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In term 2 (18–22 June) NIDA will be staging four plays recommended to secondary school students as part of its season of student productions.

To maximise this education opportunity, attendance of a matinee performance can be complemented by a workshop.  Led by NIDA industry specialists, the workshops are specifically designed to offer an additional practical exploration of the themes of each play.

Please note: these performances and workshops are exclusively for schools and teachers only, please visit the student productions page for information on performances open to the general public.

Workshop bookings are now closed.

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Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot (HSC English Prescriptions)
By Samuel Beckett
By Arrangement with the Licensor, The Samuel Beckett Estate, c/- Curtis Brown (Aust) Pty Ltd
Directed by Susanna Dowling
NIDA Theatres, Parade Theatre
19 and 22 June, 1pm

One of the major works to come out of the 20th century, Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot is a timeless masterpiece; a ‘tragicomedy’ known for its many interpretations and depth.

Godot both focuses our attention on the human condition, and reflects on the theatrical means used to do so.

Featuring Beckett’s unique and interesting creations Didi, Gogo, Pozzo and Lucky – the existential clowns, everything in Waiting for Godot is a game: a game of life and death.

Behold: a balance of joy and despair, of the trivial and the serious.

Suitable for all audiences.

Running time 150 minutes.
Waiting for Godot will be performed in two acts and will include a 20 minute interval.

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Associated workshop

Theatre of the Absurd workshop

Students work with an industry professional to explore performance techniques in relation to absurdism as a dramatic form. Using absurdist texts as source material, students create their own characters and contemporary contexts whilst exploring the theatrical conventions and performance style of Theatre of the Absurd.

Learning opportunities:

  • Deconstruct the theatrical conventions of Theatre of the Absurd and apply these elements to texts.
  • Explore acting and characterisation techniques within the framework of Theatre of the Absurd.
  • Gain knowledge of status in performance and the dynamics between characters in a performance context.
  • Develop imagination, creativity and play.

The Removalists

The Removalists (HSC Drama Prescriptions)
By David Williamson
Directed by Elsie Edgerton-Till
NIDA Theatres, Playhouse
18, 20 and 21 June, 1pm

David Williamson’s The Removalists is a darkly funny piece that addresses the abuse of power and its cyclical nature.

Social norms may have shifted, but not much has really changed since the play was written. Mateship still reigns supreme. This play is both a mirror to Australian society of the 1970s and stark reminder of the work that remains to be done to fully protect those in vulnerable positions from those in power.

Through a narrative seething with violence and abuse of authority – and flashes of comedy – The Removalists is back to ask the question: 'have the actual values of mainstream Australian culture really changed?'

We see the metaphorical spotlight shift onto the average Australian and their responsibility to help break the cycle.

Suitable for ages 15+

Running time 90 minutes.
The Removalists will be performed in one act and will not include an interval.

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Associated workshop

Realism: Approaches to Character workshop

Students will work with an industry professional to explore acting techniques and processes informed by the Stanislavski System. Students will develop skills in physicality, voice, and explore processes for developing sustainable and truthful characters. The workshop will use text from The Removalists.

Learning opportunities:

  • Be introduced to Stanislavski's acting technique.
  • Develop acting skills in order to adopt and sustain a variety of characters.
  • Develop skills in characterisation through vocal technique and physicality.
  • Gain skills in text analysis and interpretation.

Ex Machina

Ex Machina
Screenplay Alex Garland
Directed and Adapted for stage by Finn Caldwell
NIDA Theatres, Space
18 June, 1pm

Puppetry will come to NIDA this June in a first for our Student Production seasons, as international director and puppeteer Finn Caldwell directs Alex Garland’s Ex Machina. Finn’s distinguished puppetry credits include international stage hit and West End shows War Horse and Groundhog Day.

Exploring science fiction’s place within contemporary theatre, Ex Machina fuses cutting-edge technology with techniques adapted from traditional Japanese Bunraku puppet theatre.

