Govinda Röser-Finch

Govinda Roser

Govinda has always had a passion and dedication for acting, film and stagecraft. This passion, with the support of his parents, allowed Govinda the freedom to explore himself from an early age. He pursued professional development through private acting tuition and drama schools until he felt the timing was right to place himself at the forefront of performance opportunities within the community of Hobart as a young teenager.

This drive saw him perform in amateur theatre productions, short films, paid film work and continuing his studies in performing arts, dance and movement. Upon completion of his secondary education, Govinda fulfilled his goal of auditioning and gaining acceptance into NIDA, which had been a dream for him since the age of 11.

NIDA has given Govinda the technical knowledge and impetus to drive his innate passion for stage and screen further into the future. Govinda has a deep fascination for the human condition in all its facets, and strives to reflect this in all his performances and the characters he is working with.

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