Learning opportunities for teachers

Customised Workshops

NIDA offers customised workshops for early childhood, primary and secondary teachers. Our approach to designing customised workshops is collaborative and we work together to determine the outcomes of the course based on the experience, skills and needs of each group. Call us on 02 9697 7626 or email schools@nida.edu.au to discuss your idea or complete the booking form below.

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Learning opportunities for teachers

Creative Play for Early Childhood

Discover how to design creative play and drama activities to develop preschoolers’ skills in communication, collaboration, problem solving and creativity. 

Learning opportunities 

  • Explore structures for planning successful creative play journeys.
  • Develop the skills required to make, accept and extend offers from and with children in creative play.
  • Discover simple, practical games and exercises to introduce drama to children.


Preschool educators

Date and Time 

Wednesday 9 August 2017


NIDA, Kensington NSW


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Certificate III Live Production and Services CUA30415

NIDA has a long-standing relationship with the NSW Department of Education and has delivered the VET Entertainment teacher training program for the past 12 years.

Entry to this program is by application, with an Application Review Committee (comprised of representatives from all school sectors as well as subject matter experts) convened to review each application. Due to the intensive nature of this training, some prior knowledge and experience of the entertainment industry is expected.

The training is delivered in an intensive format,runs across two weeks and also includes a separate day for ‘White Card’ training. Week 1 is spent on practical and theory sessions in lighting, sound, staging, vision, WHS/risk assessment and using hand tools. Teachers also learn how to set up and operate two way communication systems, and investigate different types of production paperwork.

Week 2 is a four-day practical production exercise assessment, where teachers bump-in and then follow production paperwork and Stage Manager’s calls to stage a different theatrical scene each day, alternating technical roles in lighting, sound, staging and vision.The final day also includes a full bump-out of the theatre and teachers are expected to participate in this bump-out as part of their formal assessment.


Secondary school teachers


NIDA, Kensington NSW

Application process

For more information contact NIDA Vocational Studies on 02 9697 7514.

Adult short courses

NIDA offers short courses and experiences for adults across a range of dramatic arts disciplines including Acting, Design, Directing, Musical Theatre, Presenting, Stage Management, Technical Theatre and Writing Australia-wide. Our programs are designed to reflect current practices and trends in the industry, drawing on the expertise of active, highly skilled and passionate teaching artists and practitioners.

Teachers are eligible to receive a 15% discount on all adult short courses. Visit open.nida.edu.au to find out more about the adult short courses available.

To book call the NIDA Open team on 1300 450 417 and enrol using your school email address to receive the discount.

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