GP the Musical

Date/Time: 14 Sep 2017 - 17 Sep 2017

Celebrating the humour, the pathos and the colourful characters that inhabit doctors’ surgeries, ‘GP the Musical’ takes a typical day in general practice and injects it with music and fun. The writers, director and performers are all practising GPs, who are taking time out from their day job to sing and dance about their day job.

“GP the Musical” was a sell-out show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2013. More than a few prescriptions later it journeys to Sydney. Although particularly relevant to those working in health care, anyone who has ever sat in a doctors’ waiting room should relate to and be entertained by the storyline and characters.

With songs such as “Eternity Waiting Room”,  “You Don't Listen to a Word I Say”, “The Medicare Dance”, “Trust Me I'm a Naturopath” and “E-health Records are the Way to Go”, there should be something for everyone to enjoy!