Merette Boutros

MeretteMerette exists within the field of design without limiting herself to the theatre stage. She loves combining mediums, whether it be visual art, photography, costume design and stage design for the screen and for the theatre. After completing her high-school learning in Perth, Merette studied a Bachelor of Architecture for two years, before deciding to take her education to NIDA.

Merette’s main focus is to collaborate with good people who are eager to be part of a working environment where they feel happy, healthy and strong. She has an innate predisposition towards nostalgia within her work and a focus on detail is paramount to the way she characterizes people and space. This can be seen in her work for triple j Unearthed winner Jack R. Reilly in his music video for the song Blood and her collaboration on installation designs for the Prague Quadrennial in 2019.

She is excited to learn more about visual storytelling from what the industry has to provide.

Merette Boutros is currently based in Sydney, Australia, but has aspirations to travel the world and learn from different cultures about theatre and film making.
Instagram: @wibbalow and @early.stage

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