Scholarships and bursaries

“I was offered an opportunity to accelerate my career through a work placement with renowned designer, Annie Atkins in Dublin, Ireland. Thanks to a scholarship for international travel, I was able to accept the placement. I’ve learned so much in just four weeks. I will be forever thankful to the generous Scholarship donor.”

Lucy McCullough
NIDA Design Student and Scholarship Recipient

At NIDA we know that Scholarships and Bursaries make a positive impact on the lives of our students. If it were not for the generosity of NIDA’s philanthropic community many of our talented and skilled students would not have been able to continue or complete their studies, nor undertake international placements which are essential to enhancing their performing arts skills and optimising their careers.

Donate a Scholarship or Bursary to NIDA today.

For more information, please contact Lisa Hamilton, Senior Philanthropy Manager on 02 9697 7594, or


Some of our best and brightest names, working across different disciplines in the performing arts today, have been recipients of scholarships and are very appreciative of the support they have received.

Scholarships can be given:

  • to support financially, culturally, socially disadvantaged students;
  • to enable international travel to undertake a student placement;
  • to enable a student to purchase personal equipment in order to support their studies;
  • to cover a MFA graduate student’s course cost;
  • to award a graduating student who has achieved excellence in their time at NIDA.

Scholarships can be named for their benefactor or a benefactor’s family or foundation, to honour a loved one or to encourage excellence in a discipline e.g. Acting, Design, Technology, Writing, Directing and more.


Thanks to the generosity of donors, foundations and bequestors, NIDA student bursaries are given to specifically assist with living costs. Bursaries are allocated to students on the basis of financial need and are paid on a fortnightly basis during the NIDA year. The value of individual bursaries range approximately from $1,500 to $4,000 annually, depending on need, the funds available for that year and the discipline being studied.

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