Heidi May Doran

As a five-year-old, Heidi was cast as the wicked queen and not the heroine-princess. This was pivotal for two reasons – she learnt that stories need antagonists and protagonists and that stories help us make sense of life. She also found her ‘flow space’. Rehearsing and performance were magnifying and energising.
From there on Heidi followed her drive to act and transmit stories, performing in at least two productions a year. She went to Newtown Performing Arts High School and tuned her vehicle – her body – to become an adept and nuanced performer. She has and will continue to hone her voice, movement and responsiveness to human interactions.
Heidi can sing, swing from ceilings and navigate oceans and mountains (she loves skiing and swimming). NIDA has brought Heidi further along this journey that is a vocation – a lifelong gig in bringing stories to life.

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