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08 Jun 2019 - 18 Jun 2019

In this bizarre account of a small team of ecommerce retailers struggling to sell their range of pet supplies on their PAWS website, MEAT EATERS is a fluorescent and disturbed comedy about cruelty.

Roberto Zucco

13 Jun 2019 - 19 Jun 2019

French playwright Bernard-Marie Koltès’ last play focuses on the life and crimes of the notorious 1980s Italian serial killer, Roberto Zucco. Asking where does evil come from?

pool (no water)

13 Jun 2019 - 20 Jun 2019

A famous artist invites her old friends out to her luxurious new home and, for one night only, the group is back together.


14 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019

In this exceptionally well structured, rhythmic and intense piece, its quartet of characters slip dangerously in and out of each other’s lives, blind to what they need.


14 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019

Struggling to survive in a world that is rigged against them, Annie, Tanya and Lorenzo hold on tight to love. But by doing so, they destroy each other and themselves.

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