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Could you handle the political hot seat?

30 June

Navigate tricky on-the-spot moments with these acting tips.

What is endowment, and how can I use it to succeed in the workplace?

1 April

Endowment is about the way we relate to one another, and how our expectations and preconceived opinions shape our responses and interactions with others. When actors are creating a character they endow the other actors in the scene with a relationship and with an emotion; this then colours the reactions/interaction between the actors throughout the scene.

Becoming a Better Presenter (even if you’re already awesome)

7 March

We were thrilled to invite digital strategist and experienced keynote speaker Joanne Jacobs to attend our recent Presenting with Confidence course. She has generously shared her thoughts about the course with us and it’s great to hear that she found our unique approach to learning the skill of effective presentation worthwhile, even for a seasoned pro like her!

The Power of the Pause

1 December

5 reasons why pausing can be your most powerful communication tool.

Face Your Fears and Enjoy the Ride

9 November

Conquering fear of public speaking is possible for anyone, and there are some practical strategies we teach at NIDA to help people in managing presentation nerves.

Be heard – 3 minute voice warm up

14 October

Here is a three minute warm-up you can try to make the most of your voice, whether you’re performing on stage, sitting around the meeting table or just want to make yourself heard.

Are we hard-wired for trust?

29 September

Learnings from Wired for Wonder

A hunger for learning, and thirst for equality

11 September

Training and education has also played a vital role throughout my career, and this is why: I am of the view that there is no such thing has having ‘made it’ in your career. There is always a next step, a next move, a new skill or new level of mastery available to you at any time. Standing with this view, I am ever-hungry for learning opportunities, and this is why I participated in the NIDA Corporate Influential Women course.

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