Written by MFA (Writing for Performance) students: Sophie Davis, Aiden Ossovani, Leah Tolmosoff and Bradley Ward
Directed by Leticia Cáceres.

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It’s Saturday night during lockdown. A group of strangers somehow end up in the same Zoom meeting. Mysteriously, one participant’s window is completely black. While the characters speculate about who is behind the window, their grasp on normality gradually crumbles as a series of strange and frightening phenomena unfolds.

Why is the room suddenly so cold?

Is something hiding in the closet?

Is that a child crying?

The audience watches the paranormal forces unleash – anything is possible.

Inspired by horror hits Get Out and The Blair Witch Project, this explosive thriller is directed by Australian experimental film, theatre and virtual reality artist Leticia Cáceres and tackles the urgent themes of grief, racism, and insularity. Six is written by NIDA MFA (Writing for Performance) students Aiden Ossovani, Bradley Ward, Sophie Davis and Leah Tolmosoff.

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Content warning – M15+ (horror themes)


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