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Schools program for 2017 announced

With the new schools program brochure recentlyhitting the desks of teachers and principalsnationally,wecaught up with our Schools Manager Kellie Mackereth to find out what is in store for 2017.

Schools Brochure

With the new schools program brochure recentlyhitting the desks of teachers and principalsnationally,wecaught up with our Schools Manager Kellie Mackereth to find out what is in store for 2017.

Let’s start with the obvious question. What’s new for the schools program at NIDAnext year?

We have lots of new programs on offer in 2017, but I really want to start with what’s the same. At the core of the way NIDA Schools programoperates is thisidea of collaboration. Which is not surprising really, all of our BFA courses and MFA courses are dependent on artists’ abilities to work together. That’s why our customised courses continue to be front and centre of our Schools programming. We believe that teachers and Principalsare best placed to identifythe outcomes their students and communities want and needfrom working withNIDA. So what we do is collaborate with schools to work towards those objectives.I’d go as far to say thatcollaboration informs all the programs we offer schoolsat NIDA.

Are you particularlyreferringto projects likethe Story Trader Program*here?

Yes, that is definitely true of the Story Trader and that’s a great example because the whole structure of that programis very deliberately designed so artists, classroom teachers and students are compelledto work together to tellstories. But I think it’s also true of our other programs too. The Improvisation and Playbuilding demonstration/workshop which we are offering Primary school studentsinMelbourne next yearis another obviousexample. Improvisationis all about making, accepting and extending offers, learning how to work together.

So let’s move on to some programs we haven’t seen before. What can you tell us about The Creative Ambassador’s Initiative?

I really am so excited that we are offering this week long professional development opportunity for early career teachers, for the first time in 2017. The first five years as a teacher can present some real challenges, it can be isolating, particularly if you’re working in remote and regional communities, but also if you’re the only early career teacher at your school, or the only creative arts teacher, or the only teacher who believes teaching is inherently creative. This week is an opportunity for NIDA to invest in the artistry and creativity of these teachers. It’s an opportunity for teachersto work together, to create communities, to learn new skills and to imagine what they hope learning looks like in their classroomsand communities into the future. And then they have the opportunity to plan how to put those ideas into action.

Do you have to be a Drama teacher to apply?

No and this opportunity is available to both Primary and Secondary school teachers. Up to 16 teachers will be selected to participate and all tuition is free for those successful applicants.

We’re just about out of time, but is there anythingelse you’d like to mention quickly before we wrap up?

Yes, two things! 2017is the first time we’ve offered a workshop specifically for preschool students. If you arean Early childhood teacher make sure you check out Playdate. Last but not least, we normally only offer complimentarytours of NIDA when schools booka customised workshop on site, but for 3 days in Feb we are offering some scheduled times where schools can just do a tour. The dates line up with OnStage week in NSW, so we hope to see some students from regional schools take advantage of the offer. And don’t forget if you see anything in the brochure you would like to see programmed in your area please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss what might be possible.

For more information on the courses mentioned above, visit the NIDA website.

  • Customised courses
  • Transmedia Theatre: The Story Trader
  • Improvisation and Playbuilding (VIC)
  • Creative Ambassador’s Initiative
  • Playdate
  • NIDA OnStage Tours

* The Story Trader is an immersive transmedia theatre experience designed for students in upper Primary school.