Sidney Tulau

SidneySidney is a Sydney-based multidisciplinary designer with a passion for artistic and emotive expression through design. She has studied design with a prior extensive visual arts background specialising in illustration. Through her years of design exploration she has developed an interest in incorporating visual art techniques into her design practice as well as drawing inspiration from nature and its beautiful shapes, textures and colours. She often develops patterns, textures, fabrics and makeup designs to bring to life visually expressive design work. Sidney also
specialises in costume illustration and rendering through a variety of mediums from digital to watercolour.

Sidney’s passion for emotive design stems from her belief that design work heavily creates mood, atmosphere and the deep impact it can have on emotion. Her love of colour and pattern reflects her passion for collaborations that thrive on happiness and enjoyment of the work and process which leads to the best work as people are at their most creative when they feel free to express themselves.

At NIDA, Sidney further explored her design practice by implementing new techniques and skills into theoretical designs and realised design work. Through her set design training, Sidney discovered a passion for spatial design in function and events. Creating meaningful experiences through an awareness of an impactful space is of particular interest to her. She believes that the emotions memories bring back are shaped by the space the memory was created in. She directed a music video, Hot Lovin', in which her design work exhibited her interest in composition, costume design and painterly technique.
Instagram: @tulaudesign

Dracula - Costume/Props designer
EXPONIDA 2020 - Model maker/Co-Exhibition Designer
Hello Again - Design Assistant
The Caucasian Chalk Circle - Costume Assistant
Weimar Kabarett - Costume Designer/ Co-set Designer
Blind Lucy (short film) - Design Assistant
I wish you knew what I am thinking (short film) - Co-Designer

Hot Lovin’ - Director/Designer/Production Manager
Costume Archive exhibition - Director/Designer/Curator/Editor

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