005 Directing Master
Anca Frankenhaeuser  2005 Movement Studies Master
Anneke Barnes  2005 Technical Production
Kimberley Benware  2005 Technical Production
Nicholas Cooper-Brown  2005 Technical Production
Kenneth Crouch  2005 Technical Production
Erin Daly  2005 Technical Production
Steven Dingley  2005 Technical Production
Pella Gregory  2005 Technical Production
Verity Hampson  2005 Technical Production
Brigitte Jonas  2005 Technical Production
Kellie Knight  2005 Technical Production
Isis Koh  2005 Technical Production
Suzanne Large  2005 Technical Production
Joshua Lemon  2005 Technical Production
Anna Reece  2005 Technical Production
Matthew Tunchon  2005 Technical Production
Sarah Lumsden  2005 Production Crafts Costume
Amanda Nichols  2005 Production Crafts Costume
Megan Ashforth  2005 Production Crafts Properties
Jared Olsen  2005 Production Crafts Properties
Bernadette Zacka  2005 Production Crafts Properties
Clare Atkins  2005 Playwrights Studio
John Fraser  2005 Playwrights Studio
Mark Hill  2005 Playwrights Studio
Juliet Lamont  2005 Playwrights Studio
Shannon Murdoch  2005 Playwrights Studio
Brent Thorpe  2005 Playwrights Studio
Stacey Adamson  2005 Singer Dancer Actor
Dianne Algate  2005 Singer Dancer Actor
Jessica Allen  2005 Singer Dancer Actor
Emmaline Cleary  2005 Singer Dancer Actor
Susie Dunn  2005 Singer Dancer Actor
Penny Horsfield  2005 Singer Dancer Actor
Natasha Kavanagh  2005 Singer Dancer Actor
Briony Kent  2005 Singer Dancer Actor
Mary Sherman  2005 Singer Dancer Actor
Lauren Stanley  2005 Singer Dancer Actor
Carlesse Sue Yek  2005 Singer Dancer Actor
Monique Watson  2005 Singer Dancer Actor


Name Year Course
Bard Canning  2004 Acting
Corinne Davies  2004 Acting
Andrew Duvall  2004 Acting
Jay Gallagher  2004 Acting
Benjamin Geurens  2004 Acting
Robin Hart  2004 Acting
Anna Houston  2004 Acting
Adrian Jarrett  2004 Acting
Simon Keen  2004 Acting
Benjamin Lawson  2004 Acting
Nathan Lovejoy  2004 Acting
David Lyons  2004 Acting
Jessica Manuel  2004 Acting
Annie Maynard  2004 Acting
Robin McLeavy  2004 Acting
James Mitchell  2004 Acting
Phaedra Nicolaidis  2004 Acting
Nick Osborne  2004 Acting
Monica Sayers  2004 Acting
Ella Scott-Lynch  2004 Acting
Dorje Swallow  2004 Acting
Catherine Terracini  2004 Acting
Matthew Walker  2004 Acting
Alice Babidge  2004 Design
Steven Butler  2004 Design
Alexandra Gallery  2004 Design
Dane Laffrey  2004 Design
Tom MacDougall  2004 Design
Aasa Neeme  2004 Design
Tuesday Stone  2004 Design
Luke Cowling  2004 Directing
Andrew Davidson  2004 Directing
Tommy Murphy  2004 Directing
Holly Radcliffe  2004 Directing
Stefanos Rassios  2004 Directing
Kate Wild  2004 Directing
Anca Frankenhaeuser  2004 Movement Studies
Edith Podesta  2004 Movement Studies
Sara Ritchie  2004 Movement Studies
Kylie Allen  2004 Technical Production
Rebecca Allen  2004 Technical Production
Paula-Jeni Battilana  2004 Technical Production
Amy Christensen  2004 Technical Production
Phoebe Collier  2004 Technical Production
Tristan Connett  2004 Technical Production
Brent Forsstrom-Jones  2004 Technical Production
Kayne Johnson  2004 Technical Production
Declan McMonagle  2004 Technical Production
Bess Nolan-Cook  2004 Technical Production
Anthony Pearson  2004 Technical Production
Clare Rainbow  2004 Technical Production
Ashleigh Sharman  2004 Technical Production
Charles Turner  2004 Technical Production
Christopher Vidler  2004 Technical Production
Nicole Coppi  2004 Production Crafts Costume
Ellen Doyle  2004 Production Crafts Costume
Emma Howell 2004 Production Crafts Costume
Tirion Rodwell  2004 Production Crafts Costume
Bridget Dolan  2004 Production Crafts Properties
Orlando Norrish  2004 Production Crafts Properties
Mitch Alcorn  2004 Scenery Construction
Linda Barcan  2004 Voice Studies
Emma Harris  2004 Voice Studies
Jeffrey Hockley  2004 Voice Studies
Tetsuya Shiraishi  2004 Voice Studies
Alistair Toogood  2004 Voice Studies
Loretta Visser  2004 Voice Studies
Mette Jakobsen  2004 Playwrights Studio
John Kachoyan  2004 Playwrights Studio
Kieran Navin  2004 Playwrights Studio
Michael Neaylon  2004 Playwrights Studio
Lynda Ng  2004 Playwrights Studio
Beejan Land 2004 Playwrights Studio
Ashley Walker  2004 Playwrights Studio
Danny Beiruti  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Christopher Benjamin  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Simon Brook McLachlan  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Kate Campbell  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Shannon Dooley  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Jessica Enes  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Emma Hawthorne  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Daniel Hayward  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Katherine La Peyre  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Nathan Manou  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Amelia McMurray  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Sandra Neal  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Brett Perkins  2004 Singer Dancer Actor
Kathryn Sgroi  2004 Singer Dancer Actor


Name Year Course
Ali Ammouchi 2003 Acting
Holly Austin  2003 Acting
Nichole Avramidis  2003 Acting
Kate Box  2003 Acting
Adriano Cappelletta  2003 Acting
Les Chantery  2003 Acting
Emily Crotti  2003 Acting
Jasmin De Main  2003 Acting
Isabella Dunwill  2003 Acting
Trilby Glover  2003 Acting
Julie Goss  2003 Acting
Michael Hail 2003 Acting
Robert Jago  2003 Acting
David Ligudzinski  2003 Acting
Christian Marcel  2003 Acting
Marney McQueen  2003 Acting
Joana Mikeleiz-Hogg 2003 Acting
Adam Moulds  2003 Acting
Jonathan Oldham  2003 Acting
Tom O'Sullivan  2003 Acting
Ian Roberts  2003 Acting
Rowan Schlosberg  2003 Acting
Benjamin Stringer  2003 Acting
Amber Todd  2003 Acting
Zoe Tuckwell-Smith  2003 Acting
Johann Walraven  2003 Acting
Mark Campbell  2003 Design
Xanthe Heubel  2003 Design
Joshua Mason  2003 Design
Ailsa Paterson  2003 Design
Simone Romaniuk  2003 Design
Kim Scott  2003 Design
Gypsy Taylor  2003 Design
Lucy Young  2003 Design
Katy Alexander  2003 Directing
Paul Godfrey  2003 Directing
Lee Lewis  2003 Directing
Brendan Moffitt  2003 Directing
Luc Mollinger  2003 Directing
Sachiko Tange  2003 Directing
Brooke Webb  2003 Directing
Lisa Ffrench  2003 Movement Studies
Claudine Stephen-Smith  2003 Movement Studies
Adam Bowring  2003 Technical Production
Taren Cooper  2003 Technical Production
Heather Davidson  2003 Technical Production
Amelia Davies Peereboom 2003 Technical Production
Adam Hornhardt  2003 Technical Production
Paul Marrollo  2003 Technical Production
Kerryn Mason  2003 Technical Production
Ryan Oertel  2003 Technical Production
Luiz Pampolha  2003 Technical Production
Gordon Rymer  2003 Technical Production
Nicole Schiwy  2003 Technical Production
Louis Thorn  2003 Technical Production
Jamie Twist  2003 Technical Production
Kallum Wilkinson  2003 Technical Production
Luke Woodham  2003 Technical Production
Rohan Yates  2003 Technical Production
Virginia Naylor  2003 Production Crafts Costume
Michelle Peloe  2003 Production Crafts Costume
Emma Wallace  2003 Production Crafts Costume
Rebecca Hall  2003 Production Crafts Properties
Katrina Hoy  2003 Production Crafts Properties
Gorkem Acaroglu  2003 Playwrights Studio
Tamara Asmar  2003 Playwrights Studio
Tom Maclachlan  2003 Playwrights Studio
Elissar Mukhtar  2003 Playwrights Studio
Lachlan Philpott  2003 Playwrights Studio
Clytie Smith  2003 Playwrights Studio
Hayley Driscoll  2003 Singer Dancer Actor
Laura Francis  2003 Singer Dancer Actor
Adrian Hicks  2003 Singer Dancer Actor
David Hooley  2003 Singer Dancer Actor
Julia Kennedy-Scott  2003 Singer Dancer Actor
Dinesh Mathew  2003 Singer Dancer Actor
Elise McCann  2003 Singer Dancer Actor
Amy Robertson  2003 Singer Dancer Actor
Darren Sangwell  2003 Singer Dancer Actor
Edwina Trimnell-Ritchard  2003 Singer Dancer Actor
Naomi Yoshinaga  2003 Singer Dancer Actor


