Bring NIDA to Mardi Gras 2019

NIDA students have been successful in applying for a space in the iconic Sydney Mardi Gras Parade 2019.

‘We want to march up Oxford Street with pride and show that we are inclusive, that everyone is loved, and that there is a place in this school for everyone no matter what our differences are. This is not just about being LGBTQIA+, this is about showing that all diversities are needed at this school and also at the helm of our creative industry.

We are the students of the National Institute of Dramatic Art and we have the passion and skill to pay justice to these stories. We are also incredibly supported by our beautiful teachers, lecturers and peers without any prejudice. We want everyone to know that absolutely everybody is welcome at our school no matter who you are, who you identify as, what your sexuality is or where you come from.

To us every story and life is equally important.’

The project is led by the Student Camp Committee made up of Bachelor of Fine Arts students: Phillip Patterson (Properties and Objects) - President, production manager;  Amanda Torrisi (Properties and Objects) - Marketing, sponsorship, fundraising, recruitment; Ruby Marchese (Properties and Objects) - Marketing, sponsorship, fundraising, recruitment; Micaela Ellis (Acting) - Choreographer, documentary; Grace Llanwarne (Staging) - Construction manager; Morgan Saint Clair (Technical Theatre and Stage Management) - Lighting, Sound, Stage Manager.

The project needs to fundraise for materials to build the float/display - donate now!

Current NIDA students only: sign up to participate and help

Contact: Phillip Patterson

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