All That Glitters is Not Mould

All That Glisters

All That Glitters is Not Mould

by Monikka Eliah, Michael Louis Kennedy, Kirsty Marillier and Dylan Van Den Berg
Directed by Ian Michael
Venue: The Studio
Thu 27 Oct - Wed 2 Nov 2022

When Jo Jo Johnson falls to her death while cleaning the windows in Mark Holden's Zen Garden, her story is appropriated by online conspiracy theorists, businesses and the media. What should be an open and shut case of death-by-ladder becomes fodder for speculation that Jo Jo was killed by toxic mould – the same mould that killed Brittany Murphy.

Part inspired by real celebrity conspiracy theories and part pure fantasy, All That Glitters is Not Mould is a dark, satirical comedy that looks at the bleeding of public and private life. In a world where everyone is a brand and everyone has a profile, is anything sacred?

This inspiring collaboration between NIDA and Sydney Theatre Company is directed by STC Richard Wherrett Fellow Ian Michael and written by the STC Emerging Writers Group through a NIDA Commission.


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