Romy Bartz 2002Acting
Katrina Campbell 2002Acting
Tom Campbell2002Acting
Nicholas Coghlan 2002Acting
Yure Covich 2002Acting
Tanya Goldberg 2002Acting
Richard Gyoerffy 2002Acting
Sam Haft 2002Acting
Tenille Halliday 2002Acting
Ryan Hayward 2002Acting
Zoe Houghton 2002Acting
Jody Kennedy 2002Acting
Jaime Mears 2002Acting
Rebekah Moore 2002Acting
Jared Morgan 2002Acting
Bojana Novakovic 2002Acting
Alexander O’Loughlin2002Acting
Anthony Radojevic 2002Acting
Hallie Shellam 2002Acting
Russell Smith 2002Acting
William Traval 2002Acting
Michael Tuahine 2002Acting
Katrina Adams 2002Design
Jamie Clennett 2002Design
Felice Mercorella 2002Design
Shelley Perry 2002Design
Hamish Peters 2002Design
Philippa Runciman 2002Design
Ellen Shields 2002Design
Anna Held 2002Directing
Frances Jankowski 2002Directing
Jewell Johnson 2002Directing
Imogen Kelly 2002Directing
Temura Lee 2002Directing
Jonathan Lim 2002Directing
Damien Millar 2002Directing
Erin Morrissey 2002Directing
John Sheedy 2002Directing
Samantha Chester 2002Movement Studies
Sherrilyn Lee Wakefield 2002Movement Studies
Celia White 2002Movement Studies
Rachel Bourke 2002Technical Production
Nigel Capenhurst 2002Technical Production
Adeneen Craigie 2002Technical Production
Yael Crishna 2002Technical Production
Justin Davies 2002Technical Production
Allison Jeny 2002Technical Production
Anna Kosky 2002Technical Production
William Lewis2002Technical Production
Edward Matthews 2002Technical Production
Robin McCarthy 2002Technical Production
Daniel Sekers 2002Technical Production
Minka Stevens 2002Technical Production
Christopher Twyman 2002Technical Production
Bianca Vander Neut 2002Technical Production
Samuel St Aubyn 2002Theatre Crafts Costume
Emma Jade Warren 2002Production Crafts Costume
Martin Pedder 2002Theatre Crafts Properties
Barry Hiblen 2002Theatre Crafts Scenery
Jennifer Anne Kent 2002Voice Studies
Natasha McNamara 2002Voice Studies
Mark Newsam 2002Voice Studies
Jennifer Rose Richards 2002Voice Studies
Lara Foster 2002Singer Dancer Actor
Nathan Gilkes 2002Singer Dancer Actor
Mitchell Winter2002Singer Dancer Actor
Nathaniel Jobe 2002Singer Dancer Actor
Joel McLean 2002Singer Dancer Actor
Rachel Mirabito 2002Singer Dancer Actor
Sophie Moll 2002Singer Dancer Actor
Lisa More 2002Singer Dancer Actor
Rupert Noffs 2002Singer Dancer Actor
Scott Spreadbury 2002Singer Dancer Actor
Lincoln Stone 2002Singer Dancer Actor
Jeremy Youett 2002Singer Dancer Actor


Heidi Arena 2001Acting
Olivia Bonnici 2001Acting
Candice Bowers 2001Acting
Jason Chan2001Acting
Katherine Cogill 2001Acting
James Evans 2001Acting
Natasha Farrow-Pryke 2001Acting
Ryan Jones 2001Acting
Andrew Keegan 2001Acting
Joshua Lawson 2001Acting
Michael McCall 2001Acting
Eloise Oxer 2001Acting
Matthew Passmore 2001Acting
Darren Schnase 2001Acting
Nicholas Simpson-Deeks 2001Acting
Saskia Smith 2001Acting
Georgia Thorne 2001Acting
Anna Torv 2001Acting
Adam Tuominen 2001Acting
Simon Wood 2001Acting
Hidemasa Yamaguchi 2001Acting
Chandice Bowles 2001Design
Penelope Challen 2001Design
Nicholas Dare 2001Design
Simon Greer 2001Design
Anna Ilic 2001Design
Timothy Neve 2001Design
Shane Thompson 2001Design
David Twyman 2001Design
Melanie Hogan 2001Directing
Robert Kennedy 2001Directing
Laurisa Poulos 2001Directing
Gemma Tamock 2001Directing
Kaye Tuckerman 2001Directing
Luke Tyen-Yee Yen 2001Directing
Naomi Adams 2001Technical Production
Melanie Anderson2001Technical Production
Stephen Davey 2001Technical Production
Glenn Dulihanty2001Technical Production
Georgia Gilbert 2001Technical Production
Catherine Hart 2001Technical Production
Alison Hepburn-Brown 2001Technical Production
Natasha Hill 2001Technical Production
Allan Hirons 2001Technical Production
Daniel Lander 2001Technical Production
Andrew Mackonis 2001Technical Production
Rachel Magner 2001Technical Production
Nicole Robinson 2001Technical Production
Jeremy Silver 2001Technical Production
David Wilkinson 2001Technical Production
Simon Lamond 2001Theatre Crafts Properties
Timothy Shepheard 2001Theatre Crafts Properties
Boaz Shemesh 2001Theatre Crafts Scenery
Courtney Collins 2001Playwrights Studio
Marian Davis 2001Playwrights Studio
Tom Holloway 2001Playwrights Studio
Isobel Kirk 2001Playwrights Studio
Ari Lander 2001Playwrights Studio
Paul Osuch 2001Playwrights Studio
Kelly Watson 2001Playwrights Studio
Rebecca Corley 2001Singer Dancer Actor
Katherine Fist 2001Singer Dancer Actor
Joel Harvey 2001Singer Dancer Actor
Samantha Landsberry 2001Singer Dancer Actor
Shaun Martindale 2001Singer Dancer Actor
Cory Newman 2001Singer Dancer Actor
Daniel Nisbet 2001Singer Dancer Actor
Sophie Paterson 2001Singer Dancer Actor
Amy Ranftl 2001Singer Dancer Actor
Catherine Shepherd 2001Singer Dancer Actor
Anthony Sissian 2001Singer Dancer Actor
Kim Taylor 2001Singer Dancer Actor
Belinda Wollaston 2001Singer Dancer Actor


Name Year Course
Nicholas Berg  2000 Acting
Daniel Billet  2000 Acting
Nicholas Brown  2000 Acting
Ryan Gibson  2000 Acting
Vanessa Gray  2000 Acting
Sean Hall  2000 Acting
Brett Hicks-Maitland  2000 Acting
Penelope Keenan  2000 Acting
Gavin Lunt  2000 Acting
Andrea McEwan  2000 Acting
Amie McKenna  2000 Acting
Philip Miolin  2000 Acting
Henry Nixon  2000 Acting
Genevieve O'Reilly  2000 Acting
Socratis Otto  2000 Acting
Edith Podesta  2000 Acting
Stefanos Rassios  2000 Acting
Belinda Sculley  2000 Acting
Peta Sergeant  2000 Acting
Boyd Spradbury  2000 Acting
Freya Stafford  2000 Acting
Lauren Steenholdt  2000 Acting
Christopher Thomas 2000 Acting
Eduardo De Macedo  2000 Design
Glendon Fletcher  2000 Design
Andrew Hays  2000 Design
Kimm Kovac  2000 Design
Alice Lau  2000 Design
Ralph Myers  2000 Design
Joseph Couch  2000 Directing
Clarence Dany  2000 Directing
Jennifer Green  2000 Directing
Tamzin Nugent 2000 Directing
Melita Rowston  2000 Directing
Morgan Smallbone  2000 Directing
Nicole Windsor  2000 Directing
Joanna Boyer 2000 Technical Production
Jennifer Cramer  2000 Technical Production
Bree Dahl  2000 Technical Production
Tristan Ellis-Windsor  2000 Technical Production
Neil Fisher  2000 Technical Production
David Koumans  2000 Technical Production
Martin Langthorne  2000 Technical Production
Kylie Mascord  2000 Technical Production
Campbell McKilligan  2000 Technical Production
Grant Pisani  2000 Technical Production
Claire Reid  2000 Technical Production
Celina Sculthorpe  2000 Technical Production
James Shuter  2000 Technical Production
Bernie Tan 2000 Technical Production
Skye Forest  2000 Theatre Crafts Costume
Bianca Sevil  2000 Theatre Crafts Costume
Kia Snell  2000 Theatre Crafts Costume
Nerissa Box  2000 Theatre Crafts Properties
Rory Unite  2000 Theatre Crafts Properties
Blaise Howe-Strewe  2000 Theatre Crafts Scenery
Antony Grgas 2000 Voice Studies
Jane Harders  2000 Voice Studies
Robert Lewis  2000 Voice Studies
Katherine Hopwood Poulsen  2000 Voice Studies
Peter Fray  2000 Playwrights Studio
Sam Meikle  2000 Playwrights Studio
Suzie Miller  2000 Playwrights Studio
Kate Rice  2000 Playwrights Studio
Andrew West  2000 Playwrights Studio
James Allen  2000 Singer Dancer Actor
Karl Conti  2000 Singer Dancer Actor
Jennifer Corrin  2000 Singer Dancer Actor
Luke Dal Santo  2000 Singer Dancer Actor
Adam Forsythe  2000 Singer Dancer Actor
Phillippa Iemma  2000 Singer Dancer Actor
Sacha Kilgour  2000 Singer Dancer Actor
Rebecca Lindsay  2000 Singer Dancer Actor
Daniel Pevitt-Scott  2000 Singer Dancer Actor
James Rutty  2000 Singer Dancer Actor
Katie Thompson  2000 Singer Dancer Actor
Matthew Ward  2000 Singer Dancer Actor
Madeleine Wittmark  2000 Singer Dancer Actor


