Indigo-Rose Redding

Indigo-Rose Redding

Although the majority of Indiʼs inspiration arises from the natural world and an obsession with kinaesthetic learning, she is at one with the digital age. Since an introduction to Pokemon Red on the Game Boy pocket at four years old; video games, photoshop, and 3D printing have all become an everyday occurrence in Indiʼs life.

A deeply-rooted fascination with both the natural and digital world had her sticking power points to hedges, and there was no medium which was unappealing to the teenage MacGyver. Frustrated with the narrow specialisations offered by other visual arts degrees, Indigo found the perfect opportunity to develop multi-media knowledge, and an eye for tolerance and design through the practical application of NIDAʼs Bachelor of Fine Arts (Properties and Objects).

Awarded the STARS of Waverly Arts grant in 2013 for promising local artists, her visual arts folio work was selected for the 2013 SACE Art exhibition. Since, she has supervised and made props for The Yellow Wallpaper (NIDA 2016), SALEM (NIDA 2017) and The Country Wife (NIDA 2017).

An unbridled zest follows Indi into her work. Her passions lie within the sculptural form, creature and character creation, and the engineering of functional objects. Curiosity, invention and problem solving have always propelled Indiʼs practice; and she is excited to take her accumulating knowledge and abilities into the wider industry.

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