Date/Time: 07 Jun 2017 - 14 Jun 2017

Written by Emme Hoy
Directed by Madeleine Humphreys
Created by Madeleine Humphreys and Emme Hoy

'It’s easy to stand up high and look down when you have nothing to lose, isn’t it?'

A woman’s children die in infancy. A farmer’s estates are eaten away by bad weather, bad luck and the government parcelling out his land to migrants. A servant is whipped, and a boy is forced to keep his sexuality a secret. A wife discovers that her husband doesn’t love her anymore. Welcome to Salem, a town seething with resentment, fear and grief – a community that’s just about to be shattered by the blood and smoke of the witch trials. Abigail Williams is a girl with a fire inside her, and all it will take to set off the explosion is a single spark. Then the man she was in love with stands up before the town and calls her a whore – sparking a vicious, public fight for dominance that leaves destruction in its wake.

SALEM is an exploration of the human beneath the circus of media, politics and manipulation, and asks what we need to do next when two grand ideological stands aren’t enough to save us.

7–10, 13–14 June, 7.45pm8 June, 2pmNIDA Theatres, Playhouse

Featuring NIDA second year Acting and final year Costume, Properties and Objects, Staging, Technical Theatre and Stage Management students, with students of the MFA in Design for Performance.

Suitable for adult audiences. This performance may contain strong coarse language, smoking, loud noises, strobe lighting, haze or smoke effects and strong adult themes including explicit violence.

SALEM will be performed in one act with no interval. Running time: 105 minutes.

Wheelchair accessible.

SALEM is playing as part of the The Nick Enright Season Student Productions June 2017.