Graduates from 1990-1999


Septimus Caton 1999Acting
Justin Cotta 1999Acting
Caroline Craig 1999Acting
Nathaniel Dean 1999Acting
Kevin Donohoe 1999Acting
Damon Gameau 1999Acting
Genevieve Hegney 1999Acting
Warren Hussey 1999Acting
Emma Jackson 1999Acting
Matthew Le Nevez 1999Acting
Spencer McLaren 1999Acting
Ansuya Nathan 1999Acting
Christa Nicola 1999Acting
Mark Priestley 1999Acting
Tim Richards 1999Acting
Toby Schmitz 1999Acting
Esther Van Doornum 1999Acting
Rory Williamson 1999Acting
Miranda Heckenberg 1999Design
Julio Himede 1999Design
Jennifer Hitchcock 1999Design
Joanne Lewis 1999Design
Catherine Raven 1999Design
Gabriela Tylesova 1999Design
Stephen Colyer 1999Directing
Sharna Galvin 1999Directing
Steven Hingley 1999Directing
Joel McIlroy 1999Directing
Jonathan Messer 1999Directing
Annabel Scholes 1999Directing
Kathryn Wild 1999Directing
Kathryn Pearson 1999Production Management
Amanda Tye 1999Production Management
Matt Binnie 1999Technical Production
Jacqueline Carden 1999Technical Production
Joelene Elliott 1999Technical Production
Michael Filler 1999Technical Production
Terri Gonzalez1999Technical Production
Philippa Gowen 1999Technical Production
Andrew Ivanov 1999Technical Production
Susan Parks 1999Technical Production
Lucas Porter 1999Technical Production
Rachael Presdee 1999Technical Production
Bebe Southby 1999Technical Production
Darren Waide 1999Technical Production
Celia Welch 1999Technical Production
Ed Wilkinson 1999Technical Production
Andrea Gaskill 1999Theatre Crafts Costume
Kerry Goodrich 1999Theatre Crafts Costume
Philip Jones 1999Theatre Crafts Properties
Kathy Mar Young 1999Theatre Crafts Properties
Claire Bourke 1999Playwrights Studio
Monica Ellis 1999Playwrights Studio
David Jobling 1999Playwrights Studio
Barbara Karpinski 1999Playwrights Studio
Roberto Panarello 1999Playwrights Studio
Corinne Staas 1999Playwrights Studio
Michael Stone 1999Playwrights Studio
Adele Cristaudo 1999Singer Dancer Actor
Carla de Jong 1999Singer Dancer Actor
Kate Early1999Singer Dancer Actor
Frank Hansen 1999Singer Dancer Actor
Melissa Holroyd 1999Singer Dancer Actor
David Keene 1999Singer Dancer Actor
Rick Lau 1999Singer Dancer Actor
Kathryn Mallam 1999Singer Dancer Actor
Krysia Mansfield 1999Singer Dancer Actor
Susanne Campbell1999Singer Dancer Actor
Shaun Rennie 1999Singer Dancer Actor
Hayden Tee 1999Singer Dancer Actor


