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Dates and times by negotiation. During school holiday periods, any workshops taking place at NIDA may only occur before 10am or 4.15-6.15pm.

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Additional travel fees apply for all workshops that take place at venues located further than 25km from the Sydney or Melbourne CBD.

Quotes can be provided if your course does not fit within this structure.

Terms and conditions

  • NIDA requires full payment for your course one week prior to course start date. NIDA cannot refund the course fees unless we cancel the course.  
  • If you wish to transfer or withdraw, you must advise us in writing at least 2 weeks before the start date of the course. We will then issue a credit note for the full value to be used within 12 months. A cancellation fee may apply.
  • Schools may photograph and record students from their own school participating in NIDA workshops and document any work these students create in the workshop.
  • NIDA workshops cannot be recorded (video or audio) in their entirety.
  • Schools may not record the work of a NIDA tutor (video or audio) without first receiving written permission from the course manager.
  • NIDA may seek permission to photograph or record groups participating in NIDA workshops for marketing purposes.

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