Eileen Ortiona

Eileen From background in technology and design, Eileen spent many years dabbling in the creative industry. While working in the TV department at the Australian Broadcasting Company she was inspired to further pursue her interests in the arts and entertainment industry.

Eileen moved to London and discovered the world of production, gaining experience on TV sets and conferences and realising she had a passion for large moving structures.

After moving to Sydney, Eileen wanted to learn more about set construction and stage machinery and applied to NIDA. At NIDA, Eileen had the opportunity to work collaboratively with international practitioners and develop her skills in a theatre setting. She learnt to build and operate revolving stages, construction managed and learnt automation and technical design. For her third-year masterwork Eileen designed and fabricated a lifting, tilting revolving stage inspired by the Cirque du Soleil Ka stage.

Eileen intends to pursue a career in events, theatre, TV and film.

NIDA Productions
Marat/Sade - Construction Manager
Roberto Zucco - Technical Manager
Le Mariage Forcé - Construction Supervisor
Big Blue Sky - Construction Supervisor
Hedda - Construction Supervisor
EXPONIDA 2018 - Construction Supervisor
Hello Again - Construction Assistant/Revolve Operator
SALEM - Construction Assistant/Human Suspension Operator

Other Productions
The Path (art installation) by artist Ben Walsh - Technical Design/Scenic Art

Come from Away
(musical) - Simple Motion Revolve Fabricator
Muriel’s Wedding The Musical - Set Installation/Technical Manager/Automation Observation

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