Name Year Course
Gabriel Andrews  1998 Acting
Ana Maria Belo  1998 Acting
Douglas Blaikie  1998 Acting
Caroline Brazier  1998 Acting
Jeremy Brennan  1998 Acting
Zoe Coyle  1998 Acting
Jacqueline Delmege  1998 Acting
Benjamin Graetz 1998 Acting
Benhur Helwend  1998 Acting
Damion Hunter  1998 Acting
Peter Knowles  1998 Acting
Paul Leyden  1998 Acting
Mary Anne McCormack  1998 Acting
Billy Mitchell  1998 Acting
Matthew Newton  1998 Acting
Dorian Nkono  1998 Acting
Sarah Norris  1998 Acting
Morgan O'Neill  1998 Acting
Karen Pang  1998 Acting
Myles Pollard  1998 Acting
Joanne Priest  1998 Acting
John Schwarz  1998 Acting
Alex Sideratos  1998 Acting
Andrea Wallis  1998 Acting
Sam Worthington 1998 Acting
Fiona Crombie  1998 Design
Jodie Fried  1998 Design
Andy Biziorek  1998 Directing
Tanya Denny  1998 Directing
Briony Dunn  1998 Directing
Duong Le Quy 1998 Directing
Jane Miskovic  1998 Directing
Fiona Pulford  1998 Directing
Milojka Andjelic  1998 Technical Production
Claire Bourke  1998 Technical Production
Katherine Goodhind 1998 Technical Production
Juliette Hirons  1998 Technical Production
Stephanie Kamasz  1998 Technical Production
David Keppell  1998 Technical Production
Robbie Klaesi  1998 Technical Production
Tanja Kozomara  1998 Technical Production
Viv Rosman 1998 Technical Production
Alexandra Souvlis  1998 Technical Production
Andrew Stewart  1998 Technical Production
Christopher Upjohn  1998 Technical Production
Gabrielle Walters  1998 Technical Production
Lisa Webb  1998 Technical Production
Sandra Willis  1998 Technical Production
Virginia Das-Neves  1998 Theatre Crafts Costume
Amy Haviland  1998 Theatre Crafts Costume
Margot Koudstaal  1998 Theatre Crafts Costume
Oriana Merullo  1998 Theatre Crafts Costume
Paul Fraser  1998 Theatre Crafts Properties
Kirstie Rickwood 1998 Theatre Crafts Properties
Christopher Bird  1998 Voice Studies
Fran Curtis  1998 Voice Studies
Natasha Moszenin  1998 Voice Studies
Linda Nicholls-Gidley  1998 Voice Studies
Simon Stollery  1998 Voice Studies
Jennifer White  1998 Voice Studies
Sue Castrique  1998 Playwrights Studio
Kaaren Champion  1998 Playwrights Studio
Gabriel Lee 1998 Playwrights Studio
Katrina Foster  1998 Playwrights Studio
Kylie Lawrence  1998 Playwrights Studio
Ruth Melville  1998 Playwrights Studio
Carla Moore  1998 Playwrights Studio
Christopher Rodley  1998 Playwrights Studio
Liza-Mare Syron  1998 Playwrights Studio
Andrew Webb  1998 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Sarah Aubrey  1997 Acting
Josef Ber  1997 Acting
Zoe Dimakis 1997 Acting
Michael Harrop  1997 Acting
Katrina Milosevic  1997 Acting
Ben Mortley  1997 Acting
Claire Paradine  1997 Acting
Lisa Perez  1997 Acting
Joshua Quong Tart  1997 Acting
Elissa Stephens  1997 Acting
Dan Uliel  1997 Acting
Matthew Whittet  1997 Acting
Benjamin Winspear  1997 Acting
Troy Armstrong  1997 Design
Julia Christie  1997 Design
Donna Huddleston  1997 Design
Aaron Marsden  1997 Design
Nicola McIntosh  1997 Design
Bruce McKinven  1997 Design
Dorotka Sapinska  1997 Design
Melinda Collie-Holmes  1997 Directing
Mishline Jammal  1997 Directing
Christopher Johnson  1997 Directing
Leland Kean  1997 Directing
Ian Mackenzie-Thurley  1997 Directing
Andrew Paterson  1997 Directing
Elena Vereker  1997 Directing
Darren Yap  1997 Directing
Alan Clarke  1997 Movement Studies
Julia Cotton  1997 Movement Studies
Lisa Freshwater  1997 Movement Studies
Timothy Colclough  1997 Production Management
Lyndel Barkla 1997 Technical Production
Nicol Booth  1997 Technical Production
Brigid Collaery  1997 Technical Production
Kevin de Zilva  1997 Technical Production
Anne Driscoll  1997 Technical Production
Simon Dwyer  1997 Technical Production
Zana Ebert  1997 Technical Production
Jeremy Garling  1997 Technical Production
Belinda Gibson  1997 Technical Production
Wei Han Liao  1997 Technical Production
Nicol Morrow  1997 Technical Production
Peter Sutherland  1997 Technical Production
Florence Wee  1997 Technical Production
Kenny Wong  1997 Technical Production
Leah Bennetts  1997 Theatre Crafts Costume
Amanda Heppell  1997 Theatre Crafts Costume
Samantha Perkins  1997 Theatre Crafts Costume
Brigette Thorn  1997 Theatre Crafts Costume
Adrian Britnell  1997 Theatre Crafts Properties
Sophie Buttner  1997 Theatre Crafts Properties
Lainie Cann  1997 Theatre Crafts Properties
Michael Edmonds  1997 Theatre Crafts Scenery
Andy Biziorek  1997 Playwrights Studio
Peter Bradbury  1997 Playwrights Studio
Ann Burbrook  1997 Playwrights Studio
Ralph Dayman  1997 Playwrights Studio
Sharon Guest  1997 Playwrights Studio
Rachel Hennessy  1997 Playwrights Studio
Wallace Lee  1997 Playwrights Studio
Matthew Nagle  1997 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Lisa Bailey  1996 Acting
Craig Ball  1996 Acting
Paul Barry  1996 Acting
Nicholas Bishop  1996 Acting
Elena Carapetis  1996 Acting
Jason Chong  1996 Acting
Jodie Dry  1996 Acting
Rachel Gordon  1996 Acting
Justin Green  1996 Acting
Kathryn Hartman  1996 Acting
Kirstie Hutton  1996 Acting
Scott Johnson  1996 Acting
Stuart Lumsden  1996 Acting
Anna Lise Phillips  1996 Acting
Olivia Pigeot  1996 Acting
Glenn Shea  1996 Acting
Amanda Shillabeer  1996 Acting
Nathan Spencer  1996 Acting
Ian Stenlake  1996 Acting
Ben Tari  1996 Acting
Simon van der Stap  1996 Acting
Tessa Wells  1996 Acting
Paul Zebrowski  1996 Acting
Michelle Fallon  1996 Design
Rachel Lang  1996 Design
Adam Lindberg  1996 Design
Rhonda Nohra  1996 Design
Samantha Paxton  1996 Design
Deborah Riley  1996 Design
Anatoly Frusin  1996 Directing
Kate Gaul  1996 Directing
Cherise Mitchell 1996 Directing
Adrian Norman  1996 Directing
John Rado  1996 Directing
Lucien Savron  1996 Directing
Marie Clarke  1996 Movement Studies
Lindy Link  1996 Movement Studies
Tanya Mead  1996 Movement Studies
Zoe Backes  1996 Technical Production
Adrian Bourke  1996 Technical Production
Adam Breau  1996 Technical Production
Damien Cooper  1996 Technical Production
Pamela Dawson  1996 Technical Production
Jason Geer  1996 Technical Production
Mary Macrae  1996 Technical Production
Malcolm McKay  1996 Technical Production
Millie Mullinar  1996 Technical Production
Elizabeth Mundell  1996 Technical Production
Penny Price  1996 Technical Production
Mark Truebridge  1996 Technical Production
Sandra Bardwell 1996 Theatre Crafts Costume
Jason Gibaud  1996 Theatre Crafts Costume
Sunita Mudaliar 1996 Theatre Crafts Costume
Melissa Thornton  1996 Theatre Crafts Costume
Barnaby Fitzhardinge  1996 Theatre Crafts Properties
Emrita Luk  1996 Theatre Crafts Properties
William Neave  1996 Theatre Crafts Properties
Joanne Parkin  1996 Theatre Crafts Properties
Simone Lourie  1996 Voice Studies
Carmensita Lysiak  1996 Voice Studies
Suzanne Parker  1996 Voice Studies
David Sandbrook  1996 Voice Studies
Rosalind Williams  1996 Voice Studies
Donald Woodburn  1996 Voice Studies
Noel Anderson  1996 Playwrights Studio
Michael Booth  1996 Playwrights Studio
Terry Brady  1996 Playwrights Studio
Donna Cameron  1996 Playwrights Studio
Frida Kitas  1996 Playwrights Studio
Linda Sheehan  1996 Playwrights Studio
Angus Strachan  1996 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Paula Arundell  1995 Acting
Jeremy Ball  1995 Acting
Judith Chaplin  1995 Acting
Rachel Cleland 1995 Acting
Jennifer Cloher  1995 Acting
Blair Cutting  1995 Acting
Helen Dallimore  1995 Acting
Kim Delury 1995 Acting
Michael Denkha  1995 Acting
Brett Fellows  1995 Acting
Domenic Galati  1995 Acting
Angus King  1995 Acting
Travis McMahon  1995 Acting
Charles Mesure  1995 Acting
Jason Montgomery  1995 Acting
Kenneth Moraleda  1995 Acting
Jillian O'Dowd  1995 Acting
Susie Porter  1995 Acting
David Terry  1995 Acting
Sandy Winton  1995 Acting
Duncan Young 1995 Acting
Gordon Burns  1995 Design
Justin Kurzel  1995 Design
Andrew Powell  1995 Design
Karin Thorn  1995 Design
Peter Evans  1995 Directing
Fiona Gabb  1995 Directing
Jacinta Legge-Wilkinson  1995 Directing
Steven Tandy  1995 Directing
Alana Thompson  1995 Directing
Justin Way  1995 Directing
Janet Robertson  1995 Movement Studies
Matthew Andrews  1995 Technical Production
Samantha Larsson 1995 Technical Production
Lisa Malouf  1995 Technical Production
Karen Palmer  1995 Technical Production
Ian Steigrad  1995 Technical Production
Emma Sutherland  1995 Technical Production
Fritha Truscott  1995 Technical Production
Matthew Wingrave  1995 Technical Production
Benjamin Wright  1995 Technical Production
Tammy Hall  1995 Theatre Crafts Costume
Louise Hogg  1995 Theatre Crafts Costume
Kirsten Smallbone  1995 Theatre Crafts Costume
Benjamin Hawker  1995 Theatre Crafts Properties
Joy Mboya  1995 Voice Studies
Patrick Phillips  1995 Voice Studies
Bernadette Pryde 1995 Voice Studies
Debra Thomas  1995 Voice Studies
Brett Howlett  1995 Playwrights Studio
Julie Janson  1995 Playwrights Studio
Andy Kissane  1995 Playwrights Studio
Dean Nottle  1995 Playwrights Studio
Kate Pardey  1995 Playwrights Studio
Peter Shelley  1995 Playwrights Studio
Chris Taylor 1995 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Rachael Blake  1994 Acting
Scott Bowie  1994 Acting
Bridie Carter  1994 Acting
