Alexandra Allanson

AlexandraAlexandra is a Sydney-based props maker interested in the intersection between traditional realisation and modern digital fabrication techniques. Her practice focuses on the integration of the two in ways that reflect the functional needs of the contemporary climate with respect for historical precedent and the richness that traditional practice provides.

Alexandra enjoys making in a range of forms and materials including: 3D modelling, Laser cutting, 3D printing, Leather work, Scenic painting and portraiture and Sculpting.

Alexandra is also passionate about active participation and engagement across mediums and disciplines with interest in cosplay, writing and design.

Alexandra was excited to be given the opportunity to partake in secondment at Erth: Visual and Physical Inc.

Orlando - Props Supervisor
Ghost Lights
- Set Designer/Set Dresser/Props Supervisor
Amélie -
Props maker
- Co-writer/Performer/Props Sourcing
The Way of the World
- Props Assistant
The Removalists
- Props Assistant

My Sister’s A Martian, commissioned by White Rabbit Gallery - Writer-Adaptation for Stage/Propmaker/Puppeteer/Stage Manager/Sets and Scenic Assistant

Erth: Visual and Physical Inc. - Puppet Repairs

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