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Donors, Trusts and Foundations and Patrons

Our donors, Trusts and Foundations and sponsors help make everything at NIDA possible.

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Donations and planned gifts help us to:

  • support diversity in the Australian arts industry
  • stay at the forefront of dramatic arts training in Australia and internationally
  • give our students access to the highest quality materials and technology.

Our Supporters - Donors, Trusts and Foundations

NIDA and the NIDA Foundation Trust celebrate the generosity, loyalty and long-term commitment of our donors, whose gifts enable us to offer a high quality program of activity to our students. We acknowledge the lifetime contributions of our current donors. We also thank those donors and supporters who wish to remain anonymous.

All gifts are acknowledged in NIDA collateral and on this website. Gifts over $1,000 are also acknowledged on the Honour Wall in the Nancy Fairfax Foyer of NIDA Theatres.

Honorary governors

Andrew & Andrea Banks
The late Nick Enright AM
The late Lady (Vincent) Fairfax AO OBE
The late Frederick J Gibson
Mel Gibson AO
The late Dr Reg Grundy AC OBE & Joy Grundy
The late Dr Rodney Seaborn AO OBE

Principal Patron - First Nation Programs

The Balnaves Foundation

Principal Patrons $100,000+ (2015–2021)

Cowled Foundation
Tim Fairfax, AC
Helpmann Family Foundation
Ian Potter Foundation
Ivany Foundation
The Lowy Foundation
Luminis Foundation
Ron and Michelle Malek
Roy and Cindy Manassen
Paradice Family Foundation
Justin and Joanna Ryan
Alan and Lynne Rydge
Seaborn, Broughton & Walford Foundation
Gary & Janine Wolman

Patrons $50,000–$99,999

Ian & Carole Byrnes
Martin Dickson AM & Susie Dickson
Penn Foundation

Donors $100–$49,999


Canturf Lawns Pty Ltd
Helpmann Family Foundation
Justin & Joanna Ryan
The late Nick Enright AM


Brian Abel
Roy & Sandy Abrams
Andrew & Andrea Banks
Ted Blamey
The Byrnes Foundation Pty Ltd
Bruce Caldwell & Deborah Humble 
David Cielak
Cowled Foundation
Colwlick Entertainment Group 
Dimity Davy
Denton Family Trust
Martin Dickson AM & Susie Dickson
Earl & Katie Evans
Edward Federman 
Ron & Clare Ferster
Girgensohn Foundation
Hand Up Foundation
Rob Galluzzo
Michael Hassatt 
Vincent Hua
The Keir Foundation
James N. Kirby Foundation
Dilip & Barbara Kumar
Laidlaw Foundation
David and Margo Lowy
The Luminis Foundation
Roy & Cindy Manassen
Julia Mant
Allison McCann
Andrew Michael & Michele Brooks
Judith Neilson Foundation
Don & Leslie Parsonage
Marshall Family Foundation
James & Melissa Marshall 
James & Daniela McMurdo 
Bruce & Nicky McWilliam 
Media Super
Penn Foundation
Stanley & Charmaine Roth
William Rubensohn Foundation
Screen Australia 
Shanahan Management
Sandra & Barry Smorgon
Bruce Solomon 
Ezekiel Solomon AM
TAG Family Foundation
Dr Eric Wegman
Rob White & Lisa Hamilton
Rosie Williams & John Grill AO
Paul & Kate Williams
David & Lorraine Winterbottom
Gary and Janine Wolman


Kate Armati
June Baker
Selina & David Baxby 
Kari Baynes
Nadia Bedawi & Dr John Keogh
Bennelong Event Hire
Ellen Borda
Andrew Cameron AM & Cathy Cameron
Jamie Campbell  
Jonathan & Judith Casson
Noel Cislowski AM & Hetty Cislowski
Bruce Davey
Dr Michael Dixon
Naomi Elias 
Professor Elizabeth Elliott AM & Dr David Dossetor
Susan Ferrier & Peter Checketts
William Fletcher Foundation
Colin Fong
Donella & Quintin Freeman
Cathy Harris AO PSM
Robyn & Ray Harris 
Ken Healey AM
Hilary Hughes & Gary Verskey 
Andrew Jackson
Judith Neilson Foundation
Rosie & Alex Linden
Professor Elizabeth More AM
Bridget O'Brien
Sue & Geoff Pike
James Phillips
Alex Pollak & Elizabeth Knight
John & Diana Rawson
Peter Reeve & Jaycen Fletcher
Richard and Barbara Refshauge
John & Renay Robinson
Seaborn, Broughton & Walford Foundation
Hon. Assoc. Professor Ross Steele AM
Richard Stuart
Louise Taggart
Victoria Taylor
Sue & Michael Tobin
Laurel Tsang & John Nichols
Christopher Webber & Christopher Cosier
Kathy White
Richard Woods & Vickki McFadden
Lia Wu