Georgie Goldstein  1994 Acting
Glenn Hazeldine  1994 Acting
Sophie Heathcote  1994 Acting
Anita Hegh  1994 Acting
Inge Hornstra  1994 Acting
Tom Long  1994 Acting
Martin Lynes  1994 Acting
Todd MacDonald  1994 Acting
Natalia Novikova  1994 Acting
Andrew Rodoreda 1994 Acting
Alexandra (Sandy) Shapievsky  1994 Acting
Richard Sydenham  1994 Acting
Russell Cohen  1994 Design
Peter England  1994 Design
John King  1994 Design
Liane Wilcher  1994 Design
Penelope Wilson  1994 Design
Michael Hill  1994 Directing
Roger Joyce  1994 Directing
Briar Monro  1994 Directing
Francesca Smith  1994 Directing
Sahraya Stewart  1994 Directing
Michael Wren  1994 Directing
Michael Campbell  1994 Movement Studies
Gavin Robins  1994 Movement Studies
Shane Hodges  1994 Production Management
Leonie Dixon  1994 Technical Production
Robyn Fincham  1994 Technical Production
Sara Gaynor  1994 Technical Production
Toni Glynn  1994 Technical Production
Louisa Gordon  1994 Technical Production
Bill Harris  1994 Technical Production
Suzanne Peri-Chapman  1994 Technical Production
Andrew Richards  1994 Technical Production
Gavan Swift  1994 Technical Production
Lyndell Darch  1994 Theatre Crafts Costume
Andrew Infanti  1994 Theatre Crafts Costume
Sally Steele  1994 Theatre Crafts Costume
Peter Ashman  1994 Theatre Crafts Properties
Belinda Maudson  1994 Theatre Crafts Properties
Vanessa Bates  1994 Playwrights Studio
Charlotte Jones  1994 Playwrights Studio
Carol Kalusek  1994 Playwrights Studio
Martin Kovacic  1994 Playwrights Studio
Mardi McConnochie  1994 Playwrights Studio
Susan Pfisterer-Smith  1994 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Charlotte Alexander  1993 Acting
Timothy Aris  1993 Acting
Ian Bliss  1993 Acting
Kelly Butler  1993 Acting
Gerard Carroll  1993 Acting
Danielle Carter  1993 Acting
Desmond Connellan  1993 Acting
David Davies  1993 Acting
Michelle Doake  1993 Acting
Julian Garner 1993 Acting
Sacha Horler  1993 Acting
Aaron Jeffery  1993 Acting
Amy Longhurst 1993 Acting
Vince Poletto  1993 Acting
Joshua Rosenthal  1993 Acting
Christine Stephen-Daly  1993 Acting
Carson Andreas  1993 Design
Emma Aubin  1993 Design
Gavin Barbey  1993 Design
Genevieve Blanchett  1993 Design
Fiona Holley  1993 Design
Andrew Raymond  1993 Design
Daniel Tobin  1993 Design
Michael Wilkinson  1993 Design
Laurence Coy  1993 Directing
Duncan Fine  1993 Directing
Greg McLean  1993 Directing
Sally Riley  1993 Directing
Crispin Taylor  1993 Directing
Flora Curran  1993 Movement Studies
Jasmin Forbes-Watson  1993 Movement Studies
Gary Platzer  1993 Production Management
Emma Baily  1993 Technical Production
Margaret Breen  1993 Technical Production
Catherine Hastings  1993 Technical Production
Andrew Kinch  1993 Technical Production
Adam Lowe  1993 Technical Production
Natasha Marich  1993 Technical Production
Kate McKay  1993 Technical Production
Louise McRoberts  1993 Technical Production
Jane Mitchell  1993 Technical Production
Briony Phillips 1993 Technical Production
Sheryl Talmage  1993 Technical Production
Tara Mackie  1993 Theatre Crafts Costume
Judith Meschke  1993 Theatre Crafts Costume
Martine Simmonds  1993 Theatre Crafts Costume
Tristan Fitzgerald  1993 Theatre Crafts Properties
Traleen Ryan  1993 Theatre Crafts Properties
Rodney Eagle  1993 Theatre Crafts Scenery
Debra Fordham  1993 Voice Studies
George Leppard  1993 Voice Studies
Tony Smith  1993 Voice Studies
Chris Aronsten  1993 Playwrights Studio
Simon Bedak  1993 Playwrights Studio
Karen Fuller  1993 Playwrights Studio
Peter McGuinness  1993 Playwrights Studio
Conrad Newman  1993 Playwrights Studio
Timothy Nicholls  1993 Playwrights Studio
Clive Parkin  1993 Playwrights Studio
Ruth Ritchie  1993 Playwrights Studio
Matra Robertson  1993 Playwrights Studio
Bernie Sheehan  1993 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Hugh Baldwin  1992 Acting
John Batchelor  1992 Acting
Cate Blanchett  1992 Acting
Simon Bossell  1992 Acting
Ann Burbrook  1992 Acting
Paul Caesar  1992 Acting
Essie Davis  1992 Acting
Tanya Denny  1992 Acting
Matthew Dyktynski  1992 Acting
Nicholas Garsden  1992 Acting
Sofya Gollan  1992 Acting
Daniel Lapaine  1992 Acting
Matthew Lilley  1992 Acting
Fiona Martinelli  1992 Acting
Daniel Rigney  1992 Acting
Lindy Sardelic  1992 Acting
Anthony Simcoe  1992 Acting
Kellie-Ann Spry  1992 Acting
Rodney Brunsdon  1992 Design
Anna Cherry  1992 Design
Fiona Donovan  1992 Design
Lisa McVilly  1992 Design
Paul Curran  1992 Directing
Sarah Ducker  1992 Directing
David Fenton  1992 Directing
Mary-Anne Gifford  1992 Directing
Peter Hayes  1992 Directing
Jeremy Rice  1992 Directing
Susan Barling  1992 Movement Studies
Kirsty Reilly  1992 Movement Studies
Dominic Hamra  1992 Production Management
Vanessa Campbell  1992 Technical Production
Michael Harrison  1992 Technical Production
Alex Holver  1992 Technical Production
Fergus Leese  1992 Technical Production
Andrew Sampson  1992 Technical Production
Claire Sexton 1992 Technical Production
Sarah Thompson  1992 Technical Production
Chrissie Vlahos 1992 Technical Production
Jason Warner  1992 Technical Production
Kylie Webb Shead  1992 Technical Production
Gillian Webley 1992 Technical Production
Rebecca Moulton 1992 Theatre Crafts Costume
Narelle Wilson  1992 Theatre Crafts Costume
Penelope Crisp  1992 Theatre Crafts Properties
Lorraine Merritt  1992 Voice Studies
Julia Moody  1992 Voice Studies
Judith Boyd  1992 Playwrights Studio
Eliane Davis  1992 Playwrights Studio
Duncan Fine  1992 Playwrights Studio
Peter Fleming  1992 Playwrights Studio
Merryn Johns  1992 Playwrights Studio
Adam Macaulay  1992 Playwrights Studio
Chris Phillips  1992 Playwrights Studio
Steven Vidler  1992 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Murray Bartlett  1991 Acting
Lucy Bell  1991 Acting
Grant Bowler  1991 Acting
Emily Dawe  1991 Acting
Christopher Gabardi  1991 Acting
Walter Grkovic  1991 Acting
Craig Ilott  1991 Acting
Jennifer Kent  1991 Acting
Jacqueline Linke  1991 Acting
Meghan Lister  1991 Acting
Nicholas McKay  1991 Acting
Drayton Morley  1991 Acting
Susan Prior  1991 Acting
Sam Willcock 1991 Acting
Felix Williamson  1991 Acting
Michael Burge  1991 Design
Amanda Coleman  1991 Design
Susan Field  1991 Design
Tamara Hammond  1991 Design
Dan Potra  1991 Design
David Atfield  1991 Directing
Richard Buckham  1991 Directing
Yaron Lifschitz  1991 Directing
Mary McMenamin  1991 Directing
Patrick Nolan  1991 Directing
Marion Potts  1991 Directing
Shannon Dolan  1991 Movement Studies
Natina Eggleton  1991 Movement Studies
Gregory Hordacre  1991 Movement Studies
Fiona Johnstone  1991 Production Management
Alix Campbell  1991 Technical Production
Christine Connors  1991 Technical Production
Cynthia Haynes  1991 Technical Production
Martin Kinnane  1991 Technical Production
Elizabeth Moore  1991 Technical Production
Mikkel Mynster  1991 Technical Production
Penelope Quarry  1991 Technical Production
Shane Stevens  1991 Technical Production
Melissa Harrison  1991 Theatre Crafts Costume
Eva Swiatek 1991 Theatre Crafts Properties
Barbara Jane Cole 1991 Voice Studies
Richard Morgan  1991 Voice Studies
Deborah Paull  1991 Voice Studies
Skye Redding  1991 Voice Studies
Campion Decent  1991 Playwrights Studio
John du Feu  1991 Playwrights Studio
Stephen Goldrick  1991 Playwrights Studio
Bill Kokkaris  1991 Playwrights Studio
Michael O'Brien  1991 Playwrights Studio
Sonia Ryan  1991 Playwrights Studio
Mark Swivel  1991 Playwrights Studio
Robert Wilcher  1991 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Michael Beckley  1990 Acting
Andrew Blackman  1990 Acting
Anna Broinowski  1990 Acting
Reginald Cribb 1990 Acting
Lynne Emanuel  1990 Acting
Jeremy Godwin  1990 Acting
Benjamin Grant  1990 Acting
Ross Hall  1990 Acting
Rebecca Hickey 1990 Acting
David James  1990 Acting
Mary Ann Jolley  1990 Acting
Andrew McDonell  1990 Acting
Jacqueline McKenzie  1990 Acting
Colin Moody  1990 Acting
Miranda Otto  1990 Acting
Mattie Porges Shisko 1990 Acting
Bruce Roberts  1990 Acting
Jeremy Scrivener  1990 Acting
Jeremy Sims  1990 Acting
Erika Williams  1990 Acting
James Fitzpatrick  1990 Design
Jonathan Foulds  1990 Design
Dean Hills  1990 Design
Robin Monkhouse  1990 Design
Wendy Osmond  1990 Design
Gregory Tuckwell  1990 Design
Christopher Canute  1990 Directing
Alex Galeazzi  1990 Directing
Rachel Landers  1990 Directing
Jen Erh Lim  1990 Directing
Virginia Murray  1990 Directing
Mary Benn  1990 Technical Production
Sophie Clausen  1990 Technical Production
Anni Malady  1990 Technical Production
Joanna Matheson  1990 Technical Production
Cameron McCauley  1990 Technical Production
Sarah Odillo Maher  1990 Technical Production
Kathryn Pearson  1990 Technical Production
Karen Rodgers  1990 Technical Production
Phillip Serjeant  1990 Technical Production
John-Paul Byrne  1990 Playwrights Studio
Jeni Caffin  1990 Playwrights Studio
Beatrix Christian  1990 Playwrights Studio
Judith Curran  1990 Playwrights Studio
Jack Feldstein  1990 Playwrights Studio
Paul Hughes  1990 Playwrights Studio
Patrick Nolan  1990 Playwrights Studio
John Wilson  1990 Playwrights Studio
Tigger Wise  1990 Playwrights Studio