At a time in history where genuine Artificial Intelligence is being increasingly likely, Ex Machina provokes ethical and moral questions about our relationship with this next evolutionary step.

Suitable for ages 12+. This performance may contain adult content, strong language, strobe lighting, theatrical haze, loud noise.

Running time 90 minutes
Ex Machina will be performed in one act and will not include an interval.

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Suggested workshop

Multidisciplinary Theatre workshop

Students work with an industry professional to explore physical and visual responses to devising work and creating stories. Explore techniques for creating original performance work from a range of stimulus material and how they can intersect to convey meaning to an audience.

Learning opportunities:

  • Explore strategies for devising physical and visual theatre.
  • Develop techniques for collaborative practice, openness and playfulness.
  • Learn how to apply dramaturgical practices to hone your performance.
  • Gain skills in improvisation as a storytelling device and how to craft it into a performance.

Please note: the Multidisciplinary Theatre workshop is suggested but not directly tied to Ex Machina and can be associated to any performance.


Yerma (2018 NSW Public Schools Drama Company's Performance)
By Federico García Lorca
Directed by Judith Hoddinott
NIDA Theatres, Studio
21 and 22 June, 11am
20–22 June, 7.15pm

Yerma is set in a Spanish village highlighting the limited roles for women in society and the lack of power that is required to step outside those bounds. Using chorus, movement and surrealist elements, the play is set against the barren hills of Andalusia and is filled with the passionate music of the flamenco and the beats of the cajón.

Yerma is presented in a unique theatrical form designed to challenge us to think about a world in which we want more than what’s actually available and the extremes that one goes to in pursuit of the unobtainable.

Running time 70 minutes.

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Associated workshops

Ensemble Storytelling workshop

Students work with an industry professional to explore strategies for cultivating ensemble and collaborative practice inspired by the production of Yerma. Gain experience in movement based storytelling and conveying meaning to an audience. Learn ways in which an ensemble can act as symbolic metaphor, can be representational, and can create a shift in perspective from the interior world of the character.

Learning opportunities:

  • Gain practical strategies for the group performance project.
  • Learn improvisational techniques to develop spontaneity, creativity and imagination.
  • Gain skills in Viewpoints, dramaturgy and explore dynamic ways to transform an object as a storytelling device.

Elements of Production workshop

Students work with an experienced practitioner to explore the elements of production based around the production Yerma. This workshop also includes a Q&A and practical activities with NIDA BFA (Technical Theatre and Stage Management) and BFA (Properties and Objects) students to gain a unique insight into the process of creating a production from page to stage.

Learning opportunities:

  • Gain an understanding of the varied roles involved in the production of theatre.
  • Explore the processes of design, realisation, directing, writing and stage management and their interactions in the development of a theatrical performance.
  • Investigate the process of script analysis and extracting information to assist and inform the development of theatrical concepts.
  • Understand the importance of collaboration and how all of the elements of production contribute to the whole artistic vision.

Performance ticket prices

Waiting for Godot, The Removalists and Ex Machina

Students and teachers: $18
(one teacher attends free per 10 students)

Please note that the performance tickets will receive a 10% discount when booked in conjunction with a workshop (excludes Yerma).


Students: $20
Teachers: $25
(one teacher attends free per 10 students)

Workshop fees

Workshop bookings are now closed.

  • 90-minute workshop after performance
  • 2-hour workshop before performance
  1–10 students 11–20 students 21–25 students
$18.40 per student $15.90 per student $14.40 per student
$22.60 per student $20.10 per student $18.60 per student

Please note:

  • All Yerma workshops are 90-minutes only.
  • Accompanying teachers attend workshops without charge.

Important information: During the booking process, no payment is required and the value of tickets will show as $0.00. You will receive and email from our Schools Officer shortly after with an invoice and booking confirmation including any applied discounts.

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