Sasha Wisniowski

Before applying to NIDA, Sasha studied Fashion Design at UTS from 2014–2015.
In 2016, Sasha was Costume Assistant on both Woyzeck and Twelfth Night, assisting with costume production, wardrobe maintenance, and dressing during the shows. She also made trousers for Another Country and graphic togas for A Midsummer’s Night Dream.
In 2017, Sasha made garments from the 1820s, 1780s, 1880s and 1930s in class. Her 1780s project was displayed at Hyde Park Museum in the exhibition Whispers from the Past. She also made a tailored 1770s jacket and breeches for The Hypochondriac and a 1660s velvet gown for The Country Wife. In December she supervised UBU for NIDA Directors’ and Designers’ Graduating Productions.
In 2018, Sasha seconded at Opera Australia in the Wardrobe and Art Departments, leading to employment as an art finisher on Aida. She then supervised The Colby Sisters of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and made a gala gown for the show. For her major work, Sasha experimented with infusing magnets and iron into costumes to create kinetic fabrics, resulting in the making of Yammi. Sasha supervised Carking It and plans to work in the field of specialty costumes and props for theatre and film.

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