Graduates from 1980-1989


Name Year Course
John Adam  1989 Acting
Mandy Bowden  1989 Acting
Josephine Byrnes  1989 Acting
Angelo D'Angelo  1989 Acting
Rhonda Doyle  1989 Acting
Beverley Evans  1989 Acting
Deborah Galanos 1989 Acting
Antony Grgas 1989 Acting
Jamie Jackson  1989 Acting
Carlton Lamb  1989 Acting
Julia Macdougall  1989 Acting
Peter Mochrie  1989 Acting
Neil Modra  1989 Acting
Ross Newton  1989 Acting
Berynn Schwerdt  1989 Acting
Raj Ryan 1989 Acting
Harriet Spalding  1989 Acting
Juliet Taylor  1989 Acting
Anthony Weigh  1989 Acting
Kym Barrett  1989 Design
Dale Ferguson  1989 Design
Tim Kobin  1989 Design
Brett Mickan  1989 Design
Katherine Wall  1989 Design
Melissa Bruce  1989 Directing
Sarah Carradine  1989 Directing
Richard Dillane  1989 Directing
Nicholas Parsons  1989 Directing
Simon Ratcliffe  1989 Directing
Loretta Busby  1989 Technical Production
Barbara Durward  1989 Technical Production
Elisabeth Gahl  1989 Technical Production
Graeme Haddon  1989 Technical Production
Michael Hewitt  1989 Technical Production
Sarah Horsburgh 1989 Technical Production
Sean Marshall  1989 Technical Production
Basil Petsas  1989 Technical Production
Deborah Smith  1989 Technical Production
Justine Thompson  1989 Technical Production
Rosey Golds  1989 Playwrights Studio
David Hart  1989 Playwrights Studio
Claire Haywood  1989 Playwrights Studio
Peter Lavelle  1989 Playwrights Studio
Robert Mellor  1989 Playwrights Studio
Felix Nobis  1989 Playwrights Studio
Alana Valentine  1989 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Rodney Bell  1988 Acting
Sarah Chadwick  1988 Acting
Darren Gilshenan  1988 Acting
Charmaine Grey  1988 Acting
Mary-Ann Henshaw  1988 Acting
Richard Huggett  1988 Acting
Gregory Iverson  1988 Acting
Stephen Jackson  1988 Acting
Timothy Jones  1988 Acting
Elspeth Langman 1988 Acting
Anne Looby  1988 Acting
Emily Lumbers  1988 Acting
David McCubbin  1988 Acting
Angie Milliken  1988 Acting
Alex Morcos  1988 Acting
John Mulock  1988 Acting
Michael Muntz  1988 Acting
Sancia Robinson  1988 Acting
Fiona Shannon  1988 Acting
Rachel Szalay  1988 Acting
Deborah Kara Unger  1988 Acting
Brian Vriends  1988 Acting
James Wardlaw  1988 Acting
Bruce Wedderburn  1988 Acting
Michelle Dado  1988 Design
Soula Gargoulakis  1988 Design
Michelle Manners  1988 Design
Catherine Martin  1988 Design
Angus Strathie  1988 Design
Adam Cook  1988 Directing
Julie-Anne Long  1988 Directing
Jade McCutcheon 1988 Directing
Brett Murphy  1988 Directing
Susan Beresford  1988 Technical Production
Robert Dallas  1988 Technical Production
Matthew Flood  1988 Technical Production
Jacqueline King  1988 Technical Production
Nina Logan  1988 Technical Production
Pip Madgwick  1988 Technical Production
Gabriel Pinkstone  1988 Technical Production
Deborah Pinney  1988 Technical Production
Belinda Rae  1988 Technical Production
Jayne Travers-Drapes  1988 Technical Production
Manuel Aston  1988 Playwrights Studio
Elizabeth Coleman  1988 Playwrights Studio
Sean Monro  1988 Playwrights Studio
Brett Eagleton  1988 Playwrights Studio
Margot Edwards  1988 Playwrights Studio
Rosalind Fischl  1988 Playwrights Studio
Paul Greguric  1988 Playwrights Studio
Deborah Guyon  1988 Playwrights Studio
Paige Kilponen  1988 Playwrights Studio
Chris Mansell  1988 Playwrights Studio
Francesca Smith  1988 Playwrights Studio
Robyn Walton  1988 Playwrights Studio
Gordon Williams  1988 Playwrights Studio
Alexa Wyatt  1988 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Stuart Bennett  1987 Acting
Gunther Berghofer  1987 Acting
Gillian Clark  1987 Acting
Joseph Clements  1987 Acting
Jerome Ehlers  1987 Acting
Rebecca Frith  1987 Acting
Clarissa House 1987 Acting
Steve Kidd  1987 Acting
Kim Lewis  1987 Acting
Richard Mellick  1987 Acting
Tara Morice  1987 Acting
Christopher Morsley  1987 Acting
Sarah O'Donnell  1987 Acting
Josephyne Oliveri  1987 Acting
Emily Simpson  1987 Acting
Janet Stanley  1987 Acting
Yves Stening  1987 Acting
Christopher Stollery  1987 Acting
William Usic  1987 Acting
Theo Benton  1987 Design
Alison Bogg  1987 Design
Greg Clarke  1987 Design
Louise McCarthy  1987 Design
Amanda McNamara  1987 Design
Lisa Meagher  1987 Design
Peter Savage  1987 Design
Angus Tattle  1987 Design
Kingston Anderson  1987 Directing
Martha Follent  1987 Directing
Pamela Hollings  1987 Directing
Michael Auckland  1987 Technical Production
Sandra Ayache  1987 Technical Production
Mandy Brown  1987 Technical Production
Nicholas Cartwright  1987 Technical Production
Janet Eades  1987 Technical Production
Andrew Edwards  1987 Technical Production
Melinda Fedorow 1987 Technical Production
Kathryn Lloyd 1987 Technical Production
Pamela McDonald  1987 Technical Production
Arabella Powell  1987 Technical Production
Philip Shaw  1987 Technical Production
Efterpi Soropos  1987 Technical Production
Marcus Williams  1987 Technical Production
Donna Abela  1987 Playwrights Studio
David Atkins  1987 Playwrights Studio
Hilary Bell  1987 Playwrights Studio
Tracie Griffith  1987 Playwrights Studio
Patrick McGeown  1987 Playwrights Studio
Rory Mungoven  1987 Playwrights Studio
Nell Schofield  1987 Playwrights Studio
Alice Spigelman 1987 Playwrights Studio
Peta Tait  1987 Playwrights Studio
Robyn Waite  1987 Playwrights Studio
Margaret Wertheim  1987 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Keith Agius  1986 Acting
Nicola Bartlett  1986 Acting
Dennis Clements  1986 Acting
Jeanette Cronin  1986 Acting
Victoria Eagger  1986 Acting
Rosemary Harris  1986 Acting
Bruce Hughes  1986 Acting
Melinda Marcellos  1986 Acting
Mark McAskill  1986 Acting
Jonathon Mill  1986 Acting
David Pledger  1986 Acting
Stuart Robinson 1986 Acting
Richard Roxburgh  1986 Acting
Christina Youhanna  1986 Acting
Doris Younane  1986 Acting
Anna Borghesi  1986 Design
Monita Roughsedge  1986 Design
Tess Schofield  1986 Design
Kathryn Sproul  1986 Design
Judith Walker  1986 Design
Sarah Wilson  1986 Design
Richard Collins  1986 Directing
Paul Goldman  1986 Directing
Rowan Greaves  1986 Directing
Katerina Ivak  1986 Directing
Glenda Milne  1986 Directing
Stephen Prodes  1986 Directing
Poppy Crone 1986 Technical Production
Mark Ford  1986 Technical Production
Matthew Freckelton  1986 Technical Production
Suzanne Lewis  1986 Technical Production
Armando Licul  1986 Technical Production
Sarah Masters  1986 Technical Production
Delia O'Hara  1986 Technical Production
Yvette Simpson  1986 Technical Production
Malcolm White  1986 Technical Production
Charlotte Alexander  1986 Playwrights Studio
Alexander Broun  1986 Playwrights Studio
Katina Comino  1986 Playwrights Studio
Anna Maria Dell'oso  1986 Playwrights Studio
Wayne Enright  1986 Playwrights Studio
Felicity Gordon  1986 Playwrights Studio
Denise Greenaway  1986 Playwrights Studio
Craig Hammersley  1986 Playwrights Studio
Julie Jenkins  1986 Playwrights Studio
Brian Joyce  1986 Playwrights Studio
Tobsha Learner  1986 Playwrights Studio
Christopher Lee  1986 Playwrights Studio
John Linton  1986 Playwrights Studio
Alexander McGregor  1986 Playwrights Studio
Jenya Osborne  1986 Playwrights Studio
Margaret O'Shea  1986 Playwrights Studio
Louise Permezel  1986 Playwrights Studio
Glenn Perry  1986 Playwrights Studio
Kevin Roberts  1986 Playwrights Studio
Paul Rogers  1986 Playwrights Studio
Steve Wright  1986 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
William Brandt  1985 Acting
Rosalba Clemente  1985 Acting
Brendan Higgins  1985 Acting
Glenn Keenan  1985 Acting
Marta Kiec  1985 Acting
Baz Luhrmann  1985 Acting
Catherine McClements  1985 Acting
Leverne McDonnell  1985 Acting
Justin Monjo  1985 Acting
Andrea Moor  1985 Acting
Helen Mutkins  1985 Acting
Tony Poli  1985 Acting
Kate Roberts  1985 Acting
Jaime Robertson  1985 Acting
Nell Schofield  1985 Acting
Ezra Bix 1985 Acting
Sonia Todd  1985 Acting
Rhett Walton  1985 Acting
Gail Watson  1985 Acting
Andrew Crichton  1985 Design
Tim Ferrier  1985 Design
Robin Livingston-Auld  1985 Design
Annie Marshall  1985 Design
Melinda Trost  1985 Design
Rosalind Tuckwell  1985 Design
Ross Wallace  1985 Design
John Bashford  1985 Directing
Suzanne Chaundy  1985 Directing
Steven Dawson  1985 Directing
Darrelyn Gunzburg  1985 Directing
Robert Klenner  1985 Directing
Stephanie Rigold  1985 Directing
Elizabeth Allen  1985 Technical Production
Claire Armour  1985 Technical Production
Donna Broadbridge 1985 Technical Production
Barry Child  1985 Technical Production
Sally Colless  1985 Technical Production
Natina Eggleton  1985 Technical Production
Craig Gamble  1985 Technical Production
Moira Hay  1985 Technical Production
Tanya Leach  1985 Technical Production
Helen Carmichael  1985 Playwrights Studio
Belinda Chayko  1985 Playwrights Studio
Miranda Downes  1985 Playwrights Studio
Jerome Freeman  1985 Playwrights Studio
David Hales  1985 Playwrights Studio
Janet Halliman  1985 Playwrights Studio
Tony Katsigiannis  1985 Playwrights Studio
Andrew Laing  1985 Playwrights Studio
Kathy Lette  1985 Playwrights Studio
Len Linden  1985 Playwrights Studio
Billy Marshall-Stoneking  1985 Playwrights Studio
Gerwaine Powell Davies  1985 Playwrights Studio
Sonja Sedmak  1985 Playwrights Studio
Michael Smart  1985 Playwrights Studio
Mete Teoman  1985 Playwrights Studio
Pamela Van Amstel  1985 Playwrights Studio
Jennifer Walsh  1985 Playwrights Studio
Kent Watson  1985 Playwrights Studio
Linden Wilkinson  1985 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Antoinette Blaxland 1984 Acting
Timothy Conigrave  1984 Acting
Terence Crawford  1984 Acting
Elizabeth Gentle  1984 Acting
Paul Goddard  1984 Acting
Maureen Green  1984 Acting
Karyn Greig  1984 Acting
Jeremy Johnson  1984 Acting
Victoria Longley  1984 Acting
Luciano Martucci  1984 Acting
Nicholas Opolski  1984 Acting
Mark Owen-Taylor  1984 Acting
Craig Pearce  1984 Acting
Mark Pegler  1984 Acting
Joseph Petruzzi  1984 Acting
Kenneth Radley  1984 Acting
Robert Sampson  1984 Acting
Marcelle Schmitz  1984 Acting
Morna Seres  1984 Acting
Steven Shaw  1984 Acting
Fiona Stewart 1984 Acting
Rob Thomas  1984 Acting
Wendy Tynan  1984 Acting
Jennifer Vuletic  1984 Acting
Bruce Auld  1984 Design
Genevieve Bluet  1984 Design
Jacqueline Brown  1984 Design
Julie Lynch  1984 Design
Neil Tapner  1984 Design
Mark Gaal  1984 Directing
John Jacobs  1984 Directing
David MacSwan  1984 Directing
Amanda Morris  1984 Directing
Jennifer Nicholls  1984 Directing
Bradley Smith  1984 Directing
Linda Aitken  1984 Technical Production
Anthony Auckland  1984 Technical Production
Neil Barnett  1984 Technical Production
Jenny Enilane  1984 Technical Production
Karen Flaherty  1984 Technical Production
Paul Hunter  1984 Technical Production
Christine Hutchins  1984 Technical Production
Margarita Martinez  1984 Technical Production
Kate Saunders  1984 Technical Production
Robert Taylor  1984 Technical Production


Todd Boyce 1983Acting
Helen Buday 1983Acting
Dean Carey 1983Acting
Merridy Eastman1983Acting
Tracey Gaylard1983Acting
Julie Haseler 1983Acting
Paul Keane 1983Acting
Andrew Lloyde 1983Acting
Annie Murtagh1983Acting
Dean Nottle 1983Acting
Lynette Pierse1983Acting
Fiona Press 1983Acting
Greg Saunders 1983Acting
Ritchie Singer 1983Acting
Gregory Stone1983Acting
Karen Vickery 1983Acting
Steven Vidler 1983Acting
Derrick Cox 1983Design
Judith Hoddinott 1983Design
Robert Kemp 1983Design
Michael Scott-Mitchell 1983Design
John Senczuk 1983Design
Ashok Banthia 1983Directing
Egil Kipste 1983Directing
Ami-Lee Taylor 1983Directing
Russell Walsh 1983Directing
Penelope Wells1983Directing
Christopher Williams 1983Directing
Harriet Bowdler1983Technical Production
Kate Davy 1983Technical Production
Gregory Diamantis 1983Technical Production
David Gallen 1983Technical Production
Sonia Giuffre 1983Technical Production
Christopher Paterson 1983Technical Production
Mark Shelton 1983Technical Production
Samuel Trumble 1983Technical Production
Paul Venables 1983Technical Production


Name Year Course
Madeleine Blackwell  1982 Acting
Rupert Burns  1982 Acting
Donato (Danny) Caretti 1982 Acting
Philip Dodd  1982 Acting
Nicholas Flanagan  1982 Acting
Debra Fordham  1982 Acting
Roslyn Gentle  1982 Acting
Lee James  1982 Acting
Rosemary (Rosey) Jones 1982 Acting
Stan Kouros  1982 Acting
Odile Le Clezio  1982 Acting
Arky Michael  1982 Acting
Genevieve Mooy  1982 Acting
Elizabeth Newman  1982 Acting
Anna Phillips  1982 Acting
Kevin Scully  1982 Acting
Carmen Warrington  1982 Acting
David Whitney  1982 Acting
Suzette Williams  1982 Acting
Amanda Lovejoy  1982 Design
Jennie Muir  1982 Design
Glynis Stow 1982 Design
Lesley Thelander  1982 Design
Mary Hickson 1982 Directing
Ronald Branscombe  1982 Directing
Gregory Carter  1982 Directing
Amanda Field  1982 Directing
Peter Hammond  1982 Directing
Chandran Lingam  1982 Directing
Colette Rayment  1982 Directing
Susan Benfer  1982 Technical Production
Anne Benjamin  1982 Technical Production
Trudy-Ann Dalgleish  1982 Technical Production
Ken Dray  1982 Technical Production
Justin Fitzpatrick  1982 Technical Production
Lisa Hamilton  1982 Technical Production
Judith Isherwood  1982 Technical Production
Anna Pappas 1982 Technical Production
Peter Reeve 1982 Technical Production
David Storie  1982 Technical Production


