Jason Jefferies

JasonJason was raised in regional Western Australia.  At a young age, Jason had a love of playing pretend with his neighbours, listening to made-up bedtime stories by his dad that featured him as the leading character, and being dressed up by his big sisters to play with them.

Jason’s entry to the arts came through watching film and television, and the occasional regional touring theatre show. This was enough to allow a young boy access to a wider world of ideas, cultures and magic.

At the age of 19, Jason moved from his country town to Melbourne to experience life and theatre in a thriving metropolitan environment, and performed in numerous independent theatre productions and film projects there.

Having been offered a position in the Diploma of Acting at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Jason used the time and opportunities provided to gain a place in NIDA’s BFA (Acting). This was the place for Jason to be pushed, challenged and developed, to learn the craft and history of the industry he wanted to be part of.

Jason wants to work in fields of the arts that focus on inclusion and bringing people together, such as providing stories to regional communities and particularly for children who are inspired by the magic of theatre, film and TV.

When the Rain Stops Falling - Joe Ryan
Lunacy - Samuel Fairweather
Middletown - Landscaper
Marat/Sade - Coulmier
The Seagull - Trigorin
Comedy of Errors - Antipholus of Syracuse
Kid Stakes - Roo
Cosi - Lewis

Written and directed by Matt Zeremes

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