Felix Hauge

NIDA opened a vast world of learning and networking opportunities for Felix. Through her time at NIDA she has been able to expand her knowledge and skills set in the Technical Theatre and Stage Management areas of Live Entertainment. In 2017 Felix was elected President of NIDA’s Student Council (SCON) and was the BFA Student Representative to NIDA’s Academic Board, where she had the esteemed and unique opportunity to represent her fellow students and learn about the internal workings of arts based academic and company structure. Felix is interested in both theatre and events. She spent her final year of secondments working on large-scale arts events and an internationally acclaimed theatre production to hone and expand on her industry-ready skills. Moving forward Felix sees herself in a range of entertainment areas including commercial theatre, events and festivals in an array of stage, production and company management roles. Felix would like to thank all of those who have made her educational journey at NIDA what it is. She looks forward to continuing her learning outcomes as she moves throughout the creative industry

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