Mabel Li

Mabel Mabel was born in Auckland and grew up in Sydney, the daughter of Chinese immigrants. Watching her parents work hard to give her and her brother a better life inspired Mabel to voraciously pursue her dreams.

After graduating high school she began a double Bachelor of International Studies and Media (Screen and Sound Production) with the intention of becoming a documentary filmmaker, as it sounded more reasonable than ‘actor’.

After a year of lying to herself, she applied and was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting). At NIDA, Mabel appreciated every opportunity to perform both in and outside of the institution.

She appeared in NIDA Directors’ and Designers’ Graduating Productions, triple j Unearthed music video shoots, King’s Cross Theatre play readings, and as the voiceover for the Sydney Opera House’s 2019 Antidote Festival campaign.

As well as being an actor, Mabel is excited to continue working on every facet of her skill as a performance maker, making work that reflects the diversity of our world, championing the stories of the Asian-Australian community. Mabel is also the recipient of the 2019–2020 BBM Youth Award Scholarship.

Mabel’s parents are very happy that while at NIDA she made use of the piano and dance skills that they paid for.

Roles played at NIDA
Goldilocks -  Ivy
pool (no water) - The Nurturer
Ah, Tuzenbach. A Melancholic Cabaret - Mabel/Momo/Arkardina
The Women - Edith Potter/Little Mary/First Hairdresser
Richard II - Richard II/Green
Chekhov - Ranyevskaya/Firs
Antigone - Chorus
Lulu: A Modern Sex Tragedy - Lulu
The Bacchae - Mabel

Showreel written and directed by Guy Edmonds & Matt Zeremes

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