Charles Sanders

Charles is a director, producer and performer. Prior to NIDA, he trained with Adelaide College of the Arts (Acting) and SITI Company.

In 2010, Charles established Early Worx, where he served as Artistic Director for four years. During his time there, the company created 14 works, four return seasons, and toured to the Edinburgh Fringe. Their numerous awards included Charles’ 2011 Adelaide Critics Circle Emerging Artist of the Year.

Charles has worked extensively as a freelance director for STCSA (Maggie Stone), ActNow (Zero Feet Away), Paul Lucas Productions (Trans Scripts) and as a teaching-director at Adelaide College of the Arts.

In 2014, with his sister and dancer/choreographer Eliza Sanders, Charles established a new company. House of Sand creates work through and across art forms including dance, theatre, cabaret and visual art.

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