2020 Writers' Readings

Date/Time: 19 Oct 2020 - 23 Oct 2020

New works from the NIDA Writers 2020

NIDA is proud to present these 40-minute excerpts of the full-length works developed by the MFA (Writing for Performance) students as the core part of their work with us through 2020. You will see stage plays, screenplays, television scripts and audio plays in a wide variety of genres, from horror to drama to comedy. The works touch on many of the themes of contemporary life, from global warming to sexual anxiety, with all this reflecting the passions and concerns of the individual writers.

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Monday 19 Oct 2020
5.10pm: Silly to Think by Sophie Davis
6.10pm: King of Void by Oliver Kuskie

Tuesday 20 Oct 2020
5.10pm: Charlie-Girl by Caroline Levien
6.10pm: Small Lives by Laura McDonald

Wednesday 21 Oct 2020
5.10pm: Sniggles by Leah Tolmosoff
6.10pm: The Boys Room by Jude Pemell

Thursday 22 Oct 2020
5.10pm: I'm All Out of F's To Give by Henry Shaw
6.10pm: Sex Cult Following by Aiden Ossovani

Friday 23 Oct 2020
5.10pm: She Cried for Lives She Never Lived Nor Lost by Bradley Ward
6.10pm: The Final Boy by Jake Zuccolotto