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Creative development

What is the NIDA Independent Creative Development Program?

NIDA Independent opens up the world-class facilities of the NIDA Theatres to independent companies from around Australia to provide greater opportunities for artists/companies (both emerging and established) to extend their theatre practice and develop new work and theatre forms. The NIDA Independent Creative Development Program will be open to the exploration of new work and creative forms as well as the re-invention of classic and contemporary texts.

The program is not restricted to NIDA alumni.

By offering a number of creative developments throughout the year, NIDA will support the research and development of artists and their work. Rehearsals are not supported by this program.

The selection of work will meet with one or more of the program’s fundamental principles which are to:

  • continue to provide a platform for recent graduates to present work in a supported environment
  • support and provide opportunities for the artistic development of theatre practitioners
  • support the development of new work
  • support the development of new theatre forms and
  • develop new audiences for NIDA.

What are we looking for?

New or unfinished ideas, scripts and performance pieces that need a space to develop and grow.

Preference will be given to artists and companies that demonstrate a long term vision for the work and that are willing to continue to develop a relationship with the NIDA Independent program.

What do we provide?

  • Parade Studio: a 120 seat black box theatre
  • Public Liability insurance coverage
  • The opportunity to work with an industry mentor

NIDA is unable to offer any technical support throughout the development and therefore creative developments will occur under general work light conditions. If artists wish to pursue specific technical or lighting elements in the space, they must pay for a technical supervisor (details below).

Please see Parade Studio for tech specs:

What do you provide?

  • a clear vision statement
  • an outline of how the time and space will be used
  • all appropriate creative personnel
  • appropriate licences and agreements (Performance rights, co-op agreements etc).

Artists must present their work at the end of the residency to demonstrate how they have made use of the residency. Artists can elect for the showing to be public or restricted to representatives of NIDA Independent only. For public showings, a full guest list must be provided in advance. Artists will be required to pay for any technical and FOH staff costs associated with public showings at the following rates: 

Technical Supervisor
Mon-Sat: $35 per hour; Sunday: $70 per hour – min. 4 hour call applies

Mon-Sat: $35 per hour; Sunday: $70 per hour – min. 4 hour call applies

FOH Supervisor
Mon-Sat: $30 per hour; Sunday: $60 per hour – min. 3 hour call applies

Mon-Fri: $30 per hour; Saturday: $35 per hour; Sunday: $50 per hour – min. 3 hour call applies

Sat: $35 per hour, after hours

If additional cleaning of the Hired Area is required during or after the Period, NIDA reserves the right to recover the full costs of cleaning from the Company.


Producers should factor in the following costs:

  • Technical and FOH staff costs if applicable
  • Equipment hire and bump-in/out costs if applicable
  • Licensing if applicable
  • Documentation if applicable


The Parade Studio is a 120 seat black box theatre (including mezzanine level).

Selection criteria / Who decides 

The selection panel will meet with applicants, review applications and make recommendations to the NIDA Directorate who will have the final decision.


Please provide the following information in your application:

Key Information
  • Project / Production Title
  • Company Name
  • Contact / Producer
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • ABN
  • Nominate your preferred creative development residency dates and outline the schedule including daytime/evening hours and any days off.
  • Nominate an industry practitioner you may wish to have as a mentor and give a reason for your choice (note: subject to funding availability)
The Project
  • Description of the work you would like to develop and your creative vision for the work (no more than 1 page)
  • An outline of how you will use your time and what outcomes you wish to achieve.
  • Acknowledgement that the program does not support rehearsals
  • Names and bios of key artists involved in the project
  • Support material (if applicable)
  • Copy of the script (if possible)
  • Letters of support
  • Images/stimulus
  • Any examples of prior work or documentation of work by the company or key artists

How to apply

Application details for the next NIDA Independent Program will be available soon. Submit your expression of interest form to be notified when more information is available. 

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