Micaela Ellis

MicaelaRaised in Griffith NSW, in the heart of the Wiradjuri nation, Micaela pursued her passion for the arts from a very young age – her first one-woman show being in the living room of her grandmother’s house.

Since then she has picked up skills in painting, writing, music and coffee making, all contributing towards her ambitions as a storyteller.

Before coming to NIDA, Micaela also studied at a variety of acting schools including Actors Centre Australia, Screenwise and her high school The McDonald College of Performing Arts.

Overall, she’s a clown with a sensitive heart.

Orlando - Orlando
LOCKDOWN: Love and Death in the Age of COVID - Mila Anders
Middletown - Librarian, Woman
Twelfth Night - Viola
The Seagull - Nina
Man of Mode - Orange Woman
Comedy of Errors - Dromio of Syracuse
Summer of the Seventeenth Doll - Pearl
Cosi - Cherri
LULU: A Modern Sex Tragedy - Lulu

Written and directed by Guy Edmonds, with original music and lyrics by Micaela Ellis

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