Caught Offside

Date/Time: 15 Jul 2022

Presented by: UNSW Anjali Tamil Society


* The NIDA Theatres box office will be open 1 hour prior to the commencement of the performance.

Approximate running time: 4 hours

Oli Olli is finally back after two long years! Following numerous successful productions, UNSW Anjali Tamil Society proudly presents 'Caught Offside' for Oli Olli 2022!

'Caught Offside' is a comedy drama which explores the fragmented relationship between a father and son after a series of unfortunate misunderstandings take place. Despite all tales ending with "...and they lived happily ever after," this production subverts generic conventions and leaves the audience waiting for a compromise to occur. Who will be first to swallow their pride? Who will take the initiative to mend broken bonds? Will powerful egos stand in the way?

Relationships are a story that will always go on.

Children: This event is suitable for all ages, children less than 3 years old do not require a ticket if seated on an adult’s lap.

Camera policy: At the request of the presenter, no cameras (video or still) or recording devices are permitted to be used inside the auditorium for this event.