Thomas Dawson

ThomasComing from a family of dancers, Tom was involved in performance from a very young age. Tom quickly immersed himself in youth theatre companies and extracurricular drama classes which eventually led to his first public show at the age of 14, Love Letters. He performed this in the Fairfax Studio at Arts Centre Melbourne with St Martins Youth Theatre Company.

A couple of high school productions later, Tom graduated and started a degree in film at Swinburne University, with the dream of training at NIDA in the back of his mind. Fortunately, Tom never finished that film degree, as he was accepted into the acting course at NIDA a year later.

However, Tom still has a passion for storytelling both behind and in front of the camera, and hopes to direct his own films one day.

With three public productions at NIDA and a show at the Old 505 now under his belt, Tom is excited to step out into the industry. NIDA has given him the training and experience he needed to develop his craft and shape himself as an artist. He feels ready for whatever this new chapter has to offer him.

When the Rain Stops Falling - Gabriel Law/Andrew Price
LOCKDOWN: Love and Death in the age of COVID - Tim Hudson
MiddleTown - Greg/Female Doctor
Twelfth Night - Sir Toby Belch
Ivanov - Count Matthew Shabelsky
Comedy of Errors - Dromio of Ephusus
The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll - Roo Webber
Black Rock - Scotty/Jared
FAUST - Dr Faust

Written and directed by Matt Zeremes

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