Claudia Kryszkiewicz

ClaudiaClaudia is a costume designer from Brisbane, Queensland. With background roots in illustration, animation and film, she graduated from Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor in Animation, majoring in art direction. Claudia’s passion for design in theatre, film and fashion is ultimately what led her to excitedly pursue a position in the MFA Design for Performance course.

Her design credentials at NIDA include Ghost Lights, a transmedia production spanning across five microfilms and a live performance, directed by Katy Alexander, and The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol, translated from Russian and adapted for two actors by Roger Pulvers, directed by Darren Gilshenan.

Claudia is a versatile and affable designer who hopes to work internationally in several mediums, one of her many interests being designing for ballet and opera, as music and movement have always been a source of inspiration to her.

NIDA Productions
The Government Inspector - Costume Designer
Ghost Lights - Costume Designer

Barbara Strozzi (Pinchgut Opera) - Art Department

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