Lewis Dean

In 2010 Lewis completed a Diploma of Animation at Hamilton College in Adelaide and attained skills as an illustrator for stop motion, flash and cell animation.
In 2015 he completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia with a sculpture major. He studied concept development and acquired skills in woodwork, metalwork, ceramics, life drawing and film photography.
At NIDA in 2016 Lewis was Props Assistant on the production of Scorched and The Season at Sarsaparilla. In 2017 he was a Props Maker for the Directors’ and Designers’ Graduating Productions show 27 Wagons Full of Cotton.
In 2018, Lewis was a Props Supervisor on the NIDA production of The Removalists and Stay Happy, Keep Smiling. He was also a Props Maker on Women on  the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.
At NIDA, Lewis has refined previously acquired skills and developed new ones by exploring a wider range of materiality and practical applications including digital fabrication, pattern making, sewing, furniture making/ restoration and scenic texturing.
Lewis will pursue his career as an inspired maker for the performing arts industry. He intends to continue his love of performance art and collaborate and develop pieces of a conceptual nature with like-minded practitioners and performers.

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