Ruru Zhu

RuruRuru is a Sydney based multidisciplinary designer with a passion for exploring the complexities of character and world-building.

Prior to NIDA, Ruru studied at UNSW Art & Design and received a Bachelor of Design (Honours) majoring in Graphic Design and Jewellery. Wanting to expand upon the physical and performative element of design, Ruru began studying Design at NIDA and was thrown into the complexities of performance design.

Though she initially was primarily interested in costume design, she has evolved into a multidisciplinary designer in both production and costume, which have opened a barrage of opportunities. This included the internationally renowned Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space in 2019. Alongside with her fellow Designers, Ruru represented the Australian student pavilion through a model art installation, Swag.

Ruru has most recently designed works for New Ghost Theatre Company’s Good People (2019) and Shandy’s Corner
(2019) with Lucy Clements, NIDA’s A Pox on Both your Houses (2020) with Deborah Pollard and triple j Rage’s music
video competition Deuzy Vibe by The Regime (2020).
Instagram: @ruruqizhu

Icarus - Set/Costume Designer
EXPONIDA 2020 - Co-designer/Co-graphic designer
Deuzy Vibe by The Regime (triple j Unearthed music video) - Set/Costume Designer
A Pox on Both Your Houses - Set Designer
Weimar Kabarett - Costume Designer
River of Neglect by Charbel (triple j Unearthed music video) - Design Assistant
SWAG (Prague Quadrennial) - Co-designer
Alienated (short film) - Design Assistant
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - Design Assistant
Ex Machina - Design Assistant

Hotel Bella Luna - Costume Designer
Gypsy Dreams by Zelie Zee - Set Designer
Girlfriend - Design Assistant
Shandy’s Corner - Set Designer
Good People - Set Designer
Here, Now, Then - Design Assistant
How to Win Loot and Influence Dragons - Costume Designer
I Want to Make a Film About Women - Costume Assistant

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