Bella Bowman

Bella was raised in Western Australia and developed passion for the arts. She spent her high school years playing the double bass in various orchestras and making inconveniently large sculptures in the art room. She combined her love for contemporary art and music to explore her constant fascination with music videos and the specialised props made for them.
Bella continued to pursue her passion by doing work experience in the props department at Sydney Theatre Company and working in the art department on the SBS comedy feature film Top Knot Detective. During her time at NIDA, Bella actively explored all aspects of her craft, working for companies including Coda Audio and Pink Cactus Props. Her masterwork focused on collapsible storage solutions for stage props and finding ways to make touring a show more accessible for smaller companies.
In the future she aims to pursue props-making to any degree, with a passion for advertising, music videos, theatre and film.

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