A co-production of NIDA and Force Majeure
Created by Eliza Scott and Danielle Micich
Original concept, text and composition by Eliza Scott 
Directed by Danielle Micich
Venue: The Space
Wed 26 Oct - Wed 2 Nov 2022

An IT worker, a killer whale and Arnold Schwarzenegger walk into a chat room…

IT worker Luke encounters a glitch he can't explain. It gives him this feeling – like when the kid touches E.T.’s finger – what’s that feeling called? The glitch opens Luke’s world into Reddit threads and wormholes and drives him into an impossible transformation.

Through live performance, video installation and sound, Eugene explores the power of expressing who you are – be it online, AFK or in those inexplicable moments like when that word is on the tip of your tongue – and then the rush when you find what that feeling really is.

This co-production with one of Australia’s most celebrated dance theatre companies is co-created and performed by Eliza Scott, an interdisciplinary artist working across performance, drag, sound and film, and co-created and directed by Force Majeure Artistic Director Danielle Micich.


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