Festival of Emerging Artists 2020

Date/Time: 07 Dec 2020 - 12 Dec 2020

The Festival of Emerging Artists offers eight, myth-busting live theatre productions reframing the familiar and celebrating the future.

The Festival showcases the work of MFA Directing and BFA Design for Performance students in collaboration with students from BFA Costume, Properties and Objects, Technical Theatre and Stage Management, Scenic Construction and Technologies, MFA Design for Performance, Voice, Writing for Performance, Diploma of Live Productions and Technical Services, Diploma of Screen and Media (Make-up Services), working with casts of students and guest performers.

Some myths trap us; others set us free.

Please note that due to COVID safety guidelines, these productions will not be open to the public.

Happy New YearAnd A Happy New Year...
By Sophie Benassi and Sophie Davis
Directed by Sophie Benassi
Set and costume design by Merette Boutros
Lighting design by Jesse Greig
Sound design by Mellita Vertigan
Video design by Rose Mulcare

Set in Sydney’s inner west, this contemporary twist on a traditional Christmas story blurs reality, supernatural and gender normativity. After checking themselves out from rehab too early, against the backdrop of a hellish 2020, Frankie Parker wakes amongst a sea of casual partners from a three-day bender. But a raging hangover isn’t the only horror this Christmas Eve.

So Loso/lo
a parable of twins
after The Judgement of King Solomon

Adapted by Ruby Rees and the 2020 original ensemble
Directed by Ruby Rees
Set and costume design by Ella Butler
Lighting design by Jesse Greig
Sound design by Jordan Jeckells
Video Design by Rose Mulcare

What can an unborn child expect from their mother? What happens if a mother cannot meet these expectations? Who is held accountable?
is a story about falling through the cracks; a dissection of expectations versus reality and being let down by a system much larger than ourselves. It asks what happens when a life that was meant to be shared, is lived solo…

Adapted by Anne Carson
Directed by Zoe Hollyoak
Set and costume design by T. A. Burg
Lighting and video design by Morgan Moroney
Sound design by Zac Saric

ANTIGONICK is a meta-theatrical and irreverent take on Sophocles’ Antigone, exploring a woman's strategic resistance against a tyrannical state. Adapted by Anne Carson, this contemporary exploration asks what it means to stand up against archaic laws and challenge positions of power. It's a protest, a call to arms and a power-critiquing ballad.

And Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens...
By Tennessee Williams
Directed by Liam McIlwain
Set and costume design by Liv Hutley
Lighting design by Morgan Moroney
Sound design by Fiona Harding

Set during Mardi Gras in late 1950s New Orleans, Candy Delaney is an elegant and feisty ‘queen’ approaching her 35th birthday. Recently abandoned by her longtime lover, she desperately pursues a relationship with the hyper-masculine Karl, attempting recklessly to build a new life.

The CatThe Cat
By Lally Katz
Directed by Amelia Burke
Set and costume design by Iz Sperling
Lighting design by Morgan Moroney
Sound design by Daniel Herten
With music composed by Ben Provest

The Cat is a rom com about two ordinary people and their shared cat. It comes from the wonderfully whimsical mind of Lally Katz, one of Australia’s most loved contemporary playwrights. This production is immersive and laugh-out-loud funny, begging the question, what would happen if your life was a rom com?

Written and directed by Mark Bolotin
Set and costume design by Ruru Zhu
Lighting design by Thomas Bensley
Sound design by Trillian Viera
Video design by Cameron Smith

Icarus is a bold, modern, multimedia adaptation of the Ancient Greek myth. A young introverted man, raised in a labyrinth by his inventor father, dreams to see the world outside.
Set in a world of shadows, minotaurs and strange contraptions, Icarus explores the myths we tell each other to keep us safe... or set us free.

By August Strindberg Jordyn Fulcher
Directed by Matthew Latham
Set and costume design by Jordan Leah
Lighting design by Thomas Bensley
Sound design by Jessica Pizzinga
Video design by Zoe Davis

Liberate those tight strings and join our sonic revolt. DRRRM Play is a post-dramatic reimagining of Ol’ Strindy’s most complex works, with a generous helping of punk to help push it along. This classic text/live gig hybrid will leave you asking, ‘Perhaps existing is not worth all the trouble?’

Inspired by the Bram Stoker novel
Adapted and directed by Samuel Lucas Allen
Set design by Nick Fry
Costume design by Sidney Tulau
Lighting design by Thomas Bensley
Sound design by Ella Van Dam
Video design by Cameron Smith

A 21st century take on Bram Stoker's horror classic Dracula, asking: who is the real monster of this story?
Featuring a condensed cast and a brutally modern aesthetic, this provocative show declares that monstrosity is a matter of perspective. It jumps, shifts, and shimmies through the points of view of three human characters as they encounter a supernatural and seemingly monstrous outsider. They, and you, are challenged to ask: what is good? What is normal? And what is monstrous?