Jeremy & Jeromine Alpe
Geoff Annabel
Sam Archer
Olivia Bates 
Romany Brooks
E Jane Campbell
John Carroll
Tony Carroll 
Peter & Luci Cook 
Warwick Cooper
Helen Dalley 
Tony & Coleen de Saxe
Josh Dixon
Stephen & Sharon Green 
David O'Halloran
Helena Harris 
Alison Harvie
Kate Hayward 
Daniel Jarosch 
David Jonas & Desmon du Plessis
Peter King 
Liz Laverty
Lewis Levi 
Dr Julie Lynch
Tim & Caroline McFarlane
Kate Reynolds
Martyn & Sara Roberts


Pat Adams
Don & Jill Bennett
Timothy John Bennett
Thomas Birch
Karen Blight
Cheryl Brennan
Hans Britz
Isabelle Campbell
Denise Chin
Lyn Cobb
Arthur Crutchfield in memory of David Mallett
Mary Curotta
Thalia Edmonds
Rosalind Fischl
Kerrie Hannan
Jade Head
Bill Kefalas
Sam Killmire
Tanya Leach
Constantine Liaromatis
Marie McMillan
Adrian Muller
Marianne Ossovani
Chris Ramos
Melissa Stephenson
Silvana Verrocchi
Adele Walker
Harry White 
Barbara Wright

NIDA would also like to thank the donors & supporters who wish to remain anonymous.

Scholarships in perpetuity

The Keith Bain OAM Scholarship in Movement
Malcolm Chaikin Scholarship Fund
Pam Dawson Memorial Scholarship (funded by Tokiko Dawson)
Helen Dumbrell Scholarship
Gallery First Nighters Scholarship
The Ben Gannon AO Scholarship
Mel Gibson/ Village Roadshow Scholarship
Margaret Gillespie and Pauline Price Scholarship
Dawn O'Donnell Scholarship
J G Reynolds Scholarship
Geoff Richards Memorial Scholarship (Funded by The Byrnes Foundation)
Geoffrey Rothwell Scholarship
Frank Thring Scholarship (TTT Trust)
Viennese Theatre Scholarship
Loudon Sainthill Memorial Scholarship


Keith Bain OAM
Frederick James Blackwood
Nick Enright AM
Lady (Vincent) Fairfax AO OBE
Ben Gannon AO
Frederick J Gibson Bequest in memory of Garnet H Carroll OBE
Rodney Jones
Norman McVicker OAM
Dawn O'Donnell
Dr Rodney Seaborn AO OBE
Hazel Treweek OAM MBE

