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The Glorias Fellowship

The Gloria Payten Foundation and the Gloria Dawn Foundation are an extraordinary gift to the performing arts in Australia. The Foundations represent the entire estate of Gloria Payten, a leading theatrical agent, who established International Casting Service in 1960.

It was Gloria Payten's intention to honour the memory of Gloria Dawn, one of Australia's foremost actresses, through these Foundations. The remarkable contribution of these women to the performing arts in this country now continues after their deaths.

The Foundations provide Fellowships (known as 'The Glorias') for professional actors and directors in theatre, film, and television to travel overseas to broaden their knowledge through either formal courses of study or by self-devised programs of observation and secondment.

It is a condition of the Fellowships that the Fellows return to Australia to work in the industry and thus share their knowledge with those around them.

The number of Fellowships and the level of grant will vary from year to year.

How to apply

Applications are now open

Applications are invited from professional actors or directors in theatre, film or television, who are either or both graduates of a full-time acting or full-time directing course at a recognised tertiary institution; or have worked substantially and professionally as an actor and/or director for at least two years.

Download and submit your application form before Friday 6 October 2017 (extended).


Fellowships are intended for the purpose of international travel and study. The Fellow must agree to return to Australia within twelve months of the expiry of the Fellowship. On returning to Australia, the Fellow is expected to work, as far as possible, as an actor, director, teacher, or writer in the entertainment industry in Australia for a major part of the next three years.

Fellowships may be used to include such activities as:

  • a formal course of study
  • attachment to a school
  • attachment to a theatre company
  • attachment to film or television production companies
  • attendance at an international festival
  • visits to specific performances
  • interviews or meetings with distinguished artists

As a guideline, funds may be provided to cover airfares, living expenses, tuition fees, and incidentals such as performance tickets.


In accordance with the terms of the Bequest, the Trustees of the Foundations are:

Brendon Lunney, Executive Producer, Chairman

Kate Cherry, Director/CEO, National Institute of Dramatic Art

Associate Professor Matthew Delbridge, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne

The Trustees form the Selection Panel. They may co-opt other members of the profession to assist in the selection process. At the request of the Trustees, the Fellowships are administered by NIDA.

Previous fellows include

  • Christina Andreef (1995, director)
  • Benedict Andrews (1998, director)
  • Matthew Backer (2014, actor)
  • Helmut Bakaitis (1997, actor/director)
  • Melanie Beddie (2008, director/dramaturg)
  • Candy Bowers (2013, actor)
  • John Brumpton (1999, actor/director)
  • Briallen Clarke (2016, actor)
  • Melissa Chambers (2014, actor)
  • Constantine Costi (2015, director)
  • Brendan Cowell (2001, actor/director/writer) and Anthony Hayes (2001, actor/director/writer), joint fellows
  • Marty Dennis (2000, director)
  • Michelle Doake (1996, actor)
  • Elsie Edgerton-Till (2016, director)
  • Naomi Edwards (2011, director)
  • Sarah Giles (2013, director)
  • Darren Gilshenan (2006, actor)
  • Tanya Goldberg (2012, director)
  • Sarah Goodes (2014, director)
  • Jennifer Hagan (1999, actor /director)
  • Ben Harkin (2004, director/producer
  • Anna Houston (2010, actor)
  • Sue Ingleton (1996, actor/writer)
  • Joel Jackson (2015, actor)
  • Nicholas Lathouris (1994, actor)
  • Shelly Lauman (2013, actor)
  • Jacqueline Linke (2000, actor/ writer)
  • Eryn Jean Norville (2014, actor)
  • Paige Rattray (2015, director)
  • Kirsty Reilly (1995, director)
  • Imara Savage (2014, director)
  • Benjamin Schostakowski (2016, director)
  • Saskia Smith (2004, actor)
  • Rachael Swain (1998, director)
  • Steven Vidler (1995, director)
  • Derek Walker (2016, director)
  • Kip Williams (2015, director)
  • Benjamin Winspear (2002, actor/director)

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