Lockdown: Love and Death in the Age of COVID


Directed by Nigel Jamieson

Devised with the cast and company

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It’s March 2020 and Australia joins the world in lockdown. Five fictitious, final-year acting students meet on Zoom as their worlds and lives fall apart and they make increasingly unsuccessful attempts to hold it all together.

Highlighting a sense of the absurd, the story takes us on an unexpected journey encompassing a virus-filled Ruby Princess, the boot of a car traveling across the Nullarbor, the dark web, an ICU unit, and a myriad of digital and virtual worlds. It looks at the rise of racism and anti-Asian rhetoric, deception, separation, the merging of virtual and real worlds, and love and loss.

Created online through improvisation with the actors and complemented by work from design and technical students, this is a picture of now.

Renowned director Nigel Jamieson directs a multi-media collage about the fragility of our lives and the search for love and comfort in a rapidly collapsing world, devised with the cast and company.

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Content warning – M15+ (adult themes, nudity, coarse language, sexual references, drug references, mental health references)


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