Genevieve Graham

Genevieve graduated from NIDA in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design for Performance) followed by the Masters of Fine Arts (Design for Performance) degree. Her design work focuses on the character as the starting point, placing the designer/actor collaboration at the forefront of her design process.

In 2016, she undertook a placement on the set of Alien: Covenant by renowned director Ridley Scott, assisting in both art department and costume. She was also awarded the William Fletcher Foundation Grant for the development and advancement of talented young Australian artists. This year, Genevieve co-designed the Australian Brandenburg Orchestraʼs Handelʼs Messiah and is currently the Costume Designer on the Australian Brandenburg Orchestraʼs Bittersweet Obsessions, a new opera combining the works of Monteverdi and Bach.

Genevieve wrote her Mastersʼ thesis paper on the ʻCollaboration Between the Designer and the Actor in the Development of Characterʼ and hopes to pursue a career in costume design for film, combining her love of cinema with her love of character.

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