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Do you invest in yourself & others?

27 July

"As CEO of a rapidly growing company, I’m acutely aware of the risks and rewards of visionary thinking. Coaching combines my passion for storytelling and commitment to help people understand true power of the mind and one of the most important muscles: their brain."

Tara Winkler’s road to TEDx Sydney

5 April

NIDA Corporate is working with Tara Winkler, the Managing Director of the Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) which she established with Jedtha Pon in 2007 in order to rescue fourteen children from a corrupt and abusive orphanage.

Why an actor can help with your work presentation

30 March

Whether as Hamlet or the leader of an organisation, we communicate so that we can connect, so that we can inspire change, so that people can understand and that we are understood. We communicate so that we are heard.

The secret to a great team? Let them play!

1 April

Encouraging play allows people to feel more relaxed, open, and at ease to speak their mind. The ultimate pay-off for fostering the art of play from a business perspective is enhanced creativity and innovation, which also allows for a greater competitive edge.

Top tips for networking with confidence and ease

13 May

There are a range of acting techniques that can easily be applied to a social or networking situation

Practical negotiation: how creativity can support your next negotiation

15 May

Here are three practical examples of how you can use improvisation technique when you are at the negotiation table

5 tools to enhance your storytelling abilities

22 June

Stories enrich presentations and there are a range of tools you can draw on to use storytelling to illuminate your presentation.

Straight Down the Barrel

24 July

I’ve spent my professional performance career ricocheting from stage to screen and learning the techniques of both mediums.

What I have learnt from this experience is that the camera is your greatest friend, not your worst enemy. The camera gives you effortless status and gravitas.

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