Name Year Course
Paul Blackwell  1981 Acting
Kathleen Brinson  1981 Acting
Matthew Crosby  1981 Acting
Mark Ferguson  1981 Acting
Marina Finlay  1981 Acting
Michael Harrs  1981 Acting
Helen Jones  1981 Acting
Alan David Lee  1981 Acting
Michael Gaylard 1981 Acting
Keith Robinson  1981 Acting
David Robson  1981 Acting
Hugo Weaving  1981 Acting
Paul Williams  1981 Acting
Richard Jeziorny  1981 Design
Lisbeth Saxton 1981 Design
Gale Edwards  1981 Directing
Des James  1981 Directing
Masran Musa  1981 Directing
Mark Radvan  1981 Directing
William Takaku  1981 Directing
Linda Cernigoi  1981 Technical Production
Alexander Duncan  1981 Technical Production
Julianne White  1981 Technical Production


Name Year Course
James Belton  1980 Acting
Peter Browne  1980 Acting
Nicholas Eadie  1980 Acting
Lynette Haddrick  1980 Acting
Noel Hodda  1980 Acting
Jim Holt  1980 Acting
Jim Kemp  1980 Acting
Susan Leith  1980 Acting
Mark Little  1980 Acting
Andrew Martin  1980 Acting
Heather Mitchell  1980 Acting
Christine Murphy 1980 Acting
Christine O'Connor 1980 Acting
Bob Philippe  1980 Acting
Gary Samolin  1980 Acting
Justine Saunders 1980 Acting
Garry Scale  1980 Acting
Wendy Strehlow 1980 Acting
Deirdre Burges  1980 Design
Jill Halliday  1980 Design
Kenneth Wilby  1980 Design
Peter Copeman  1980 Directing
Mary Duchesne  1980 Directing
David Johnston  1980 Directing
Ian B Watson  1980 Directing
Bruce Applebaum  1980 Technical Production
Graeme Brosnan  1980 Technical Production
Neil Finlayson  1980 Technical Production
Trevlyn Gilmour  1980 Technical Production
Sussanne Humphries  1980 Technical Production
Frances Macken  1980 Technical Production
Anne-Marie Morgan  1980 Technical Production
Michael Morrell  1980 Technical Production
George Nejtek  1980 Technical Production
Nora Spitzer  1980 Technical Production
Michael Trigg  1980 Technical Production


Graduates from 1970-1979


Name Year Course
Simon Burvill-Holmes  1979 Acting
Barbara Jane Cole 1979 Acting
Warren Coleman  1979 Acting
Tyler Coppin  1979 Acting
Michael Cummings  1979 Acting
Graham Harvey  1979 Acting
Therese Kirk 1979 Acting
James Laurie  1979 Acting
Susan Lyons  1979 Acting
Anthony Mack  1979 Acting
Scott McGregor  1979 Acting
Angela Moore  1979 Acting
Genevieve Picot  1979 Acting
Philip Quast  1979 Acting
Martin Sharman  1979 Acting
Anne Tenney 1979 Acting
Chris Breckwoldt  1979 Design
Christopher Smith  1979 Design
Peter Duncan  1979 Directing
Gary Stonehouse  1979 Directing
Timothy Clark  1979 Technical Production
Mark Hughes  1979 Technical Production
Glenda Johnson  1979 Technical Production
Ian-Young Landel  1979 Technical Production
Beverly MacInnes  1979 Technical Production
David Palmer  1979 Technical Production
Tony Rossiter  1979 Technical Production
Francesca Stanton  1979 Technical Production


Name Year Course
Penny Cook 1978 Acting
Peter Cousens  1978 Acting
Linda Cropper  1978 Acting
Stephen Doric  1978 Acting
Lewis Fitz-Gerald  1978 Acting
Katrina Foster  1978 Acting
Robert Giltinan  1978 Acting
Robert Grubb  1978 Acting
John Howard  1978 Acting
Andrew James  1978 Acting
Louise Le Nay  1978 Acting
Glenda Linscott  1978 Acting
William McCluskey  1978 Acting
Diane Smith  1978 Acting
Stephen Curtis  1978 Design
William Haycock  1978 Design
Edie Kurzer  1978 Design
Jenny Laing-Peach  1978 Directing
Leonard Bauska  1978 Technical Production
Mark Brindley  1978 Technical Production
Ruth Constantine  1978 Technical Production
Lee-Anne Donnolley  1978 Technical Production
Anne Heath  1978 Technical Production
Bryon Jones  1978 Technical Production
Raymond Medhurst  1978 Technical Production
Michael Simons  1978 Technical Production
Julie Warn 1978 Technical Production
Fiona Williams  1978 Technical Production


Name Year Course
Steve Bisley  1977 Acting
Antoinette (Annie) Byron  1977 Acting
Judy Davis  1977 Acting
John Francis  1977 Acting
Mel Gibson 1977 Acting
Wayne Jarratt  1977 Acting
Dawn Blay 1977 Acting
Peter Kingston  1977 Acting
Debra Lawrance  1977 Acting
Elaine Mangan  1977 Acting
Sally McKenzie  1977 Acting
Robert Menzies  1977 Acting
Linda Newton  1977 Acting
Anthony Prehn  1977 Acting
Monroe Reimers  1977 Acting
Lynette Forde 1977 Design
Louella Hatfield  1977 Design
Mark Wager  1977 Design
Stephen Agnew  1977 Directing
Ken Boucher  1977 Directing
Maurice Cooper  1977 Technical Production
David Glover  1977 Technical Production
Timothy Gow  1977 Technical Production
Lisa Hopman 1977 Technical Production
Garry McQuinn  1977 Technical Production
Garry Snowdon  1977 Technical Production
Murray Taylor  1977 Technical Production


Name Year Course
Brandon Burke  1976 Acting
Tom Burlinson  1976 Acting
Geoffrey Clendon  1976 Acting
Garry Cosham  1976 Acting
Peter Crossley  1976 Acting
Peter Dunn  1976 Acting
Colin Friels  1976 Acting
Lorraine Grugan  1976 Acting
Christine Mahoney  1976 Acting
Rebel Penfold-Russell 1976 Acting
Peter Schwarz  1976 Acting
Roch Shipton  1976 Acting
Michael Siberry  1976 Acting
David Slingsby  1976 Acting
Michele Stayner  1976 Acting
Linden Wilkinson  1976 Acting
Nicholas Coffill  1976 Design
Eamon D'Arcy  1976 Design
Stephen Gow  1976 Design
Gundogdu Gencer  1976 Directing
Ian Watson  1976 Directing
Victor Ashelford  1976 Technical Production
Gordon Badham  1976 Technical Production
Ruth Catlin  1976 Technical Production
Jonathan Ciddor  1976 Technical Production
Clare Macarthur-Stanham  1976 Technical Production
Peter Shoesmith  1976 Technical Production
Ahmad Talib  1976 Technical Production
Frances Taylor  1976 Technical Production
Craig Tennant  1976 Technical Production


Name Year Course
Jeni Caffin  1975 Acting
Sally Cahill-McQuinn 1975 Acting
Christine Cameron  1975 Acting
William (Bill) Conn 1975 Acting
Claire Crowther  1975 Acting
Pauline Cuffe  1975 Acting
Lyndon Harris  1975 Acting
Elaine Hudson  1975 Acting
Geoffrey Kelso  1975 Acting
Jackie Kerin  1975 Acting
Matalau Nakikus  1975 Acting
Neil Redfern  1975 Acting
Ian Scott  1975 Acting
William Takaku  1975 Acting
James Whitington  1975 Acting
Geoffrey Williams  1975 Acting
Anthony Babicci  1975 Design
Melody Cooper  1975 Design
Phillip Edmiston  1975 Design
Jane Hipsley 1975 Design
Steve Nolan  1975 Design
Bill Pritchard  1975 Design
Brian Debnam  1975 Directing
Terence O'Connell  1975 Directing
Alison Richards  1975 Directing
Brian Barnes  1975 Technical Production
Susan Ditter  1975 Technical Production
Gordon Evans  1975 Technical Production
Peter Fitzgerald  1975 Technical Production
John Hoenig  1975 Technical Production
John Lewis  1975 Technical Production
John Pleffer  1975 Technical Production
Gary Stonehouse  1975 Technical Production


Name Year Course
Stuart Campbell  1974 Acting
Ross Coli  1974 Acting
Penny Downie  1974 Acting
Timothy Elston  1974 Acting
John Gibson  1974 Acting
Russell Kiefel  1974 Acting
Alexander Kovacs  1974 Acting
Iain Lang  1974 Acting
Ronald Rodger 1974 Acting
Kerry Walker 1974 Acting
Judith Woodroffe  1974 Acting
Peter Cooke 1974 Design
Jann Harris  1974 Design
Fiona Reilly  1974 Design
Christopher Webster  1974 Design
Dennis Gill  1974 Directing
Adam Salzer  1974 Directing


