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Angela Sullen

AngelaAngela was born in the United States and is from Italian, African American and Cherokee heritage.
She graduated from NIDA in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) and has been working as an actor and writer. Working as a performer gave her insight into her love of voice and how to use voice to bridge the gap between identity and authentic communication, which brought her back to NIDA to complete her Master of Fine Arts in Voice.
Angela’s professional début was as an actor in Kate Champion’s collaboration with Force Majeure, Nothing To Lose, as part of Sydney Festival (2015). She also performed in Blackbirds at the Festival Fatal (2016) which she helped write and devise, which was remounted and renamed Brown Skin Girl (2018 and 2019), and Sydney Theatre Company’s Mosquitoes (2019).
At NIDA Angela has worked with first-year Acting students in developing technique into text and performance. She also completed a three-week Lessac intensive where she was awarded practitionership and is on her way to being a certified Lessac trainer.
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The Seagull - Vocal Tutor

University of Southern Mississippi - Vocal Tutor

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