Mitchell Marinac

MitchellMitchell is a multi-skilled theatre technician and stage manager. Mitchell mainly worked throughout
country New South Wales as an audio technician and operator. At NIDA, he has branched out and
gained experience in all the technical fields – but his passion for audio has remained strongest. As well as
secondments, Mitchell has worked on productions both inside and outside of NIDA productions seasons.
NIDA has also allowed him to work internationally in a variety of contexts through the Peter Baynes
Memorial Scholarship.

in 2020, Mitchell plans to toss the dice, journeying overseas and seeing where the wind will take him.

NIDA Productions
pool (no water) - Production Stage Manager
Big Blue Sky - Sound Designer
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - Head Electrician
Yerma, NSW Public Schools Drama Company - Stage Manager
The Changeling - Mechanist
In a Year with 13 Moons - Deputy Stage Manager
Love and Money - Assistant Stage Manager

Other Productions
Il Campanello and Sour Angelica (Rockdale Opera) - Stage Manager
Bonnie and Clyde the Musical - Stage Manager
Your Mates (short film) - Sound Mixer

RGM Productions London - Sound/Stage Management/ Producing
Totem (Cirque Du Soleil), Royal Albert Hall - Stage Management Observation
Royal Opera London - Mechanist/Production Management
Showtech Australia - Rigging/Production Management
The Spark Productions - Producing/Event Management
Kurios (Cirque Du Soleil) - Sound/Stage Management

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