Evangeline Samoilov

Making costumes for various local theatre and dance schools at the age of 14, Evangeline never thought she could turn her hobby into a career. That is until she began studying Applied Fashion Design and Technology at Alanvale TAFE, where she was encouraged to pursue her passion for costuming and apply to NIDA.
This pathway sparked Evangeline’s interest in the history of fashion and the creation of period costumes and the desire to learn more led her to focus her major research project on the ‘Splendour of the Imperial Russian Court’.
Designing and creating one of her own original Russian court gowns, she utilised her skills in historical research, designing, cutting and sewing, fabric dyeing, textile embellishment and millinery.
Equipped with a wide range of skills, Evangeline looks forward to pursuing a career in costume making in Australia and overseas.

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