Academic Board

The Academic Board is a standing committee of the Board of Directors. In conjunction with the Board of Directors, it has responsibility for educational policies, the approval of course documentation, the appeals process, course review and monitoring arrangements, and resource acquisition. It comprises members appointed by the Board on the advice of the Director.

The Academic Board is an objective, professional body which takes an overview of the school and its courses of instruction in relation to current and anticipated developments in the arts entertainment industry and in arts education generally. Its members are drawn from the arts entertainment industry, as well as related fields of education and educational management.

The UNSW nominates one member with expertise in theatre. At least four members of the Board must be NIDA graduates.

The Academic Board has the power to:

  • convene ad hoc committees to advise on course development or to carry out specific tasks. Such committees will disband on completion of the task.
  • approve the courses of instruction
  • recommend to the Board of Directors those persons who have completed the requirements of a course and are therefore eligible for awards under the seal of the Institute
  • receive and approve end of year results
  • determine the conditions of student contracts and approve examination results.

The NIDA Academic Board comprises:

  • Professor Prem Ramburuth (Chair)
  • Rebecca Attanasio 2019 SCON president (BFA Student Representative)
  • John Bashford
  • Kim Dalton OAM
  • Mark Gaal
  • Dr Melissa Laird
  • Lee Lewis
  • Dr Amanda Morris
  • Paige Rattray
  • Emeritus Assoc Professor Ross Steele AM
  • Assoc Prof David Vance
  • MFA Student Representative (TBD for 2019)
  • VET Student Representative (TBD for 2019)

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