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Alfred Kouris

Alfred Kouris
Alfred’s first hit with the entertainment industry came when he was only 11, after uploading a video of himself doing a basketball trickshot that somehow garnered close to 100,000 views and appeared on Channel 10s now obsolete ONE sports channel. From trickshots to selling Instagram followers, performing in his high-school musicals to completing a double degree in Commerce/Arts at Monash University, Alfred always had a creative project on the go.

During his time at Monash, Alfred collaborated with some incredible artists which saw him perform at The Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fringe, develop two iPhone applications and launch a digital marketing agency. Alfred then went to NIDA.

When Alfred reflects on his path to NIDA he sees that the common thread in his work is a love for taking ideas and making them real in collaboration with others. NIDA showed him that there is no more fulfilling way to do this than on stage, on screen or in the rehearsal room.

So, armed with a broad curiosity and an outdated trickshot YouTube channel, Alfred is excited for whatever his next project may be.

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play - Matt/Scratchy
Hurlyburly - Mickey
The Master and Margarita - Master
The Cherry Orchard - Trofimov
The Merchant of Venice - The Duke
Cloudstreet - Louise



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