Name Year Course
Elizabeth Alexander 1973 Acting
Stephen Thomas 1973 Acting
Natalie Bate  1973 Acting
Terry Brady 1973 Acting
Warwick Comber  1973 Acting
Mary Haire  1973 Acting
John Hannan  1973 Acting
John Jarratt  1973 Acting
Vicki Luke Moore 1973 Acting
Ingrid Mason  1973 Acting
Gerard Matte  1973 Acting
Andrew McFarlane  1973 Acting
Terry Peck  1973 Acting
Angela Punch McGregor  1973 Acting
Fiona Syme  1973 Acting
Greg Zukerman  1973 Acting
Mark Gould  1973 Directing
Will Barrett  1973 Production
John Benett  1973 Production
Penelope Chater  1973 Production
Dennis Gill  1973 Production
Sean Grant  1973 Production
Maxine Le Guier  1973 Production
Penny Roberts  1973 Production
Tim Robins  1973 Production
Peter Trist  1973 Production
Helen Bulley  1973 Playwrights Studio
Jennifer Compton  1973 Playwrights Studio
Julian Halls  1973 Playwrights Studio
James Kemsley 1973 Playwrights Studio
Bob Marx  1973 Playwrights Studio
Jackie McKimmie  1973 Playwrights Studio
Christopher Peacock  1973 Playwrights Studio
Margaret Pomeranz  1973 Playwrights Studio
Jennifer Rankin  1973 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Ian Jarvis Brown  1972 Directing
Keith Salvat  1972 Directing
Bruce Widdop  1972 Directing
Tom Burstall  1972 Production
Robert Dein  1972 Production
Pru McBeath  1972 Production
Lindsay Megarrity  1972 Production
Christopher Speyer  1972 Production
Richard Worner  1972 Production
Jennifer Burgess  1972 Playwrights Studio
Claire Carmichael  1972 Playwrights Studio
William Currey  1972 Playwrights Studio
Robert Dunn  1972 Playwrights Studio
Tim Fitzpatrick  1972 Playwrights Studio
Emily Hastings  1972 Playwrights Studio
George Hutchinson  1972 Playwrights Studio
John Keys  1972 Playwrights Studio
Rosaleen McCarroll  1972 Playwrights Studio
Trevor McGregor  1972 Playwrights Studio
Kevin Morgan  1972 Playwrights Studio
Derek Mortimer  1972 Playwrights Studio
Michael Pain  1972 Playwrights Studio
John Pooley  1972 Playwrights Studio
Richard Saul  1972 Playwrights Studio
Elizabeth Stead  1972 Playwrights Studio
Bruno van Aaken  1972 Playwrights Studio


Name Year Course
Christine Amor  1971 Acting
Clare Balmford 1971 Acting
Barrie Barkla  1971 Acting
Anne Grigg 1971 Acting
Kevin Jackson  1971 Acting
Robert Jeffreys  1971 Acting
Drummond Jewitt  1971 Acting
Barbara Llewellyn  1971 Acting
Tony Llewellyn-Jones  1971 Acting
Kris McQuade  1971 Acting
Bjarne Ohlin  1971 Acting
Mary-Jane Saunders  1971 Acting
Steven Tandy  1971 Acting
Rosalba Verrucci 1971 Acting
John Walton  1971 Acting
Beatrice Watts 1971 Acting
Jeremy Gadd  1971 Production
Ben Gannon 1971 Production
Philippa Tonkin 1971 Production
Antony Rooke  1971 Production


Name Year Course
Mervyn Drake  1970 Acting
Vivienne Garrett  1970 Acting
Ernest Gray  1970 Acting
Robyn Gurney  1970 Acting
John Hargreaves  1970 Acting
Wendy Hughes  1970 Acting
Ivar Kants  1970 Acting
Patricia Moseley 1970 Acting
Kate Sheil  1970 Acting
Pamela Stephenson  1970 Acting
Grigor Taylor  1970 Acting
Carole Yelland  1970 Acting
Emma Lloyd 1970 Production
Hermes Martini  1970 Production
Michael Ryan  1970 Production
Rod Wilson  1970 Production


Graduates from 1960-1969


Name Year Course
John Allen  1969 Acting
Olivia Brown  1969 Acting
Matthew Burton  1969 Acting
Michael Ferguson  1969 Acting
Drew Forsythe  1969 Acting
Frances Gallagher 1969 Acting
Bowen Llewellyn  1969 Acting
Joanna McCallum  1969 Acting
Sandra Lee Paterson  1969 Acting
John Smythe  1969 Acting
Gil Tucker 1969 Acting
Paul Weingott  1969 Acting
Jenee Welsh 1969 Acting
John Wood  1969 Acting
Kim Carpenter 1969 Production
Sonia Humphrey  1969 Production
Aubrey Mellor 1969 Production


Veneta Apse1968Acting
Terence Bader 1968Acting
David Cameron 1968Acting
Alexandra Irini1968Acting
Penelope Hackforth-Jones 1968Acting
Joseph Hasham1968Acting
Gillian Jones 1968Acting
Nicholas Lathouris 1968Acting
Rona McLeod 1968Acting
Terence O'Brien 1968Acting
Margaret Shephard 1968Acting
David Whitford 1968Acting
Stuart Booth 1968Production
Elizabeth Johnston 1968Production
Peter Marshall 1968Production


Name Year Course
Paul Bertram  1967 Acting
David Downer  1967 Acting
Kate Fitzpatrick  1967 Acting
Norman Hodges  1967 Acting
Harold Hopkins  1967 Acting
Jeff Kevin  1967 Acting
Judith Lamerton  1967 Acting
Gerard Maguire  1967 Acting
Garry McDonald 1967 Acting
John Paramor  1967 Acting
Gregory Ross  1967 Acting
Deidre Rubenstein  1967 Acting
Jonathan Sweet  1967 Acting
Alan Cossey  1967 Production
Rex Cramphorne  1967 Production
Sandey Fitzgerald  1967 Production


Name Year Course
Pat Bishop 1966 Acting
James Bowles  1966 Acting
Rona Coleman  1966 Acting
Sandy Gore  1966 Acting
David Griggs  1966 Acting
Kate McKittrick 1966 Acting
Peter McPhie  1966 Acting
Judy Morris  1966 Acting
Kirrily Nolan  1966 Acting
Damien Parker  1966 Acting
Kevin Ricketts  1966 Acting
Barry Underwood  1966 Acting
Chris Winzar  1966 Acting
Jaceb Beaton  1966 Production
Rick Billinghurst  1966 Production
Ian Cookesley  1966 Production
John Rodger  1966 Production
Gregory Tepper  1966 Production
Henk Zantman  1966 Production


Name Year Course
Helmut Bakaitis  1965 Acting
Elizabeth Gash 1965 Acting
Martin Harris  1965 Acting
Caroleen Heaton  1965 Acting
Isobel Kirk  1965 Acting
Lyn Lee  1965 Acting
Helen Morse  1965 Acting
Bruce Partridge  1965 Acting
Bill Pearson  1965 Acting
John Skiller  1965 Acting
Ross Thompson  1965 Acting
Anthony Thurbon  1965 Acting
Daryl Wilkinson  1965 Acting
Catherine Behan  1965 Production
Glenda Ferrall  1965 Production
Jim Sharman  1965 Production
Keith Watson  1965 Production
Geoffrey Wood  1965 Production


Name Year Course
Louise Duval 1964 Acting
Nicholas Gillott  1964 Acting
Roberta Grant  1964 Acting
John Hopkins  1964 Acting
William Jeffreys  1964 Acting
John Krummel  1964 Acting
Hugh Logan 1964 Acting
Kerry McGuire  1964 Acting
John Preston  1964 Acting
John Saltzer  1964 Acting
Peter Smith  1964 Acting
Janie Stewart  1964 Acting
Helen Boyd  1964 Production
Juno Gemes  1964 Production
P. K. Kuo  1964 Production
Ronald Reid  1964 Production


Name Year Course
Gae Anderson  1963 Acting
Kirsty Child 1963 Acting
John Garland  1963 Acting
Ray Godden  1963 Acting
Jennifer Hagan  1963 Acting
Charles Little  1963 Acting
Leslye Mackay 1963 Acting
Peter Rowley  1963 Acting
Peter Whitford  1963 Acting
Algius Butavicius  1963 Production
Judith Christopherson  1963 Production
Derek Nicholson  1963 Production
Ivan Potas  1963 Production
Sonia Rutnam  1963 Production
Judith Varga 1963 Production


Name Year Course
Alison Bauld  1962 Acting
Macushla Beirne 1962 Acting
Jane Bertelson  1962 Acting
Patricia Best  1962 Acting
Mal Carmont  1962 Acting
Carla Christofoletti  1962 Acting
Alison Clamp 1962 Acting
Lyn Cobern 1962 Acting
Timothy Cohen  1962 Acting
Tony Crerar  1962 Acting
Unity Earle 1962 Acting
Barry Egginton  1962 Acting
Vere Fulwood 1962 Acting
Noel Gray (O’Donnell)  1962 Acting
Brian Harold  1962 Acting
Marilyn Haworth 1962 Acting
Allen Lander  1962 Acting
Tessa Mallos  1962 Acting
Denis Olsen 1962 Acting
Rosalind Seagrave 1962 Acting
John Stevens  1962 Acting
Anna Volska  1962 Acting
Donald Crombie  1962 Production
Judith Firth 1962 Production
Moffatt Oxenbould 1962 Production
Jan Van Der Korst  1962 Production


Name Year Course
Max Bartlett  1961 Acting
Janice Cook  1961 Acting
Warwick Cooper  1961 Acting
Jeanie Drynan  1961 Acting
Carmen Duncan  1961 Acting
Colin Gorman  1961 Acting
Douglas Hall  1961 Acting
Penny Hall 1961 Acting
Silver Harris 1961 Acting
John Heywood  1961 Acting
Briony Hodge  1961 Acting
Sandra McKenzie  1961 Acting
Nano McMahon 1961 Acting
Jenya Osborne  1961 Acting
Edmund Pegge  1961 Acting
Don Philps  1961 Acting
Norman Price  1961 Acting
Bernard Stapleton  1961 Acting
Judith Stephenson  1961 Acting
Dalvern Thom  1961 Acting
Lyn Wright  1961 Acting


Name Year Course
Doug Anderson 1960 Acting
Elspeth Ballantyne  1960 Acting
Lance Bennett  1960 Acting
John Boden  1960 Acting
Jeanette Brown 1960 Acting
Peter Couchman  1960 Acting
Elaine Cusick  1960 Acting
Harriet Dearth 1960 Acting
Ronald Finney  1960 Acting
Murray Foy  1960 Acting
John Gregg  1960 Acting
Lana Harnat  1960 Acting
Edwin Hodgeman 1960 Acting
Patricia King 1960 Acting
Dibbs Mather  1960 Acting
June Murphy 1960 Acting
Robyn Nevin 1960 Acting
Rosemary Pile 1960 Acting
Mary Reynolds  1960 Acting
Lois Ellis 1960 Acting
Penny Harvey  1960 Acting
Ken Taylor  1960 Acting
Priscilla Thompson  1960 Acting

Page functions

NIDA acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the sacred lands, from the mountains to the sea, on which we learn and tell stories.

The lands of the Bidjigal, Gadigal, Dharawal and Dharug peoples. We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past and present.