PolicyForms and ProceduresStudents*
Student Charter and Code of Conduct (PDF 200KB)  All
Student Handbook 2020 (PDF 5MB)  All
Work Health and Safety Handbook 2019 (PDF 2.4MB)  All
Admissions Policy (PDF 161KB)  All
Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking Policy (PDF 48KB)  All
Anti-Discrimination Harassment Policy (PDF 612KB) All
Assessment Policy (PDF 186KB)Special Consideration ApplicationAll
Attendance Policy (PDF 160KB)  All
Credit Point Policy (PDF 54KB)  BFA, MFA
Credit Transfer and RPL Policy (PDF 248KB)Application for Course Credit All
Changing Enrolment Status (PDF 44KB)Notification of Withdrawal
Application to Defer
Student Fee Policy (Domestic) (PDF 168 KB)NIDA Application for Re-credit of Refund Form Domestic (BFA, MFA, VET)
Grievance Policy and Procedure - Academic Matters (PDF 85KB)  All
Grievance Policy and Procedure - Non-academic Matters (PDF 74KB)Non-academic Grievance and Matters Form All
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy (PDF 97KB)  All
Intellectual Property and Copyright Policy for Student Work (PDF 62KB)  All
Student Fee Policy (International) (PDF 153 KB)NIDA Application for Re-credit of Refund Form International (BFA, MFA)
Industry Placement Guidelines (PDF 63KB)  BFA
Misconduct Policies (PDF 256.1KB)Misconduct Procedures  (PDF 68KB) All
Monitoring Course Progress (PDF 53KB) All
Plagiarism Policy and Procedure (PDF 65KB)  All
Privacy Policy (PDF 73KB)  All
Sexual Misconduct Policy (PDF 429.5)Incident Report Form – Sexual Harassment, Misconduct and AssaultAll
Student Mobility Policy (PDF 61KB)  BFA, MFA
Course Regulations: Acting  BFA - Acting
Course Regulations: Costume  BFA - Costume
Course Regulations: Design for Performance (PDF 187KB)  BFA - Design
Course Regulations: Properties and Objects (PDF 163 KB)  BFA - Props
Course Regulations: Scenic Construction and Technology (PDF 185KB)  BFA - SCT
Course Regulations: Technical Theatre and Stage Management  BFA - TTSM
Course Regulations: MFA Cultural Leadership (PDF 147KB)  MFA - CL
Course Regulations: MFA Design for Performance (PDF 262KB)  MFA - Design
Course Regulations: MFA Directing (PDF 156KB)  MFA - Directing
Course Regulations: MFA Voice (PDF 259KB)  MFA - Voice
Course Regulations: MFA Writing for Perfomance (PDF 248KB)  MFA - Writing
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy (PDF 63KB) VET
Statement of VET Tuition Assurance Exemption  VET

*These policies apply to full-time students in the undergraduate (BFA), graduate (MFA) and/or vocational (VET) programs at NIDA.

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