Annual Scholarships

Roy and Sandy Abrams Scholarship
ARA Group Scholarships
Kate Armati Scholarship
Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust Scholarship
June Baker Scholarship
The Balnaves Foundation First Nations Scholarships
Michelle Brooks and Andrew Michael Scholarship
Romany Brooks Scholarship
Dr Bruce Caldwell Scholarship
David Cielak Scholarship
Peter and Luci Cook Scholarship
Cowled Foundation Scholarships
Kate Davy Memorial Scholarship
Helen Dumbrell Scholarship
Earl & Katie Evans Scholarship
Tim Fairfax AC Scholarships
Jessica Falkholt Memorial Scholarship
Ed Federman Scholarship
Ben Gannon AO Scholarships
Mel Gibson and Village Roadshow Scholarships
Gillespie/Price Scholarship
John Grill AO and Rosie Williams Scholarship
Lisa Hamilton & Rob White Scholarship
Helena Harris Scholarship
Helpmann Family Foundation Scholarships
Laidlaw Foundation Scholarships
Alex & Rosie Linden Scholarship
Luminis Foundation Indigenous Fellowship for Cultural Leadership
Chrysanthy and Tessa Mallos Memorial Scholarships
Marshall Family Foundation Scholarship
James & Melissa Marshall Scholarship
James & Daniela McMurdo Scholarship
Fay Mokotow Memorial Scholarship
Dr Elizabeth More AM Scholarship
Dawn O'Donnell Scholarships
June Penn Scholarship
John & Diana Rawson Scholarship
Richard and Barbara Refshauge Scholarship
J.G. Reynolds Memorial Scholarship
Geoff Richards Memorial Scholarships
Sara & Martyn Roberts Scholarship
John and Renay Robinson Scholarship
Geoffrey Rothwell Scholarship
Justine Saunders Memorial Scholarship
Seaborn Broughton Walford Foundation Scholarship
Shanahan Management Scholarship
Sandra & Barry Smorgon Scholarship
Ezekiel Solomon AM Scholarship
Prof Ross Steele AM Scholarships
TAG Family Foundation Scholarship
Technical Direction Company Scholarship  
Frank Thring Scholarship
Sue & Michael Tobin Scholarship
Dr Eric Wegman Scholarship
Paul & Kate Williams Scholarship
David and Lorraine Winterbottom Scholarship
The X Division Scholarship
YouTube Scholarship


William Fletcher Foundation
The Gloria Payton Foundation and the Gloria Dawn Foundation
Ken Healey Playwrights Award
The Leslie Walford AM Award

NIDA named spaces

The Caledonia Foundation Rehearsal Room
The Hon. John Dawson-Damer Rehearsal Room
James Fairfax AO Foyer
James Fairfax AO Rehearsal Room
Nancy Fairfax Foyer
The Ben Gannon AO Post Production Studio & AV Studio
The Frederick J Gibson Gallery
David Gonski AC & Richard Longes Foyer
Reg Grundy Studio
The Lowy Family Student Green Room
Robert Quentin Courtyard & Sculpture
Rodney Seaborn Library
Southern Star Courtyard
Fred & Dorothy Street Gallery
Westfield Garden & Amphitheatre
Andrew Banks Floor 
Peter Ivany Reception Room 
Paradice Reception Rooms 
Luminis Foundation Directors' Black Box
Malek Voice Studio
The TAG Family Foundation Tutorial Room
Gary & Janine Wolman Tutorial Room

NIDA celebrates the loyalty and long-term commitment of its donors, acknowledging the lifetime contributions of its current donors.

NIDA would also like to thank those donors and supporters who wish to remain anonymous.

Graduate School Donors

Andrew Banks
Alan and Lynne Rydge
Paradice Family Foundation
Peter Ivany AM and Sharon Ivany
Luminis Foundation
Ron and Michelle Malek
The Lowy Foundation
Justin and Joanna Ryan
Roy and Cindy Manassen
Phillip Cave and Judy Harris
Ian Darling
Bruce and Lauren Fink
John Landerer CBE AM and Michelle Landerer
Alex Pollak and Elizabeth Knight
Garry McQuinn
Roy and Sandy Abrams
Michael Cassel Group
Bruce Davey – Dendy/Icon
Phillip and Vivien Green
Vincent and Helen Hua
Dilip and Barbara Kumar
Andrew Michael
Petersen Family Foundation
Pridham Foundation
Peter Reeve and Jaycen Fletcher
Stanley and Charmaine Roth
Barry Smorgon OAM and Sandra Smorgon
Ambassador Theatre Group Asia Pacific P/L
Marshall Family Foundation
Jennifer Bott AO
Mark Burrows
The Hon. Justice Kathleen Farrell
Stephen and Sharon Green
Bruce and Barbara Solomon
Gary and Janine Wolman
Lynne Williams
Virginia Braden OAM and the Late Ken Woolley AM
John Roth and Jillian Segal AM
Julie White
Alex and Rosie Linden
Noel Staunton
Suanne Colley
Jeremy and Jeromine Alpe
Stephen and Deanne Chapman
Professor Elizabeth More AM

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