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Join us at NIDA during Book Week for a morning of creative play, storytelling and design activities, inspired by books from The Children’s Book Council of Australia short list.

Learning opportunities

  • Participate in a creative play workshop where children become the authors of their own stories.
  • Build landscapes for storytelling and make props to use in creative play.
  • Listen to stories from the CBCA Children's Book Week list read by NIDA actors.

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Date: Tuesday 21 August 2018
Time: 10.00am-11.30pm
Cost per student: $12 inc GST
Venue: NIDA Kensington, Sydney

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NIDA will invoice the school with the educator's name listed above as contact. Please provide an alternate contact name below if required.


Terms and conditions

  • NIDA requires full payment for your course one week prior to course commencement date.
  • NIDA cannot refund the course fees unless the course has been cancelled.
  • NIDA will photograph or record groups participating in NIDA workshops for marketing purposes. Please notify the course manager if your group does not wished to be photographed.

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NB: When participating in practical activities students are likely to be grouped with students from schools other than their own.